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Sep 05

GN solids America, a sales office of GN solids control, has a unit of vertical cuttings dryer GNCD930 in stock for sale, which is brand new with IEC Ex certificate explosion proof motors and control panel. We accept to test in our Houston factory ahead of shipment, welcome to contact GN solids sales for more detail information.

Vertical Cuttings Dryer 3
What’s GN vertical cuttings dryer working principal?
Vertical cuttings dryer can separate of solids and liquids by indicates of centrifugal force and collect the oil in the oil based drill cuttings or synthetic primarily based drilling fluids. The drilling cuttings is feed into the top hopper, by means of the screen basket and rotor, by the effect of centrifugal force, the fluids and fine solids pass through the screen mesh, and after that discharged through fluids output pipe and drop in to the mud tank, you will find 2 fluids output pipe, one particular of them is blocked along with the other one worked as fluids drain pipe. The significant solids or coal particles are retained around the screen basket and scraped down by the scrapper and pushed to the bottom of your screen basket and discharged through a solids trough. The discharged drill cuttings contained equal or less than 5% by weight, it really is dry enough to become shipped directly.
What is GN vertical cuttings dryer applications?
We use a vertical cuttings dryer system right after solids control system within the drilling waste management. A vertical cuttings dryer program firstly gather the cuttings separated from solids control system( shale shakers) by the screw conveyor, then fed into the vertical cuttings dryer, then the discharged the liquids is feed by nemo pump for the decanter centrifuge, the clean fluids is reused for make the drilling fluids once more. The drilling cuttings is drying and lessen oil in the drill cuttings.

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May 18

Under the requirement of environmental regulation, vertical cutting dryer (vertical centrifuge ) is gained much attention from public. Cutting dryer is one kind of solution to deal with the oil based mud and synthetic base mud. Recently, GN Cutting dryer is also tested with water based mud which is widely recognized as  harder mud to separate solids without clogging. It is widely acknowledged that only high functional cutting dyer is able to deal with water based mud so GN cutting dryer is able to absolutely separator all kinds of mud

Compare to CSI Cutting Dryer, GN cutting dryer advantages

GN cutting dryer process water based mud

GN cutting dryer process water based mud

1.  GN vertical cutting dryer is install air knife and flushing system to prevent screen basket from plugging

2. Discharge screw conveyor is a good solution to transport the solids from the dryer to discharge site

3. Carefully select the material of flights and design the screen opening distance assure historically and consistently produced as low as 5% oil retention on cuttings by weight. GN  also provides parts and service for cuttings dryers.

GN also supports a plenty of solids control equipment to work with cutting dyer. GN not only provide the single device, but focus on offering a completely solution to your working site such as bored pile mud solution, diamond drilling mud recycling , dredging slurry separation, HDD(Horizontal Directional Drilling) and CBM

(Coal Bed Methane).  GN Solids Control will be your best partner in the solids control field.

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Mar 27

GN Solids Control third generation vertical dryer is firstly showed in the CIPPE oil exhibition. vertical dryer is also called vertical centrifuge as it use the centrifugal force to deal with oil based mud and synthetic base mud. GN vertical cuttings dryer is able to reach drying efficiency OCC≤5° maximum dry the solids。

In order to meet increasingly strict environmental rules for fluids mud disposal and reduce the fluid cost. Many companies are seeking for the reliable and high performance of vertical cutting dryer. There are some advantages of our new vertical dryer showed below

New designs

New Genaration Vertical Cutting Dryer

New Genaration Vertical Cutting Dryer

1. Air knife is firstly installed the dryer which is consistently used for cleaning the screen during the work avoid the stick oil base mu
d block the screen. Precision design for angle and distance make sure air knife efficiently wipe out the sticky mud on the screen.

2. Cleaning pump will provide the high pressure water and vertical angle effectively to get rid of accumulated solids in the screen

3. Two auger are equipped on the bottom of the vertical cutting dryer to continually transport disposal solids to the site which is suitable for the handling a large amount of mud.

4. oil cooling and lubrication system ensure the long operation life and reliable motor performance.

GN also manufacture:shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, decanter centrifugal, various pumps and all types of shaker screens

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Jan 04

As one of the top Solids Control Equipments manufacturer in the world. GN offer a compelte line of solids control equipments and some drilling waste management equipments for the oil/gas industry.GN developed Vertical Cuttings Dryer has been proven to provide a dramatic reduction in drill solids waste discharge and to help reclaim the oil-based fluids or synthetic based fluids from cuttings.

