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Apr 25

GN solids control can provide HG dryer ,cutting dryer,and material feeding screw conveyer for drilling waste management.For afterward work can be done by below equipment.

Anaerobic Thermal Desorption Unit (ATDU)

 The material enters the ATDU and depending on the application, can be heated up to 1,400ºF (760ºC). The ATDU is equipped with a variable speed rotary drum drive and adjustable slope. The rotational speed and the slope of the rotary desorber control the flow of the feed through the unit. Depending on throughput, material residence times over sixty minutes can be realized.





Solids Discharge & Conditioning System

 The processed solids leave the ATDU via a high temperature resistant screw conveyor through a double tipping valve (airlock). The airlock ensures that oxygen-deficient conditions within the ATDU are maintained. The solids are cooled and hydrated in a mixing chamber. Water is introduced in the mixer/cooler to prevent fugitive dust and to protect equipment and personnel from the hot solids. Conveyor then transfers the conditioned material to a storage area.

Optional indirect cooling screws are available for applications requiring zero moisture content in discharged solids or where clean water is not readily available.

Solids discharge

Solids discharge

 Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU)

 The process gasses leaving the ATDU are normally between 800ºF – 1000ºF (430ºC – 540ºC). The volume of gasses to be treated depends on the contaminants and the feed rate through the plant. The off-gas flow rate can range at approximately 1000-5000 ACFM (30 – 140 m3/min).  It collects the larger particulate matter from the exhaust gas stream prior to the Scrubbers. The collected dust is then discharged through air-sealed valve into the soil-conditioned system. After the mechanical collector, the gases first pass through the Pre-Scrubber, where they are scrubbed with water to reduce the temperature and remove most of the oil and the remaining particulate matter. The Venturi Scrubber will remove almost all the remaining particulate from the gas stream. However, to achieve greater removal efficiency an additional separator with Demister is implemented after the Venturi.

Water Treatment Unit (WTU)

Water treatment unit

Water treatment unit

 The Water Treatment Unit is designed to separate the process oil-water-solid mixture after the VRU into three separate streams of oil, water, and solids and to cool the stream of process water for further use in the VRU scrubber system.

The process mixture undergoes a primary separation through an Interceptor before entering the Oil / Water Separator(s) for more fine separation.

written by GN Desander Desilter

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