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Jan 29

The manufacture of drilling fluid shale shaker whether linear way or elliptic way, the shale shaker box structure and corresponding auxiliary function as following.

First: Shale shaker screen box structure design and manufacture it

Shale shaker screen frame is a steel welded structure.  The vibration motors of the shale shaker are installed on the top and across of the shale shaker screen box.   The screen box mount to the support control beam and the screen box of the four corners have the position install the damping spring.  The screen box can be equipped with either three or four pieces frame screen or wave screen

Second: Screen frame manufacturing

The most common material used to construct shaker screen frame is welded steel.  The steel frame can be installed either hard crochet or soft crochet shale shaker screen.  The screen is wear and tear part of shale shaker and need to be replaced after certain period time of use in the job site.

Third: AWD angle adjustment system design

The hydraulic unit of the shale shaker can perform angle adjustment by using hand tools that leads operation convenient.  The angle can be adjusted according to need to 0.5 degrees increment from – 1 degrees – + 5 ranges adjust.

Forth: Vibrating motor as power supply.

Comply with region’s explosion-proof standard on the motor,  the vibrating motor has the strong vibration strength, high reliability, convenient maintenance and by eccentric rotor produce vibration force, which adapt to the environment temperature range: – 40 degrees C  to 150 degrees C.  The part of the single vibrating motor vibration force frequency conversion can be adjustable. The motor will support every different screen type available in the market.

Fifth: Feed box

For drilling fluid have buffer action and evenly distributed mud flow to the shale shaker screen is the purpose of the feeding box.  It reduces mud on the impact of the screen, and improves the service life of the screen, and improves the treatment effect of mud.


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