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Nov 13

There are two kinds of mud system (solids control system), closed loop mud system and Reserve pit ( not closed loop mud system) .

GN can design both Closed loop mud system and reserve pit mud system. For closed loop mud system, it is usually used for oil or gas well drilling, the drilling mud flowed from high-pressure mud flow line pipe, and reserve pit mud system is usually for Directional drilling, and the drilling mud is pumped by a submersible slurry pump. But no matter what kind of mud system, you should always remember “material balance”, the mud feeded should be finally balance with the solids disposed.

closed loop mud system

closed loop mud system

The risk factors of Reserve pits include leakage through overflow, personal injury, wildlife impact, and area exposure. The costs associated with pits include excavation, lining, increased location size, solid waste, and either burying or removal of solid waste.

Compared with reserve pits, closed loop mud system can avoid such risk factors and cost reduced. Closed-loop systems employ a suite of solids control equipment to minimize drilling fluid dilution and provide the economic handling of the drilling wastes. A typical closed-loop system includes linear motion shale shaker, mud cleaner and centrifuges followed by a dewatering system. The combination of equipment typically results in a “dry” location where a reserve pit is not required, used fluids are recycled, and solid wastes can be land farmed, hauled off or injected down hole.

There is a general misconception that a closed loop mud system is more expensive than a conventional pit program. Given the correct circumstances a closed loop system could be much less expensive. Factors that influence the cost are, depth of well, size of hole, length of drilling time, and of course the proximity to a disposal facility.

GN design oilfield solids control system and HDD mud recycling system as per your detailed requirement.

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