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Jun 22

Vibration motors for both mud cleaners

Derrick adopt Super G2® vibrating motors feature a continuous internal oil bath lubrication system provides longer life, reduced repair costs and robust maintenance-free operation. Two Super G2 motors are standard equipment for FLC 500. GN mud cleaner use vibration motors have G force upto 7.3G also.

This provides user higher force and make better separation performance. The vibration motor will run longer and at a reduced decibel level (80 dBA) which greatly extends the life of the motor. Excellent quality offer lower cost and higher efficiency.

Screens for FLC and GN Cleaner

Derrick has many screens division according to different standard. Such as PWP, PMD, PMD+. Then according to open area percentage and weaving type there is DX, HP, also DF. As per cleaner type there is FLC500 and FLC2000.

For GN Cleaner there is various shaker screens. According to shaker and mud cleaner division we also have flat and pyramid screens with different dimensions. Such as GN703,GN852, etc. Including linear motion and BEM type. Screens for Derrick FLC and GN cleaner will adopts qualified screens manufactured as per API RP 13C. Including conductance, mesh size, cut point, etc.

Screen tensioning on Cleaners

Derrick use single-side tensioning system shortens screen panel replacement time more less and can be configured for operation on either the left or right side. This system provides reliable and consistent panel tensioning throughout the life of the machine.

GN Oilfield Cleaner

GN Oilfield Cleaner

GN screen tensioning on cleaners mainly adopt wedge block type. This don’t need tensiong bolts, etc. The screen made as frame steel type and use wedge block to tension screens at two sides. This request less replacement time and tension screens rather tight to ensure screens at good conditions and make longer screens usable life


Adjustable deck while drilling

Both Derrick and GN cleaners enable one person to quickly and easily raise or lower the shaker basket from -1° to +5° even -1° to +7°. As drilling rates and formation or mud properties will be variable during different drilling depth, etc.

The angle of the screen deck can be adjusted to achieve the proper solids convenience and fluid end point. Increased capacity, longer screen life, and optimal solids removal efficiency are final results.


Hydrocyclones or cleaner cones

Derrick offers a round desilter manifold mounted over the vibrating deck with the ability to hold up to twenty 3” or 4” hydrocyclones. This allows the FLC 500 to be used as either a high performance mud cleaner or as a means to reclaim the liquid discharged in the cone underflow.

GN desilters are mainly designed as in line or parallel. This provide more convenient replacement or repair during operation. Furthermore, they both use desilter cones with ball valve to provide convenience on capacity control and get rid of broken cones to ensure successful running.

Both their desanders offer the flexibility of mounting either one, two, or three 10” desander cones.

For GN desanders, the hydrocyclones quantity according to users’ capacity.Furthermore, GN hydrocyclone desander can be 8″ desander cone configuration as per clients’ requirement and preference. Usually, 8″ desander cone can hold
flow rate as 264GPM.

Abovings are general info on FLC and GN cleaners. Subsequent article you may find more information about comparison between GN and Derrick. Find more issues you are interested in. Including prices, detail technique, etc.
[1]Derrick and FLC are marks of Derrick Corporation
[2]Brandt and NOV are marks of National Oilwell Varco
[3]MI-Swaco and Mongoose are marks of Schlumberger

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