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Dec 31

Many persons may hear about the drilling mud solids control. But conerning how to purify the drlling mud, not so many people know well about it. Here we would like to talking about the drilling mud 4 stages solids control and 5 stages purification.

First stage for solids control & purification

Shale shaker is widely known as a solids control equipments used in drilling projects. It is a very basic equipment that could separate the drilling cutting more than 250 microns by fine mesh screens. During this stage, actually, the solids control and purificaion happens at the same time. Just as its name implies, solids control is separate the solids from the fluids, while the drilling cutting and other large size impurities being separated, the drilling mud is purified.

GN shale shaker

shale shaker


Second stage for purification

A vacuum degasser could be functioned as the second stage purification equipments. You may doubt that why the vacuum degasser is not a solids control equipments. That is because during this stage, there is no solids separated from the drilling mud, just the invasive air is removed. Why must remove the air from the drilling mud? Invaded air could reduce the specific gravity of the mud and make the centrifucal pump work at low efficiency.

Second stage for solids control & Third stage for purification

After treated by vacuum degasser, drilling mud is feeded in to desander by centrifugal pump. The main parts of 1 set desander are the hydrocyclones. Desander cone could separate the solid particals with size of 45 microns.

Third stage for solids contro & Fourth stage for purification

vaccum degasser

vaccum degasser

Same working principle with desander, desilter cones separate the particals of 16 microns. Desander differs desilter by the size of hydrocyclone.

Fourth stage for solids control & Fifth stage for purification

You will see this stage equipments in large mud system for oil & gas drilling. 1 set decanting centrifuge is the leading role in this stage. By centrifugal sedimentation principle, centrifuge could separate the solid of 2~7 microns from drilling mud. However, in some other samll and compact drillng mud system, we don’t see the centrifuge very aften, as during those drilling projects, the request for the purification of mud is not very high like in oil drilling. For example, HDD.

decanter centrifuge

decanter centrifuge

Drilling mud after the solids control and purification by the equipments mentioned above could be recycled into the drilling well. Greatly save the cost and benefit for environment. GN Solids Control is an API certified manufacturer for whole line drilling mud solids control and purification equipments. Welcome to contact with us if any need aroused for equipments and other types cooperation.

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