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Sep 27

Every year drilling company pay huge money for drilling mud, and related law about evvironment protection from drilling mud haven issued by more and more countries. Drilling mud cleaning equipments become more and more important for well drilling .

drilling mud cleaning equipment

drilling mud cleaning equipment

 GN drilling mud cleaning equipments including shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter. The mud cleaner is combination of desander and desilter, desander is composed of 8 inch/ 10 inch/12inch hydrocyclones with 1.0m2 screen area shaker. Desilter is composed of 4 inch polyurethane cyclones with 1.0m2 screen area shaker. Desander cone of polyurethane or cast iron material is available. Polyurethane ( PU) cone is a kind of super wear-resistant materials.

 During drilling, cuttings are obviously created, but they do not usually pose a problem until drilling stops because a drillbit requires replacement or another problem. When this happens, and drilling mud are not used, the cuttings then fill the hole again. Drilling mud are used as a suspension tool to keep this from happening. The viscosity of the drilling mud increases when movement decreases, allowing the fluid to have a liquid consistency when drilling is occurring and then turn into a more solid substance when drilling has stopped. Cuttings are then suspended in the well until the drill is again inserted. This gel-like substance then transforms again into a liquid when drilling starts back up.

The longer the well, the more drill pipe is needed to drill the well. This amount of drill pipe gets heavy, and the drilling mud adds buoyancy, reducing stress. Additionally, drilling mud helps to reduce friction with the rock formation, reducing heat. This lubrication and cooling helps to prolong the life of the drillbit.

In HDD drilling mud cleaning system,sometimes there is a single tank, closed-loop system or a multi-tank mud system. A shale shaker with desilter is mounted on top of the tank. The feeding pump is mounted on the side of the tank to save place, and it is convenient for operation. You can divided the tank into three compartments, one for shale shaker, one for desilter and the third one for mud storage/mixing by connecting with a jet mud mixer. The jet mud mixer also called mud mixing unit, can be on the same skid of the t ank or on a separate skid near the tank and connect by a rubber pipe.

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