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Aug 02

GN manufactured drilling fluids centrifugal pump (including sand pump, submersible slurry pump and water pump),etc. Our centrifugal pump has been widely used in oil/gas drilling and HDD project.

 1 Applications

Mud mixing and shearing, desander and desilter , degasser, supercharging, centrifugal feed, mud cooling towers, wash down.

Other application: Chemical, refinery, industrial, construction and agricultural applications

2 Working conditions


Flow:   20~400m3/h

Head :   12~62m

Working temperature:  -40℃~60℃

3 Advantages of SB series centrifugal pump 1) The SB series bearings are designed for easy maintenance. The outboard bearing assembly is comprised of two angular contact bearings with high thrust load ratings and zero end play. The inboard bearing is a heavy-duty, double row ball bearing with high radial load capacity to compensate for the larger impeller sizes and heavy-duty applications. The SB series only uses the best bearings available.

2) The SB series open-vane impeller eliminates recirculation that occurs in closed impellers. The impeller is designed to reduce turbulence, lower radial and thrust loads, and provides a smooth flow of fluid through the pump. Housing wear is reduced by eliminating the high scrubbing action that occurs on conventional pumps. The SB series impeller is designed to allow fluid leaving the impeller to blend with recirculating fluid to reduce abrasive wear of the casing. The open-vane impeller has no exposed impeller nuts or shaft threads. The impeller is screwed on and the threads are protected by ano-ring. The SB series pump and impeller are designed to increase service life many times over that of conventional pumps.

3) The SB series shaft has a greater diameter to provide heavy-duty performance with minimal shaft deflection. The replaceable shaft sleeve allows the wear from the packing to be renewed without replacing the entire shaft. The shaft sleeve and mechanical seal can be replaced without removing the shaft from the pump.

 For more information of GN drilling fluids centrifugal pump, pls contact GN solids control directly.

drilling fluids centrifugal pump

drilling fluids centrifugal pump

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