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Feb 12

Addition section compartment

Including drilling fluid from other sources and drilling fluid dumped from trip tanks. Any fluid introduced into the drilling mud tank system shall pass through the shale shaker screens, several, compartment.

All commercial material additions shall enter the system in the addition section which can be one, or possible from the compartment(s) from which the fluid is pumped downhole. In order to facilitate complete blending before circulation, material additions shall take place as far as a premix tank is recommended. Bentonite shall be prehydrated before it is added to the active mud tank system.

Equipments Compartment in Mud Tank System

Equipments Compartment in Mud Tank System

Procedure for suction compartment

The suction section shall be the largest volume in the surface system. It shall be well agitated to provide uniform drilling fluid properties. The suction section shall include a small slugging tank with submerged mud guns for stirring and suspension. The suction for the centrifugal pump feeding these guns shall come from the slug tank.

Discharge section design

The amount of waste to be generated.The space, equipment and personnel utilised in the discharge section shall be adequate for handling

The volume of drilled solids is expected to be at least three times the gauge-hole volume. With poor solids removal performance the volume of discarded fluid may be significantly larger.

Volume of excess drilling fluid generated while drilling is highly variable and can vary from three to four or ten to fifteen. The equipment solids removal efficiency determines the volume of drilling fluid waste. The higher volumes are expected when drilling softer formations with water-based drilling fluid.

Drilling fluid mixing and blending parts

In the mud mixing tank or compartment. The drilling fluid mixing hoppers shall include a jet nozzle and a venturi for proper mixing. In order to avoid aeration of the circulated fluid, the hopper shall be turned off when not in use. Shearing devices are recommended for accelerating the hydration of polymers and Bentonite.

Solids-laden fluids shall not be circulated through shearing devices. The shear accelerates solids size degradation thereby diminishing fluid quality.

These information are general aspect on tank system compartment design. As we know, the detailed compartment construction on mud tank usually will according to actual configuration between each equipment. Such as treating capacity, dimension, space distance.

Please find more information on tank system proposal on GN site.

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