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Jul 14

Desander cone, desilter cone can be selected various number to assembly desander, desilter equipment, with different treating capacity according to customer’s requirement.

How to select desander, desilter cone? What size and how many cones we should use?

The desander and desilter selection depends on  particle size:
A,If you use 10″ desander before desilter,max particle size:47microns
B,If you do not use desander,but use shale shaker before desilter,you should use not less then 100mesh=149microns screen before desilter
C,For desander,you should use shaker,whose screen should be better not less then 40mesh=420microns
D,Suggesting Particle size rangle for 4″ desilter is from 15microns to 47 microns

desander desilter cone

desander desilter cone

Treating capacity of desander and desilter.One ea Desilter cones 4″=15m³/h,one ea desander cones 10″=90m³/h Desander cones 11”=110m³/h.For small treating capacity,people may select single desander or desilter.For large treating capacity,it’s better to choose desander and desilter combination,also called mud cleaner,with linear motion shale shaker.

I believe that you can choose right size and numbers of the desilter cone according to the particle size and treating capacity. Welcome to contact GN solids control to share your questions.

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