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Sep 06

GN mud agitators are high efficiency mud-mixing units offered in a wide array of custom sizes and configurations to accommodate virtually any mud tank. They are mainly used for agitating drilling fluids, avoid particle in fluids deposit to tank bottom.
Today we would like to share our experience on how to design mud agitator. As we all known, the mud agitator stirs mud slurry to maintain suspension of solids. The agitator is mounted on top of the mud tank and has one or two impeller(s) immersed in the mud slurry.
The agitator’s impeller shaft is coupled to an electric drive motor with coupling. The horsepower of the drive motors rates from 7.5HP to 20HP, which is named 5.5kw to 15kw.

Mud Agitator
Single impeller is usually matched for motors below 11kw. And double impellers are more suitable for those above 11kw. Based on user’s request and onsite condition, the vertical location of the impeller on the shaft is determined as a height from the tank bottom corresponding to the impeller diameter times 0.75. Take a 20 inch impeller as an example; it should be mounted at the height of 15 inch higher than the bottom.
GN recommends straight impellers blades for tanks under 5 inch deep and canted blades for deeper tanks. If dual impellers are desired, straight blades are mounted on the bottom and the canted blade impeller is installed at the height of two-thirds above the tank bottom.
By using a multi-piece coupling, the main motor and driven impeller shafts are rigidly connected. The connected coupling is using a tapered bushing to secure the shafts together.
For different customers, the lengths of the shafts are customized to suit customers’ specifications. A special device named stabilizer are usually welded at the bottom of the tank to keep the balance of the entire shaft.


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