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Apr 12

Our “dredge slurry separation system” and ” waste mud treatment system” used together to process the highly polluted river.

we called  “dredge slurry separation system” as A, ” waste mud treatment system” as B.
dredge slurry separation system

dredge slurry separation system

 Work principle of the dredge slurry separation system &  waste mud treatment system
A sucked the sludge and separate the solids from the sludge. A including shale shaker(the first phase solids control), desander(the second phase solids control), desilter(the third phase solids control), etc.
 GN2000 Dredged Slurry Separation System including linear motion shale shaker 2sets,mud cleaner 4sets, sand pump 2sets,agitator 2sets,Automatic liquid-level control device 2sets, circulation tank 1sets, electric control system 1set, lighting system 3sets, walkway,stair,guard rail,valve, pipeline 1set, etc.
1 The solids from shale shaker(maybe including some junk) should be dumping or smashed to use for foundation soil.
2 The solids from desander will be through curing process, to used for foundation soil or building construction materials(such as Brick ).
3 The solids from desilter will be used for building construction materials(such as Brick ).
Finally we process the solids, and get the unpurified water, we will process it through B.
Then we get purified water from B then let it flow back to the river.
Usually our system is used for goveronment project for cleaning of dredge. And we have successful case in China now. Welcome to visit our successful case  when you come to China.

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