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Sep 13

Centrifuge and vertical dryer is the 2 kinds of key equipment for drilling waste management of GN Solids America. It will influence directly on the reduce, reuse, recycling and recover. The Waste Management Services includes:

Vertical Cuttings Dryer 3

1) Waste Management Services includes

2) Inventorisation

3) Collection and storage

4) Transportation

5) Recovery , Recycling and utilization

6) Disposal

7) Landfill Remediation/Rehabilitation

8) Long term solid waste management plans

9) Industrial Waste Water Treatment


Famous world class waste management service company include:


1) Halliburton Group – Custom Drilling Waste Management Solutions

2) Scomi Oilfield Services – Drilling Waste Management

3) Weatherford – Drilling Fluids and Waste Management Services

4) Baker Hughes – Eco-Centre Drilling Waste Management Services

5) EMEC- The Egyptian Mud Engineering & Chemicals Company


Drilling waste decanter centrifuge is necessary for waste management service. The centrifuge is working following the vertical dryer. Thus to lower down the burden of centrifuge. The dryer can separate the larger particles out from the drilling waste and also recover the base oil. Then, the base oil can go to decanter centrifuge for second phase separation. If it is real time drilling cuttings management, the base oil can go back to the solids control mud tanks for reuse.


Drilling waste shale shaker screen is also very important for waste management service. The effective vertical dryer can decrease the burden on following centrifuge and also promote the treating capacity in a certain way.

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