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Jan 08

It is a complete system with mechanic and electric, including 2 handling tanks,1 mixing tank, 2 storage tanks, 1 trip tank, 1 poor boy degasser, 2 trip pump GNSB4×3C-11J (11KW)、4 charging pump GNSB6x5C-13J(45KW) 、 5 feeing pump GNSB8x6B-13J(55KW)、2 shale shaker GNZS703F-SHBF、1 mud cleaner GNZJ703F-D2S12N、8 mud agitator GNJBQ110ED(F)11kW、2 jet mud mixers GNSLS45A、9 mud gun GNNJQ50-3X and lighting,walkway, railings.

The basic circulation would be: separate the cuttings by particle size; with trough on tank top, can do full circulation; degassing, weighing, mixing, agitating can be executed separately. Waterline can be utilized for adding water.

Mixing system is for fresh mud mixing, agitator and mud gun is to keep all the mud active. Trip pump and trip tank is to trip the drill hole, to check the mud loss.

2The Mud Circulation

From the drill collar, the drilling mud been transferred to the trough, then drop to the divider. By the valves, 2 shakers can be fed separately or at the same time. Another option is bypass the shaker, go directly to the sump or anything similar. After treated by the shale shaker, the mud goes to the first tank section, then it is picked up by a centrifugal pump, feed to the desander cones. After the separation in desander cones, the over flow comes to the second tank section, then again with another centrifugal pump, feed to the desilter cones. The overflow from desilter cones, goes to next tank section, If the mud need to be weighed, then that is where the mixing pump need go to. Normally the storage tanks, the mixing sections, are all be able to do mixing on each section, And then the mud pump suction begin from these sections. This would be a full circulation. It will be shown in PID drawing. Mud gas separator is a safety device, to remove the H2S before it goes to the separation stage. We would highly recommend with proper pipeline, lead the gas to some further area, at least more than 60m away

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займ на карту срочно без отказа онлайн займ на карту без отказа