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Oct 13

If you are looking for desanding equipment for micro-tunneling, horizontal Directional Drilling(HDD), water well and environmental vertical drilling or rotary drilling, slurry separation system, etc underground construction applications, GN desanding equipments are your best choice.

desanding equipment

desanding equipment

GN Desanding system including the following equipments. 1 Desander with 10 inch polyurethane hydrocyclone( 2 pcs or 1 pc, depends on the required treatment capacity of the end-user)

2 Desilter with 4 inch polyurethane cone( 8~12pcs)

We can offer the desander and desilter with two types, with underflow shaker or without. Some client need the underflow shaker to collect the treated mud by hydrocyclones, so the clean mud will not be wasted. That is why many clients use high mesh desander/desilter screen so it can separate slight particles.

If the cones numbers exceed 16pcs, it is better to use a large underflow shaker, such as GNZS63-3 shaker, GNZS83-2 shaker, otherwise it will lead to overflow, because the treating capacity of cones are rising, but the flow rate of shaker is not large enough, even it use a high mesh screen.

3 Horizontal or vertical centrifugal pumps feed for desander and desilter.

4 Mud tank with electric control panel

But it has limit to use in the situation if the end-user need a compact unit.

A compact desanding unit is available in GN, too. The centrifugal pump sucked the mud from the Sediment Basins or mud compartment, then enter into bottom shaker(2) through inlet pipe(1), the particle size which is larger than 0.5mm will be separated out and flow to mud storage trough(3), the slurry pump (4)sucked from mud storage trough(3), the mud was jetted to hydrocyclone(5), the “light” particle sand was discharged to upper shaker(6) from the outlet of the desander cone. After dewatering process of the upper shaker(6), the dry slag charge was separated out, the mud passed the upper shaker was back to mud storage trough(3),the clean mud entered into mud storage tank(7) through cone overflow pipe, then flow to mud outlet pipe.

There is a Backflush unit installed in the outlet of the slurry pump, connected with mud storage trough. It can agitate the deposition particles ,in case of any silting-up in mud storage trough.

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  1. 1. Curtis needham Says:

    We are looking to purchase just the cones in 3″ and 10 maybe 12″ and the plumbing for the supply to the cones, and info or prices would be great.

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