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vacuum degasser | GN Desander Desilter
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May 16

Mud cleaning system is two main parts, the storage mud tank on below and many machines serve as purify the drilling fluid, which get rid of the solid debris in drilling fluid. The mud tanks which store drilling fluid are divided into circulation tanks and store tanks. Circulation tanks as a part of the filter cycle, there are shale shaker, vacuum degasser, deserter, and desander and decanter centrifuge on the top of tank.

The 1st level of purification
the drilling mud pumped away from the rig and flow-down in the shale shaker. The allocation drilling fluid enter into the bottom of the drilling well under the foundation of the drilling pump and carry drilling debris return the ground, through the elevated tubes enter into the shale shaker, the larger solid debris in drilling fluid are filtered through screen

Desander with GNZS752 Series Mini Shale Shaker

The2nd level of purification
When drilling fluid have debris contain gas, The use of vacuum degasser remove the gas which in the drilling fluid and can recover the density of drilling fluid, calm the drilling fluid viscosity.

The 3rd level of purification
the drilling fluid is disposed by two levels, mud purification enters into the desander.  Through the desander feed into the liquid pump, the harmful sold phase which the diameter is above 40-60um is separated in desander.

The 4th level of purification
the drilling fluid is disposed by the three level purification enter into the desilter through the desilter feed into the liquid pump, the harmful sold phase which the diameter is above 15-40um is separated in desilter.

The 5th level of purification
The drilling is disposed by the four level purification enter into the decanter centrifuge through the centrifugal feed liquid pump, the small harmful sold phase particles are separated in decanter centrifugal.

Usually, all five purification is all working at the same time. If it works one equipment or several equipments, the parameters of the drilling fluid can all meet the work requirements; it can work in one equipment or in several equipments. After the purification, drilling fluid can re-use in the drilling cycle

More informantion about drilling mud system , pl feel free to contract GN solids control.

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Apr 07

As the first China and taiwan manufacturers specialized in drilling waste management equipment, and  solids control equipment including shale shaker ,shear pump ,mud agitator, Mud Gas Separator etc.GN Solids Control owns rich practical experience in this field. Decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer are the main equipment with regard to drilling waste management. Following many years’ running in various jobsites, GN Solids Control has good understanding within the drilling waste decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer.
Big bowl decanter centrifuge is widely used to treat typically the drilling mud and drilling cuttings. GNLW553C-VFD is a huge bowl decanter centrifuge together with 22’’ bowl diameter. Among the main equipment from GN Solids Control company, it truly is designed and made per the most recent technology. GN solids control company typically offer the big bowl decanter centrifuge with good price in addition to top quality.


Features of 22’’ decanter centrifuge, model GNLW553C-VFD
The actual GNLW553C-VFD high-performance centrifuge comes with a 18 inch height bowl. The centrifuge design is with a length through diameter ratio of 3. some: 1 .
The centrifuge is actually fitted with a 75hp primary drive motor and a immediate coupled 30hp back-drive electric motor. The main drive motor and also back drive motor are usually mounted at one conclusion of the centrifuge. This layout can minimize the centrifuge footprint.
The explosion evidence motors and control panel can be certified to use in ATEX Zone 1 / Region 2 hazardous locations, IECEx Zone 1 / region 2 hazardous locations, CNEx Zone 1 / Area 2 hazardous locations. Several EX certificate, price as well as leading time are much distinct. Clients can choose the suitable EX LOVER standard per the work site request.
The GNLW553C-VFD decanter centrifuge is fitted with primary bearing temperature and coup sensors which give the GNLW553C-VFD improved levels of safety and satisfaction monitoring features.

