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May 19

As a desander and desilter manufacturer,we also make feeding centrifugal pumps for feeding the hydrocyclones.As required by clients,sometimes we offer centrifugal pumps with mechanical seals.

The advantages of mechanical seals centrifugal pump over compression packing or glands are:

Desander Desilter Feeding Pump

Desander Desilter Feeding Pump

1) Mechanical seals  ensures sand pump almost zero or very little (as per the regulations) leakage of the fluid from the pump casing to the surroundings.

2) The mechanical seals pump can sustain high pressures of the fluids and highly corrosive fluids. There is always some leakage from the compressible packing and sometimes they tend to fail under the deteriorating effects of the chemicals, but such problems do not occur with the mechanical seals.

3) There is no friction between the moving parts of the mechanical seal so there is no extra power consumption by the centrifugal pump.

4) There is no wearing of the shaft or the sleeve on which the mechanical seal is mounted.

5) The mechanical seals are robust components so they require very less maintenance.

6) The mechanical seals centrifugal pump are now available in wide variety of designs suitable for number of applications.

SB series Centrifugal Pump is the ideal equipment to provide impetus for Desander,Desilter and Jet Mud Mixer.GN manufacture both desander and desilters,also supply clients with marching

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