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Mar 10

In 1 set complete drilling mud cleaning system, we could find six pipeline system. They are Overflow launder pipeline, clean water pipeline, mud gun pipeline, active mud suction pipeline, mud mixing pipeline and drilling hole mud replenishment pipeline.

Overflow launder pipeline is the most important pipeline in the mud system. From the Shale shaker compartment fo the tank, there will be a launder uphill through the desander tank, desilter tank in order to prevent the drilling mud overflow out of the tank.

The clean water pipeline is used to clean the tank, it is connected with the clean water tank or a water faucet and installed opening controled by valve in each tank.

Mud gun is always powered by mud pump in a mud system for oil drilling rig. The high pressure could transfer the active mud to each tank from the begainning of the desilter tank to make the replenishment or prevent the mud sediment. While in small mud systme, the mud gun often powered by mixing pump. Some mud system will have a trip tank, also we will install mud gun there.

In large mud system, mud pump could suction the active mud from every tank behind the desander tank. All the tanks storaging active mud is connected by the mud suction pipeline.

Mud mixing pump is used to mix the drilling mud in the tanks. Where there is the active mud in the tank, the mixing pump could suction it, after treatment by adding some drilling chemical then transfer them back by mud mixing pipeline.

the drilling hole mud replenishment pipeline is connected to wellhead, when the drilling bit raise out of the hoel, the drilling mud will be pump into the drilling hole to keep the well pressure and protect the well wall. When the drilling pit again down, the drilling mud will backflow to the trip tank.

The above mentioned six pipeline system could be find in 1 set complete large mud system and all of them functioned irreplaceable. Welcome for your comments and let’s learn it together

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Sep 19

Mud Tank is widely used in the oilfield mud recycling system not only as the vessel of drilling mud, but also as the base of the drilling mud treatment equipments. In a complete mud recycling system for the oil well drilling rig, there would be many tanks involved. Sometimes, all these tanks looked same from out shape, and connected by pipeline; while other times, these tanks are various in demension and independent for different function. These tanks maybe given different names by different supplier, now, we will talk about the tank with name from GN Solids Control.

mud tank system

mud tank system


Mud Tank as Shaker Tank

From the shaker tank, we are getting into the mud cleaning system, in general condition, we will install shale shaker on the tank surface, and the quantity of shale shaker depends on the treating capacity of the system. In order to remove the gas from the drilling mud and enhance the efficiency of the following centrifugal pump which feed the mud to cyclone seperator, we could, as per the client requirment, install a vacuum degasser behind the shale shaker. If there is still enough space on the tank surface, we could install the desander, desilter or mud cleaner on it. However, we always install the mud cleaner in the next tank to prevent the crowded layout on tank surface, then we get into the next tank.

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Jul 30

Trip tank is a component of the auxiliary tank system for the drilling mud recycling system. It is shaped as a small metal tank which equiped with liquid-level gauge. Concerning the capacity of trip tank, we could find 2 statements: one is 10 to 15 barrels with 1-barrel divisions, and the other is 20-40 barrels with 1 bbl divisions. Whatever, it is a certain that the trip tank capacity is depended on the maximum well depth and the drill string size.

How  Trip Tank Works

Trip Tank

Trip Tank

Since the small volume, the mud surface height change is clear came to know when the mud flow rate changing. Therefore, trip tank is used to monitor the well. There are several operations that we can use the trip tank to monitor the well as follows;

1. When the drill string comes out of the hole, a volume of mud equal to that which the drill pipe occupied while in the hole must be pumped into the hole to replace the pipe.
2. When the drill string goes back in the hole, the drill pipe displaces a certain amount of mud, and a trip tank can be used again to keep track of this volume.

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