Usage of 22’’ decanter centrifuge, model GNLW553C-VFD
The big bowl centrifuge is made for removal of low gravity solids from the fluid system in reduced operating costs.
1) The big bowl centrifuge can often treat water base mud and drilling cuttings
2) The big bowl centrifuge enables you to treat oil base mud and drilling cuttings
3) The big bowl centrifuge can be utilized in dewatering unit
4) The big bowl centrifuge enable you to recovery barite from drilling fluids

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Dec 07

GN decanter centrifuge can be employed for drilling mud treatment method, waste water treatment, to clear out fine solids from water medium, thus to adjust often the physical property of the chemical medium, eg. Viscosity, occurrence, weight etc . GN typically offer high speed & middle acceleration centrifuges, treating volume can also be different from small capacity to huge capacity.
GN mini centrifuge
GNLW 223 is usually GN mini centrifuge, little capacity, high speed, which can be useful for waste water treat to get diamond drilling. The speed could reach to 3800RPM along with treating volume is about 6m3/h. Price of GNLW223 is also suit for diamond drilling grounds.
GNLW553 is GN significant bowl big volume decanter centrifuge. The volume can be 500gpm and the speed is tweaked from 1800RPM to 2500RPM. The big bowl centrifuge is definitely specialized for fast going, or other type of program.
GNLW363 is GN hottest model centrifuge. We have through 150sets centrifuge for yearly sales amount. The centrifuge is widely used in solids control, drilling waste management, waste materials water, environmental projects and many others. For this model, we can present 4 types centrifuge:
GNLW363CD fixed speed centrifuge, economical configuration
GNLW363CD-VFD variable velocity centrifuge, economic configuration
GNLW363CG fixed speed centrifuge, high quality configuration
GNLW363CG-VFD variable pace centrifuge, premium configuration
In connection with fixed speed centrifuge, we are able to offer 2200RPM, 2700RPM, 3200RPM bowl speed by adjusting the pulley with devices; variable speed centrifuge, it could be adjusted stepless from 0-3200RPM.
Regarding the production material, GN premium centrifuge is better than economical centrifuge, with better doing work performance and long life time.
Pls read more from GN website: GN decanter centrifuge

Except for drilling mud decanter centrifuge, GN can also present complete line of solids control equipment, including shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifugal penis pumps, shear pumps, screw sends, mud agitators, jet mud mixers, mud gun, mud tanks. GN can also present complete line of drilling squander management equipment, including Substantial G dryers, vertical cuttings dryer, waste management centrifuge, cuttings solidification unit, energy desorption unit etc .

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Sep 25

GN Solids Control has established an American branch company in Houston, TX., which name is GN Solids America. By the establishment GN Solids America, GN shows his willingness to develop the America Market and to serve customers in the America better. And with the fast development of drilling and drilling rigs in Canada, GN must have a bright solids control equipments market there.Now these years, petrol companies in Canada have developing the whole year drilling period. And they tend to use this whole year drilling to replace the traditional drilling plans in Canada. Although, the drilling crews are not growing largely, the usage of drilling rigs are all have a high using frequency. The quantity of drilling especially the natural gas drillings are reaching a new records number, and the permitted drillings are increasing day by day.

The drilling activity in the west regions of Canada are getting more and more active. However, drillings in the west sea are not approved. It seems that Canadian drilling crews don’t need to be confined to the drilling restrictions like America has them on the mid-land. As we all know, the American council forbidden to drill on the side of Great Lakes, on the other side, Canada allow the drilling companies drill and extract natural gas and they can also make directional drilling to collect oil near Lake Inari.
According to an survey, Ontario has drilled 69 wells in 1999, 112 wells in 2000, 115 wells in 2001, 82 wells in 2002, 88 wells in 2003, 72 wells in 2004, 22 wells in June, 2005.

GN Catalogue
According to the statistics of BakerHughes, Canada has 509 rigs are in using until August 26th, this number is decreased by 26 than last week, but it is increased by 230 than the beginning of this year. During these using rigs, EnCana has 55 rigs that are in using, Canada Natural Resource and Devon both have 30 rigs.
Although these numbers are not quite near, we could also tell the great development of Canada market. This is not the best time for GN Solids Control, but it will never be the worst days for GN.

