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Nov 16

The Argentine press confirmed that following the contracting of a semi-submersible rig from the Swedish company Stensa, a consortium of Argentine based oil companies will begin exploratory drilling in the Malvinas basin next December.

As more and more development of drilling in Argentina, drilling fluids treating equipments are highly demand, such as shale shaker, desander & desilter, vacuum degasser, mud cleaner, decanter, agitator, mud gas separator, etc.

desander & desilter

desander & desilter

Desander & desilter are equipments that effectively remove fine drilled solids and sands upto the size of 50 microns or 20 microns using centrifugal forces from the drilling mud system by using specially designed hydro-cyclones made out of very high quality polyurethane materials. The fluid entry angle is designed in such a way that the drilled solids are separated more efficiently, ensuring reduction in the loss of costlier drilling fluids. High quality polyurethane cones ensures very long life to reduces shut downs.

Desander is available in three different models of capacity 500, 1000 and 1500 GPM, employing 12” cones attached to 8” or 10” manifold with a 4” inlet and 6” outlet.

Desilter is available in various capacity from 264gpm to 1400gpm, employing 4” cones attached to manifold with a 75mm~150mm inlet and 125~200mm.

Desander & desilter is mainly composed of hydrocyclones and underflow shaker, the other components such as manifold,valves, pressure guage, solids discharge trough,etc.

Hydrocyclones are mechanical devices designed for separation of solid particles from the drilling fluids. The separation of solid particles depends on parameters like feed particles size, fluid viscosity, fluid feed pressure (fluid density) and hydrocyclone size.

Underflow shaker is used to minimize the drilling fluids remained in the discharged solids, so you can save drilling fluids cost and the waste processing cost. As we all know, more and more governments press the importance of environment protection during drilling, fine mesh can recycle some drilling fluids from the waste and keep the waste much drier, so you can drag the discharges solids directly by truck .

GN has imported desander & desilter to Argentina before, and our market in Latin America is becoming stronger and stronger.

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