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Jun 04

Actually, desander and desilter can be combined together with shaker to be mud cleaner. How is their woking for oil rig or well drilling? Let’s find following content


Oil well drilling desander

Desander development is a long period. As people acknowledgement is higher and higher. For desander, initial maximum capacity of desander can be 6×8″ hydrocyclone group. Since block and structure issue, we begin to change the size as 10″ even 12″. However, according to clients’ preference, we also supply 8″ desander separator in oil well drilling
The important matter affect desander separator is desander cone. Then let’s talk about the cones now. What is the material on Desander? Mainly we choose PU since its high anti-corrosive ability. However, the disadvantage is can’t bare high temperature. If it is over 40℃ both strength and rigidity will decrease. Then cone will be broken and leak drilling fluid.

Oil rig Desander Desilter Mud Cleaner

Oil rig Desander Desilter Mud Cleaner

Then we make wall much thicker. However, this will affect cones performance or even decrease efficiency. Then any Chinese manufacturer adopt high chromium iron.

At the same time, seek durable coating on surface to provide high efficiency.
For the structure or appearance, we need to consider better water force design. This will lead linear motion to be circle motion. Connection is smooth, won’t appear air corrosion


Desilter separator

Desilter separator is similar with desander. Its important part is also the cone. And the difference is cone diameter as well as separation partical size

Actually, desander or desander cone improvement have been used to desilter also. To be attentioned, line type cone group has some unstable effect on processing lead by various pressure. So now, many users consider to replace this structure to be input pipeline unit


Oil rig mud cleaner

What is mud cleaner? Desander, desilter, bottom shaker combined together will be mud cleaner or mud conditioner. The bottom shaker is matched with first phase equipment can be linear motion or BEM shaker. Other issues are mainly same as above hydrocyclone separators.

Need detail on abovings? Or seek other information on oil rig mud equipments? Why not contact GN now?

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