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Feb 23

Drilling fluids type in world and China

Overseas drilling mud usually including: pervasion type, non-pervasion type, Ca-processing, Ploymer, lower solid, saturated brine, work over drilling fluid, oil based fluid, air, fog, foam, gas, etc.

While, domestic, we usually have eight divisions, such as, clean water drilling mud, Ca-processing, non-pervasion type polymer with lower solids, brine type (including sea water and salty water), saturated brine drilling fluid, K based drilling mud, oil based drilling fluid, gas (Including common gas and foam)

The drilling fluid solids control system usually used for former 5 types. According to different drilling fluid the equipment configuration will be different. Such as, selection on shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge, etc.

API and IADC certified Drilling fluid details

Totally there are 9 kinds of drilling fluid parts according to API and IADC

1. Non-pervasion type

This kind of drilling fluid is made of clean water and bentonite (Na or Ca earth). We also can use water to drill the ground and get natural mud mixed together so call it as natural drilling fluid also. Mainly don’t need any chemical to adjust the property, this kind of drilling fluid only used to drilling surface or shallow depth.

2. Pervasion type fluid

It is based on water, bentonite, and kinds of pervasion subject. This kind of drilling fluid usually used on deep well drilling or complex drilling area.

Drilling Fluid Solids Control System

Drilling Fluid Solids Control System

3. Ca-processing drilling mud

This drilling mud contains free Ca and holding rejection ability based on water. Main parts are lime chloride, lime, gypsum. This kind of drilling fluid can control shale collapse, limit well hole diameter, avoid breaking earth layer, etc.

4. Ploymer drilling fluid unit

Drilling fluid type in questioned havs flocculation and coverage function to increase viscosity, decrease filtration percentage. This is helpful to concentrate bad property earth, make ground layer stable

5. Lower solid content type fluid

This means, the solids content is about 6~10% (In volume). It is a kind of water based drilling mud. Bentonite percentage should be or lower than 3%. Drilling cuttings compared with bentonite should less than 2:1. Its advantage is increasing drilling speed obviously

6. Other types drilling fluid

There are so many types drilling fluid as we talked above, however, usually we use water based drilling fluid. Since it holds better property and convenience on processing. When we make drilling fluid solids control system, the equipments will make more efficiency and recover fluid property better

Getting good drilling performance via drilling fluid process

Drilling fluid to well drilling is similar as blood to our human body. It go through complete well drilling. The solids control equipments will control solids or drilling cuttings content during well drilling. Ensure API and IADC drilling fluid save more cost for oil & gas well drilling.

For different drilling fluid type, process way is different. When we choose certain drilling type or drilling fluid, the drilling mud equipments and system will have many difference. However, the principle is same. Different stage holding different feature and function. Then come to final ideal solution on drilling fluid even well drilling

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