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Feb 04
drier shaker

drier shaker

Some of our customers do the business of drilling waste management, the drier shaker is one of the main equipments in the drilling waste management system.

What is a Drier shaker

When talk about the drilling waste management, we always mention the vertical cutting drier which is used very popular in the system. Regarding the drier shaker, it is the same function with the cutting drier. And seeing from the out shape, it is same structure with the shale shaker, just with more higher force vibration motor and installed with more finer mesh screen.

How the Drier Shaker works

With the high vibration force, the water in the drilling cuttings could be uttermostly separated and through pass the mesh screen. The cuttings would be more drier, that would be easy to treat the cuttings in coming procedure. The fluids out from the drier shaker would be transfered to the centrifuge by a screw pump or slurry pump to separate the more finer solid particals.

Currently, GN could offer the drier shaker of model GNZS63-4. If you are interested in our drier shaker or other solids control equipments, just feel free to tell us.

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