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May 24

Centrifuges is a special oil drilling equipment, solid and liquid phase are feed at a full speed by the centrifugal sedimentation and discharge procedure substantially to recover barite and remove fine solids, reducing the solids content in the drilling fluid  in order to control the density and viscosity of the drilling fluid to ensure that the drilling rig work properly.

Working Principle

0423 big bowl decanter centrifuge canada

 Centrifuge is using a centrifugal sedimentation principle and mud suspension, the positive displacement pump delivery the liquid suspension feed tube. Firstly, solid particles under the effect of centrifugal force pushed to the wall of the bowl by helical blade and subsequently solids are discharged from slag discharge port. On the other hand, the liquid overflows through the overflow a large end opening of the drum in order to achieve the goal of continuous separation. Mud centrifuges belong to the spiral horizontal centrifuges.

GN decanter centrifuges are largely used for the oil and gas drilling, HDD and CBM projection.


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