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Sep 15

Regulated by myriad of enviromental regulations that protect the air, water and land resources,the drilling industry set the improving down-hole conditions and lowering the consumption of chemicals and drilling addtitives as the ultimate goal.

The well known Kemtron has an 100% closed-loop waste management system which could lower the costs associated with drilling fluid make up, lower the cost associated with used drilling fluid disposal, improves the properties of the drilling fluids while drilling.

Closed-loop Drilling Fluids Dewatering System

Dewatering equipment and System

Conventional solids control system deliver the used drilling fluids through a shale shaker,hydrocyclone package and a decanter centrifuge. Ultrafine particles greater than 5 microns could be removed after the fluids processed by a high speed solids control decanter centrifuge. While the particle size less than 5 microns are not able to be separated out by the conventional solids control system. To achieve the benefis noted, the dewatering system is required.

Actually, the Drilling Fluids Dewatering is maximumly remove the solid partcles found in drilling fluids. By adding some flocculating agent, the solid particles with electrical charge would be aggregated together to become the larger size particles, then it could be removed out easily by filter press.

At this moment, GN Solids Control could offer the whole line equipments involved in the conventional solids control system. It is believed that GN may get herself into the research for dewatering unit. Welcome contact with us for more information.

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