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Jun 14

Russia large energy company has purchased decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser and mud cleaner from us for solids control system. Obviously, they have visited our manufacuturer firstly and subsequently negotiate with us about the price and shipping condition. They express the strong willingness to establish business with us in the future because of our qualified equipment and competitive price.12B 副本

The Advantages of GN Equipment.

 1. GN different models of Decanter Centrifuge are available for recovering the barite, diamond drilling project and separate the solids from drilling fluids. Duplex stainless steel 2205 material and tungsten carbide maximum protect the screw from solids damage in order to keep the long lifespan.VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

2. GNZCQ270/360 Vacuum degasser has the capabilities for ensuring the proper mud weight and removing the dangerous gas in the prevention of potential blowouts. It is with a self-contained installation and infrared level sensor to prevent the overflow.

3. Mud cleaner is a combination of desander, disilter cones and shale shaker.The 10 inch desander cone and 4 inch desilter cone separate the undesired solids by centrifugal force. The bottom shaker is used as the drying unit to process the solids from desander and desilter.

Mud Cleaner with Desander and Desilter

If you need any solids control equipment information, you feel free to contact with us

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Mar 15

As the second class purification equipment for oilfield drilling fluid,. Vacuum degasser actually is used to remove invade gas in the drilling mud. Normally, there are 4-step for solids control and 5-step for process.4-steps including shaker, desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge.4-steps with vacuum degasser comprise the 5-step process



. It will be installed between shale shaker and mud cleaner/desander. The degasser could be utilized in many areas such as commercial, agricultural and oilfield uses. In the oilfield drilling fluid system, it removes virtually all harmful gas including hydrogen sulfide and corrosive oxygen. It is widely acknowledged that degasser contributes to the viscosity and weight of drilling mud and prevents liquid film to enveloped and entrapped.

The Advantages of Vacuum Degasser

1.    Comparing to traditional vacuum degasser , GN vacuum degasser is a self-contained unit

2.    The sensor of degasser will automatically adjust the level of drilling fluid protect over fluids happened

3.    GN degasser benefit further treatment of mud cleaner as a big agitator.

4.    The invade-gas mud is pumped into the degasser without needing centrifugal pump.

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May 05

Vaccum degasser working principle

The degasser and associated components are designed exclusively for releasing gases from slurries. GNZCQ series vacuum degasser is an new equipment used for processing gas dip drilling fluid developed by our company in reference to various domestic and foreign vacuum degasser. Suitable for supporting various types of mud purification system, and plays an important role in restoring the proportion of the mud, stabilizing slurry viscosity performance and reducing drilling costs.

Vaccum degasser

Vaccum degasser

ZCQ series Degasser belongs to the vacuum degasser, namely the use of the suction effect of the vacuum pump to create the negative pressure region in the vacuum tank, and the mud enter the hollow shaft of the rotor through the suction tube under the action of the atmospheric pressure. And then the mud spray to the tank wall through surrounded windows of the hollow shaft. As collision and the function of separate wheel, the mud separated into thin layers, bubble immersed in the slurry breakup and gas escape. Gas is discharged to safe zone from gas separator through the suction of vacuum pump and separation of gas-water separator. the mud is discharged outside of the tank by impeller. As the main motor starts first, the impeller associated with the motor is in a high-speed rotation state, so mud gets into the tank only from the suction pipe not be sucked from the liquid discharge tube.

Drilling solids control system

Drilling solids control system

Strcture features of GNZCQ Vaccum degasser

Vacuum pump has too different functions. One is using the suction of pump to make the mud enter the vacuum tank. The other is discharging gas out of tank.

Water ring vacuum pump stay at a low temperature at the whole process of working, is suitable for flammable and explosive gas pumping, safe and reliable performance.

Mud through the window of the rotor shoots at walls with high-speed. Bubbles in the mud break very thorough. Degassing effect is very good.

Main motor is side position, whole device with lower center of gravity.

Adopt belted drive to avoid complexity of deduction structure.

