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Jul 21

Drilling Bentonite  Recycling Machines are also called drilling mud solids control equipment. During the recycling procedure, several critical machines would be used like shale shaker, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuge and so on.

shale shaker

Why Need Drilling Bentonite Recycling Machines

Why need drilling bentonite recycling machines? That could be talked from the function of the bentonite in the drilling mud. Bentonite is kind of water cut clay mineral with the main component of montmorillonite by 85% – 90%, its chemical formula is (Al2,Mg3)Si4O10 OH2•nH2O. Bentonite is widely used in drilling for its wonderful caking property, suspension property and other property.  When drilling, the drilling mud full filled bentonite could bring the drilling cuttings out to the ground surface from the bottom of the drilling well. Meanwhile, the bentonite could lubricate the the drilling pipe and bit, reducing the repeated cutting. The most important function of bentonite in drilling is its well building property.  Drilling bentonite could form a fine dense mud cake on the sidewall of the drilling well to prevent sidewall collapse.

How to complete Drilling Bentonite Recycling Machines

In fact, the drilling bentonite recycling process is also the drilling mud solids control process. Drilling bentonite expends in the water by tiny particles, after the treantment by decanter centrifuge, the solid particles with the size larger than 7 micros are removed from the drilling mud, but the bentonite left in the drilling mud, then, we realized the recycling of the bentonite or we will re-configurate the mud by adding some more bentonite though the jet mud mixting hopper.

Well drilling centrifuge

Well drilling centrifuge

GN supply the whole line Drilling Bentonite Recycling Machines

Drilling Bentonite Recycling Machine has been given more and more attention by the drilling company for the keeping rise of the price in pruchasing the bentonite. GN, as a drilling bentonite recyling machine manufacturer, could supply the whole line mud recycling equipment, even complete system. if you want to get more infomation about drilling bentonite recycling, just feel free to contact with us.

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