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May 18

GN solids control design and manufacture decanter centrifuges as per client’s requirement.

 1 Application of decanter centrifuge

  • Sewage sludge dewatering
  • Tannery effluent dewatering
  • Dewatering of various paper mill sludges
  • Materials recovery, for example starch
  • Clarification of vegetable processing liquors
  • Pectin recovery
  • Various applications in petrochemicals

            –  Drilling mud

            –  Slop oil

            –  Cuttings cleanings

            –  Barite recovery

            –  Water treatment sludges

 2  Feature of decanter centrifuge

decanter centrifuge drum

decanter centrifuge drum

 Centriquip’s range of CQ decanter centrifuges have the following important features:

            · Replaceable liners at points in contact with solids for easy servicing on site.

  • · Unique dual angle conical section which increases scroll life.
  • · Low weight rotating assembly due to use of Duplex Steel and its high tensile strength
  • · Low power consumption
  • · Automatic, hydraulic scroll drive system so no gearbox required, this has a high torque capability and is also independent of the main drive.  This means any residual solids in the bowl are discharged before the bowl is started.
  • · Quality assured manufacture
  • · Patented polyurethane scroll (CQ3000)
  • · Options for tiled wear protection

Polymer concrete base-frame now increasingly available for some models which offers greatly reduced noise levels, high stability and is totally resistant to corrosion

 3 Decanter centrifuge drum

 Drum and screw propeller composed of the main body, Hydraulic coupling is mounted on main motor. Drive the drum to rotate through hydraulic coupling’s pulley driving band wheel on the drum which is supported by two main bearings. Inside the drum, there is a spiral propeller, it is supported on the axle by the bearing which is concentric with the drum; Differential which is a planetary gear decelerating device is installed at the big end of the drum. Output shaft of the differential who will drive the spiral propeller to rotate is connected with screw propeller, left pulley of the differential join with the pulley of auxiliary motor, it will provide an input rotational speed for differential.

Drum assembly are installed in a stainless steel chest which have two cofferdams, one for collecting discharged liquid drained from centrifuge, another for collecting solids.

If you are interested in decanter centrifuge, pls contact GN for more information.

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