Water-gas separater won’t discharge gas and water at the same time to make the degasser tube smooth. In addition, you can cycle the water supply to the vacuum pump, saving water.

Suction pipe insert into mud tank can be used as high power agitator when it’s not gas immersed.

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Feb 23

 GN solids control one of the leading solids control and drilling waste management equipment maufactrue signed two units solids control system with Chinese rig manufacture .GN VIP customers including solids control service company,mud service company ,rig manufacture ,drilling contractors.

Drilling solids control system

Drilling solids control system

The drilling rig company owns two drilling companies itself,each drilling company owns over 20 big oil drilling rigs.As a manufacturer and end user for drilling rigs.This company is one of the big client for GN Solids Control.

This complete set for solids control equipments including following products:

1) 3 Linear Motion Shale Shakers.

GN shaker tank

GN shaker tank

2) 1 Vacuum Degasser
3) 1 Desander & 1 Desilter with Mini underflow shaker.
4) 20 Mud Agitators
5) 8 Centrifugal Pumps.


GN mud system

GN mud system


Above is the  photo show GN Solids Control equipments installed in the rig company yard,we helped for the tank design and instruction for the installation of the solids control.

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May 27

Gas buster is the vacuum degasser or called atmopheric degasser. It is widely used in oil drilling rig solids control system. Also in CBM exploration project, etc.


Brief introduction on Gas Buster

1. Main function

The gas buster can be used to achieve 3 main functions. Get rid of invaded gas or air, including CO2, H2S, methane, etc. Make some processing on drilling mud or drilling fluid, such as mixing, returning mud gravity, stabilizing mud viscosity.

At the same time gas buster/vacuum degasser can be used as a heavy-power agitator and supported applicable to all types of mud circulation purification system.

2. How gas buster achieve function

We achieve the application by one main vessel, internal blades in vessel, two motors, vacuum pump, one control panel, etc. The principle is vacuum pressure to help invaded gas run out easily.

Oil Drilling Rig Gas Buster

Oil Drilling Rig Gas Buster

Gas buster wide usage

As we talked just now, the gas buster can be used widely in various well drilling. Not only for oil drilling rig mud process. But also can be used for large HDD drilling rig mud receovery, CSM drilling, mining industry, etc.

Usually, we set gas buster or atmopheric before shale shaker. We ever discussed on oil drilling rig mud ciruclation system. We can call drilling mud process system as 4-phase solids control system or 5-phase drilling mud purification unit. Since we have vacuum degasser.

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Oct 28

Well control operations are instructions on blowout-prevention equipment, warning signs of kicks.  

Blowout is the uncontrolled release of crude oil and/or natural gas from drilling well after pressure control systems failed. Since it is a horrible accident, we need to less and prevent its happening by careful operation and proper well-control equipments.

vacuum degasser

vacuum degasser

Well control equipments including: 

BOP( Blow-out preventer):

Blowout preventer is a large, specialized valve used to seal, control and monitor oil and gas wells. Kicks can lead to a potentially catastrophic event known as a blowout. Blowout preventers are also intended to prevent tubing, tools and drilling mud from being blown out of the wellbore when a blowout threatens. Blowout preventers are critical to the safety of crew, rig and environment, and to the monitoring and maintenance of well integrity; thus blowout preventers are intended to be fail-safe devices.

 Vacuum degasser:

Vacuum degasser in oilfield drilling fluids gas separating also called Gas Buster. Vacuum Degasser is a special-purpose device for the treatment of gas in the drilling fluids. It can get rid of various gas of invasive drilling quickly. Vacuum degasser is very important for returning mud gravity, stabilizing mud viscosity and reducing drilling cost. 

Vacuum Degasser( degasser) is the first units of solids control equipment arranged to treat drilling mud. As such, they process all of the drilling mud from the flow line before the mud reaches the primary shale shakers. The units have no moving parts and rely on the density difference between the gas and the mud for removal. The process is simple, yet very effective for well drilling fluids processing system.


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