Vertical Cuttings Dryer

Vertical Cuttings Dryer

The high-capacity GNCD930 Vertical Cuttings Dryer is a screen-type centrifuge which designed for the continuous feed and efficient throughput necessary for drilling operations.Convenient access to normal wear parts helps simplify maintenance and minimize unit downtime.

Setting Up Cuttings Dryer Operations

Successful Cuttings Dryer operations are not as simple as installing and running the cuttings drying equipment. The fluids recovered by the dryer usually contain high levels of low gravity solids that can cause significant problems if returned directly to the drilling fluid system. GN not only can offer Cuttings Dryer,But also Decanter Centrifuge, Screw Pump, Augor, Shale Shaker, etc.


Model: GNCD930
Feed Capacity: 30-50 Tons/H
Max Bowl Diameter: 930mm
Screen Opening: 250/350/500 Microns
Rotary Speed: 890 RPM
Main Motor: 55Kw
Oil Pump Motor:0.55Kw
Dryness Efficiency: <5%
Dimension: 2780X2080X2450mm
Weight: 6500Kg

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Dec 29

The drilling waste management is one of the most important chanllenges in the oil/gas exploitation industry. The used drilling mud and cuttings are the main source of drilling waste.There are basically three types drilling mud. Oil-based mud, Waste-based mud,and synthetic based mud. OBM offer advantages over WBM for drilling operation. as a result, OBM are more frequently used in oil/gas drilling. As increased environment protection awareness and more stringent regulation on drilling waste discharge.The global drilling waste management market is therefore expected to grow to approximately $8 billion by 2018.

Currently there are four popular method of drilling waste treatment.

Vertical Cuttings Dryer

Vertical Cuttings Dryer

(1) Solidificatin and stabilization, If a polution is below the allowed limit,drilling waste can be solidified. Cement and silica the most popular agents.

2)Cuttings Re-injection. It is successful as well in onshore as in offshore operations. Only a very fine suspension can be injected. So the ball mill or the ultrasonic processor is often necessary to prepare proper particles for the suspension.

3)Thermal method is very useful for cleaning the cuttings.

4)Bioremediation is a more sustainable solution. it can be done in five ways: composting,bioreactors,vermiculture and landfarming.

GN as a top Solids Control Equipment manufacturer in the world. Now we also supply equipments for drilling waste management. The main equipments are Vertical Cuttings Dryer, Decanter Centrifuge, Screw Conveyor. etc. Vertical Cuttings Dryer mostly used for processing wet cuttings discharge from shale shakers to reduce oil content and return reclaimed drilling fluid to active system.







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Aug 21

Two methods to transfer the OBM(Oil based mud)&WBM(Water based mud) cuttings ,depend on the layout and space of wellsite

1.Transfer the cuttings by screw converyer.,

Screw conveyer

Screw conveyer

2.Transfer the cuttings by vacuum transfer system.

Vacuum pump

Vacuum pump

How to choose your cutting transfer system in drilling waste management?

1.If the layout and space of wellsite is engough to install three screw conveyers,normally 36ft per length ,one section to hold the cuttings come out from the rig shaker ,one to transport it to the cutting dryer ,then one transfer to the truck. Transfer capacity 40-60 t/h

2.If the layout is compact and space is limited,the cuttings can be hold in a big cutting pit firstlt ,then use a vacuum transfer pump to suct them to a mud tank or trucked away at intervals 10t/h

Screw conveyer VS vacuum transfer pump in drilling waste management

Screw conveyer can work continiously to transfer the cuttings away immediately,no need to dig a big pit ,bigger transfer capacity,but make up for larger space

Vacuum transfer pump account for smaller space , trailer mounted and easy to operate .But the cuttings will be stored in the pit for a long time ,work at intervals,smaller transfer volume

For more information about drilling waste management ,pls contact GN solids control.

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Mar 08

Chad Niger the forgotten land in Africa ,since the exploration and discovery of oil by CNPC,has become a tresous land.

In the past two years,in order to help Chad and Niger achive indepence of energy ,construct a one million capacity refinery and pipeline connection oilfiled ,CNPC has taken much effort to integrate the resources.

 With oil discovered and drilling activity began in Chad and Niger,cause there are not too many professional solids control service or drilling waste management ervice companies locally,we can tell the difficulty to do the job.

