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Jul 21

In currently oil drilling industry, the cloosed loop system is absolutely regarded as the most desirable solution for the drilling mud recycling and wast management. In one closed loop system, solids control equipments and drilling wast management equipments may be involved.

GN Solids Control Closed Loop System

Closed loop system working principle

Drilling mud out from the well hole firstly flow into the solids control system which contains shale shaker, mud conditioner and centrifuge. The basic working principle is to separate the drilling cuttings as large percentage as possible. Then the fluids could be reused, and the solids waste out from the solids control system will be transfered to the waste management equipments for further treatment, the same principle of solid and fluid separation.

Closed loop system process

In the whole closed loop system, many equipments will be involved. Besides the mud solids control system, drilling waste management equipments such as Hi G drier, Verti G Cutting drier and decanter centrifuge are all take the important roles. Wet waste out from the solids control system after treated by these equipments, the solid particals will be more drier could be transported easily. The fluids could be as large percent as possible to be reused or discharge into enviroment without pollution.

As the keeping raising consciousness for enviroment protection and cost saving in drilling project, closed loop system already become the best choice for the drilling company or the contractor. For more information about the closed loop system, please feel free to contact with GN Solids Control.

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