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Nov 25

Shortly before, we received an inquiry for Mud Conditioner. At the moment we got this mail, we are confused for what is the mud conditioner, after one mail and a call to our client, we got to know that, they are in need of Mud Cleaner. In order to prevent the confusion between client and us, we are now talking about this equipments by the name of mud conditioner.

mud conditioner

mud conditioner


What Is Mud Conditioner

Simply Speaking, mud conditioner is a combination equipment of desander, desilter and Vibration screen. It is always used as the second and the third stage drilling mud cleaning equipment. The upper part of the mud conditioner is desander cone and desilter cone connected by pipeline system, also the pipeline worked as the frame structure. In our design, the size of the drilling mud inlet pipe is always 6″ while the outlet (also called overflow pipe) is 8″. The bottom part of the mud conditioner is a underflow shaker which we match 250 mesh fine screen on the shaker. The screen could be installed and uninstalled easily by inserting and drawing out the wedge block which is used to secure the screen.

Option for Cone Quantity & Underflow Shaker Type in Mud Conditoner

In selecting the desander and desilter cone quantity, we should know the treating capacity of the device.
The quantity of the desander and desilter cone for various capacity mud conditoner shown below:
500GPM — 4″ x 8 Nos. desilter cone, 10″ x 1 No. desander cone.
800GPM — 4″ x 12 Nos. desilter cone, 10″ x 2 No. desander cone.
1000GPM — 4″ x 16 Nos. desilter cone, 10″ x 2 No. desander cone.

For choosing the underflow shaker, in the complete mud system, the type of the mud conditioner underflow shaker is same with the shale shaker used as the firts stage drilling mud cleaning equipment. Why would we choose the same type, because it is easy for the back up spares and maintenance service. If the mud cleaner used as the single device, there are 2 type available, Linear Motion and Balanced Elliptical Motion. In comparing of this 2 type shaker, the BEM shaker is higher speed and More capacity in discharging.

In order to meet the special requirement from the client, we could produce mud conditioner according the customized design. Such as for a 200 GPM mud system, we could choose 4 Nos. 4″ desilter cone and none desander cone. The underflow shaker deck is divided into 2 areas for different mesh screen. If you need mud conditioner, please feel free to tell us.

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