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Aug 06

Core Drilling is a main mode of exploration in mining industial like the seeking for copper, gold and silver. The main equipment of a core drilling is a diamond-tipped core drills. It is always designed as the opened end to remove a cylinder of material, The material left inside the drill bit is referred to as the core.

Core Drilling Cuttings

The cuttings created in the core drilling is very fine. These ultra fine cuttings can cause many issues down the hole such as broken cores, lost cores, and premature bit wear. In order to keep the core intact and the bit cooled, a bentonite including drilling mud is required. Besides the above mentioed two functions, the drilling mud could also take the cuttings out of the drilling hole.

Core Drilling Solids Control Unit

The flow rate of drilling mud in a core drilling is aften not large, maybe hundred GPM. So, not all the whole line solids control equipments needed. Sometimes, a desander with tank is enough to remove the ultra fine cuttings from the drilling mud. Different end user may choose different equipment to complete the mud clean mission, therefore, a high efficience centrifuge is also a ideal solution.

For core drilling solids contorl equipments or solution, you definitely could contact with GN solids control for more infomation. For GN is really a mud cleaning specialist.

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