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Jul 16

The simplest system for a desander unit, is a combination of desander, feeding pump, shale shaker, mud tank (including two compartment, shale shaker compartment and desander compartment). How to assembly them closely to less the overall dimension of the unit? You can save a lot of time and money for transportation, but it can not influence the effect of the system?

 GN solids control can help you with this problem. GN100 desander unit is just designed for this purpose.

 GN100 Desander Unit

 It assembly the shale shaker and desilter together to become a two scalp shaker desander, one is with small mesh screen( it can separate large particles out before entering into desander cone, to avoid of jam the desander cone outlet), the other one is large mesh screen( with the foundation of dewatering and separating small particles). Instead of one shale shaker and one desander, the two scalper decks desander is much more compact and cost-saved.

: the two compartment can be compacted to a very small one, it is just used for circulation, not for storage, so it did not need large storage capacity. It can reduce the cost of tank a lot. If you use a shale shaker and desander separately, you will need to make a large tank at least 5m length, which is much expensive. And large tank need a large place to set it, and the transportation cost is very high.

desander unit

desander unit

Minimized mud tank

 Vibration motor

Usually the desander of 100m3/h treating capacity has only one vibration motor and a very small underflow shaker. But GN100 desander need 2pcs 1.1kw motor to operate it, otherwise the vibrating force can not meet the target.

 Separate particle size: ≥74μm

 Bentonite mud equipment produced by Soilmec BE-50.

Desanding unit for separation of sands, clay and organic particles in the bentonite muds recovery processes.

Consisting of:

One-cu.m capacity tank, complete with mud level floating and overflow outlet.

Three-stage wire vibroscreens with 7mm

0.6mm-0.2mm size meshes, driven by 2 electrically driven self-priming pump.

Centrifugal desander(hydrocyclone)

 To know more information about desander unit, pls contact GN solids control.

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