Solids control and waste management Chad Niger

Solids control and waste management Chad Niger

GN solids control,a leading and global solids control and drilling waste management system equipment manufacure from China focse more on international market ,strive for providing best equipment at best price for oilfiled service company worldwide.Our main equipments are shale shaker ,desander,desilter mud cleaner,decanter centrifuge ,vertical cutting dryer ,mud agitator,mud guns,mud tanks ,etc.

GN drilling waste management

GN drilling waste management

 GN equipments or mud system have been exported to more than 60 countries around the world ,including USA ,Europe and Australia those high end markets.If you are looking for better price and reliable quality products ,GN is your best choice.

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Feb 02

GN solids control a China based cutting dryer manufacture

The first API&ISO oilfiled solids control and drilling waste management system equipment manufacture in China ,also one of the few companies in the worl who can provide both decanter centrifuge and cutting dryer.Focuse more 0n the interntional market ,providing good quality equipment at best price.

Cutting dryer for drilling waste management

Cutting dryer for drilling waste management

GN cutting dryer specifications

Feed capacity  :30~50tons/h                                         Max bowl diameter:930mm

Screen openning:250/350/500microns                 Rotary speed :890RPM

G-f0rce:400                                                                          OOC:≤5%

Main motor:55kw                                                               Oil pump  motor:0.55kw

GN cutting dryer spare parts

1.FAG bearings

2.Screen basket

Cutting dryer screen basket

Cutting dryer screen basket


4.Cone rotor assembly

Cutting dryer rotor assembly

Cutting dryer rotor assembly

5.Oil seal

6.Main belt

7.Oil pump filter screen

GN cutting dryers have been providing serice in Russia ,Middle east ,South America and Africa oilfiled .For more information about solids control decanter centrifuge and drilling waste management cutting dryer feel free to contact us.

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Jan 20

Drilling waste management system  for oil based mud and water based mud are very popular with oilfiled service companys in Egypt ,Libya Algeria,Sudan,and some other countries.

GN solids control is the first API&ISO certified solids control and drilling waste management system equipments manufacture in China, also the only one who can provide both decanter centrifuge and vertical cutting dryer.GN adopt advanced CNC precision processing group machinery to realize the high quality and performance to satisfy high-end customers’ needs.

GN cutting dryer

The customer is one of the largest oilfield service companies in Africa, very careful about choosing Chinese oilfield equipments, but after visiting GN facility, impressed by GN strong technical experiences and qualified products.

Drilling waste management system including

  1. Screw conveyer or vacuum transfer pump to feed material to vertical cutting dryer
  2. Vertical cutting dryer handle the oil based mud to less than 5% OOC(oil on cuttings),cuttings are discharged, oil are recycled.
  3. Decanter centrifuge recover the useful drilling fluids from the mud.

    GN decanter centrifuge

    GN decanter centrifuge


For more information about shale shaker ,desander,desilter ,mud cleaner ,decanter centrifuge and vertical cutting dryr ,welcome to contact and visit GN solids control

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Aug 25

More stringent cuttings discharge regulations pressures the operators and drilling contractor to find the way reduce the drilling waste volumes and recover drilling mud for reuse.

As a leader for offering solids control and drilling waste management equipments, MI SWACO VERTI G Cutting Drier offered very good solution for offshore and onshore porjects where the recovery of valuable drilling mud from cuttings, as well as recovery of whole mud lost from shaker failure, rig motion and screen blinding.

GN Verti-G Cutting Drier

GN Solids Control, the first one API certified manufacturer for solids control equipments in China, realized that one never would be a leader unless owning the Verti G Cutting Drierof independent design.



MI SWACO & GN Verti G Cutting Dier parameter comparation

MI SWACO Verti G Cutting Drier

GN Verti G Cutting Drier







Centrifuge motor power



Lubrication pump motor power



Screen turns






Screen Specifications

203/254/381/508 Microns

250/350/500 Microns


60 tons per hour

30~50 tons per hour

Solids discharge oil content



Verti G cutting drier is often used in drilling waste management projects, some other important equipments may be involved together to complete the solution. High efficiency horizontal decanter centrifuge is the most important one which is used to separate more finer solid particals out from the drilling fluids.

For more information on Verti G cutting drier, you may search GN Solids Control in google to find our contact or send a mail to [email protected]

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