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Oct 17

GN brand decanter centrifuge is a separation equipments used in the drilling mud recycling system. In this period of time, we have sent many sets of this type centrifuge to USA, Latin America and other area of the wrold.

Decanter centrifuge always used in the large system like the mud recycling system matching the drilling rig for oil & gas, geothermal etc. It is used as the 4th stage equipment to treat the drilling mud feeded by a submersible pump from the desilter tank compartment. Under normal condition, the centrifuge could separate the solids particals with the size of 7 microns. If a high speed variable frequency centrifuge is taken into application, even partical with size 2 microns could be removed out.

drilling mud decanter centrifuge

drilling mud decanter centrifuge

Here the problem come out. In the complete 4 stage treatment process, from shale shaker to mud cleaner (a combination of desander and desilter), then to decanter centrifuge, the solid particals separated from the mud is more and more smaller. So, customer often learn our centrifuge according to the partical size. It is a fact that the decanter centrifuge have a good performance in separating the tiny particals, but when it is working, the most important factor is the density of the particals and medium, rather than the partical size. And the density difference should be relative bigger. Once a customer who want to use this type centrifuge to separate microbes with size from 2 microns to 20 microns cultivated in water. As we can not confirm the density difference, we haven’t proposed our centrifuge at last.

After the drilling mud flow into the rotating drum of the decanter centrifuge, because of the density difference of the drilling cuttings and medium, under the function of centrifugal force, the useless solid particals will settle onto the inner wall of the drum formed as a mud circle. And the liquid forms a circle next to the mud circle, but more closer to the drum shaft center. Then the separation is realized. For further process, the screw impeller would push the waste mud out of the centrifuge.

GN could supply decanter centrifuge with middle speed, high speed and high speed variable frequency. And more good remarks have been obtain from the clients. If you are interested in our decanter centrifuge, just contact with GN, you will get satisfied service from our professional team.


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