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Feb 21

As we all know normally it takes a few steps to separate the hydrovac slurry, first step, scalping the big stones from he vacuum truck, many people from different site have already developed various ways of doing this. Afterwards is fine shale shaker, and cyclones after that. The final step would be the decanter centrifuge. Though there are many different alternatives, most of the site choose decanter centrifuges, as it is more convenient, take less space, and it is continuously working. With chemical dosing you can get amazing clean water, well not for drink.

TypeVFD Drive Dewatering Centrifuge
Bowl Dia18 inch22 inch
Bowl Length61 inch 71 inch
Bowl Speed0-2800RPM0-2500RPM
Dif. Speed0-45RPM0-45RPM
Main Motor55KW 90KW
Back Motor22KW 45KW
MaterialDuplex Stainless Steel Bowl
Screw Tungsten Carbide Tiles Protection
ApplicationUltra Fine solids removal.

Decanter centrifuge module include a telescopic skid for mounting the decanter centrifuge, a catch tank for centrifuge discharge water collection and a  centrifugal pump for water transfer.

Automatic chemical dosing unit with 3 compartment of total volume of 2000L is capable for preparing 2000L/H polymer flocculants. The chemical dosing unit is equipped with 3 agitators and 2 dosing pumps for feeding polymer to enhance the separation of ultra fine solids by  the decanter centrifuge.

Based on our experiences, in most of the hydrovac site, the solids content is very high, so to choose the right model and make sure it is working properly is very important. Contact us for advise freely.

written by desander desilter

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