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Jul 23

Lately, public are paying the attention towards the environmental cleaning in particular for the river and lake dredge clean. Also, project contractor will reuse the solids in the dredge slurry for diverse objective.

Relating to to this requirement, GN put forward for the 1000GPM, 1500GPM, 2000GPM and 3000GPM distinct dredge slurry program for a selection of treating capacity requirement.

GN Systems are developed to manage flow rates as much as 3,000 gpm. The V-Bottom tank together with the auger will do away with unwanted downtime of cleaning out the tank when solids have settled out. These systems are out there with and with out mixers and are supplied in quite a few diverse configurations so that you can meet the customer’s requirements.

GPM 3000 technique is using the one unit shale shaker and four sets of de sanders with shaker. Shale shaker remove substantial particle 1/8” which includes stone, debris and also other unit. Hydrocyclone shaker unit typically the sand fraction, +70~40 microns is removed. GN method will dewater 60% or extra of your dredge material and at a cost substantially significantly less than any other dewatering method.

For the slurry dredge program, GN also give the centrifugal pump, skid-mounted tank and shaker screen provide.

Desander Desilter assembly- mud system Solution

How to Correctly Order Shaker Screens from GN


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