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Feb 12

Drilling fluids system stage

In drilling fluids system, usually have 4 stage equipments and procedure. Before decanter centrifuge there should be shale shaker, desander & desilter, or mud cleaner. 

GN Centrifuge Drum

GN Centrifuge Drum

In solids control system we usually divide the separation or process size as each stage. Centrifuge usually configured as 4 stage equipment

Centrifuge performance and drilling fluid property

Normally, the underflow (cake, heavy slurry) is discharged while centrifuging unweighted fluids. The overflow (centrate, effluent, light slurry) containing most of the viscosity-building colloidal particles, is discharged from weighted fluids. Accordingly, centrifuges shall be installed in a manner that permits either stream to be discharged, and either to be returned to the active drilling fluid system.

With weighted drilling fluids, centrifuges are used to control low-shear rate viscosity and drilling fluid quality by removing colloidal and near-colloidal particles in the overflow. They shall be operated as long and as often as necessary to control low-shear rate viscosity, as well as plastic viscosity.

Centrifuge in drilling fluids system

Centrifuge in drilling fluids system

Other compartment besides decanter centrifuge

The receiving compartment shall be on the upstream side of the adjustable riser. When processing unweighted drilling fluids, the centrifuge(s) shall be used for drilled solids removal, processing as much fluid as possible and discarding the underflow (cake, heavy slurry).

While processing weighted fluids, the feed fluid shall be diluted, as needed, to control the overflow. The centrifuge feed shall be taken from a well-agitated area of the compartment immediately upstream from the discharge compartment to a well-agitated area of the receiving compartment.

If the centrifuge underflow (heavy slurry) is returned to the drilling fluid system, it shall be discharged.

According to complete drilling fluids system design and configuration the decanter centrifuge design should be designed relative. Since the different centrifuges will lead different performance, treating capacity and process result.

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