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Jul 30

GN solids control produced solids control equipments (such as shale shaker, centrifuge, desander, desilter. Vacuum degasser, mud mixing hopper, etc) for drilling fluids, we also supply spare parts for drilling project, such as shale shaker screens.

 Actually we need to work closely with drilling fluids supplier, they gave end-user suggestion about what kinds of drilling mud they use, and they also suggest for which kind of shaker screens they use, the mesh, dimension, even they suggest the supplier properly. Sometimes client believe that the drilling consultant recommended equipments is most properly suited for them. For example, drilling fluids centrifuge is often recommend by the drilling service company. It is critical to find a good drilling fluids supplier and get professional drilling consultant service from them.

drilling fluids circulation system

drilling fluids circulation system

 GN will recommend some professional drilling fluids supplier in China, and we will continue to update them with complete information and evaluation for their products and service.

 1 Bluwat Chemicals is a professional supplier of water treatment chemicals and oil field chemicals in China. Core products are inorganic coagulants and organic flocculants for the treatment of water and polymer, PHPA/Polyacrylamide for oil/gas drilling and EOR (enhanced oil recovery). We also supply PAC and CMC for drilling application.

 2 Great Wall Mineral (GWM) is internationally active in the market of industrial minerals with a sound reputation within a number of product applications. Having its own processing factories located in LingShou, a mountainous county renowned for mining and processing a series of nonmetallic minerals [among which (calcined) muscovite mica, phlogopite mica, vermiculite, quartz, mineral fibre, plugging agent, drilling mud/fluid are extraordinarily prominent], Great Wall Mineral produces & exports customized merchandise for clients from all over the world. With a strong commitment to new technology, research and development GWM always goes beyond clients’ expectations.

 …to be continued

 For more high quality drilling fluids manufacturer list recommend by GN, Pls contact GN solids control .

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