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Mar 24

GN solids control ,an API&ISO certified solids control and drilling waste management system equpment manufacture in China .Our potential partners are solids control service ,mud service company and oilfiled service company etc.So we list some drilling fluids company in China


GN mud system

GN mud system


1.Greatwall Drilling Company (GWDC),

A subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and an IADC member, is engaged in the worldwide business of petroleum engineering and technical services. Drilling Fluid Services
In the course of 50 years of continuing growth, we have gained valuable experience through drilling practice in drilling fluid technical services. As a result GWDC can provide our clients with super fluids, including field engineering design and service of drilling fluid, prevention of oil and gas formation damage, rig-site waste water treatment and environmental protection, technical consultation and training, sales and supplies of chemical additives, drilling fluid lab testing, rig site processing solid control equipment and more.

2.Shengli Drilling Mud Company.

SDMC is an integrative high-tech and specialized technology services company. This company can supply research, design and technology services of drilling and completion fluid in onshore and offshore, at the same time, it can supply the management and control of drilling fluids waste., development and production of oil field chemical., bulk weighting materials for wells , preparation of drilling and completion fluid., chemical inspection, mud instrument checkout and technology training.


It has been renamed at year 2004. The company produce and sale drilling mud additive and contract site technical support.

4.Shandong Dehunyuan Petro Sci&Tech Co. LTD,

 Established in Dongying, Shandong, P.R China in 1999, is a high-tech enterprise which is dedicated to developing the petroleum engineering services. It is reformed from Dongying Luyuan Trading Co. LTD and Shandong Wode Petro Sci&Tech Co. LTD.

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