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Feb 26

Main introduction on desilter and desander

The both equipments called hydrocyclone separator in well drilling fluid process. Desilter is the third solids control equipment. After shale shaker and desander. Mainly used to separate particles sized 15~40 microns. The common China desilter structure is as following

Desilter Structure

Desilter Structure

The desander is the second stage equipments before desilter but after shale shaker. Mainly separate particles sized 75-105 microns.

Desander and desilter work principle

The basic principle is centrifugal separation principle. When the suspension particles pumped by centrifugal pump, the drilling fluid will be forced to move as swirl. This will result large centrifugal force.

The drilling fluid will move to cone end close since the cone degree is rather small the drilling fluid will move more and more quickly. If the particle holding higher density will be pushed to cone well easily and strongly. Finally the solid will be discharged through drain output.

At same time, lighter solids will become reverse whirl go up straightly. When the centrifugal force is not sufficient this small part of particles will be involved by fluids and flow away

Different cones will lead hydrocyclone separator get different performance and process result. When we use hydrocyclone separator to separate useless solids there will be much barite in the under flow drilling mud. Usually, hydrocyclone can be made with under set shaker or not. When there is under set shaker, the bigger solid particles will be separated out, while barite will go back to recycling tank

Condition for hydrocyclone separator work

Inspect cones pressure and seal condition, get rid of gas leakage, make sure the feeding pump have sufficient pressure. Make cones cleaned completely after every time operation. Then the input pressure should be larger than suggested pressure. If the density is too high, the drilling fluid is much high

Desilter and desander manufacturer list

For desilter and desander. They are typical mud equipment for solids control. The manufacturers and API certified manufacturer are as following: Derrick, NOV Brandt, GN Solids Control, fluids system, drilling fluids equipments, Kemtron, etc.

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