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Aug 21

Two methods to transfer the OBM(Oil based mud)&WBM(Water based mud) cuttings ,depend on the layout and space of wellsite

1.Transfer the cuttings by screw converyer.,

Screw conveyer

Screw conveyer

2.Transfer the cuttings by vacuum transfer system.

Vacuum pump

Vacuum pump

How to choose your cutting transfer system in drilling waste management?

1.If the layout and space of wellsite is engough to install three screw conveyers,normally 36ft per length ,one section to hold the cuttings come out from the rig shaker ,one to transport it to the cutting dryer ,then one transfer to the truck. Transfer capacity 40-60 t/h

2.If the layout is compact and space is limited,the cuttings can be hold in a big cutting pit firstlt ,then use a vacuum transfer pump to suct them to a mud tank or trucked away at intervals 10t/h

Screw conveyer VS vacuum transfer pump in drilling waste management

Screw conveyer can work continiously to transfer the cuttings away immediately,no need to dig a big pit ,bigger transfer capacity,but make up for larger space

Vacuum transfer pump account for smaller space , trailer mounted and easy to operate .But the cuttings will be stored in the pit for a long time ,work at intervals,smaller transfer volume

For more information about drilling waste management ,pls contact GN solids control.

written by GN Desander Desilter

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