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Jan 19

Shear pump is the pump that do shearing polymers and clays.  The purpose of this pump is to add improvement of the drilling properties, the polymers and clays need to be sheared in great details before add back of system of drill fluid.  The polymers might jam the strainer if not sheared.  If jamming happen, it will increase the cost of drilling and larger size solids in the drilling will be turn from soft to hard  and will be difficult to clear away. The velocity, or speed of the fluid flow at outside diameter of the rotor are higher than center of the rotor’s velocity.  it is the difference of the velocity that creates shear.

The main design factor is the diameter of the rotor and its turning speed. The distance between the rotor and the stator, the time in the mixer, and the number of the generators are consider factor. Variables include the number of rows of teeth, their angle, and the width of the openings between teeth.

Shear pump is proven for applying the high shear to necessary hydrate polymers and clays.  It reduces the bentonite clay and polymer.  It is also improve loss of fluid and cake filter and build strength of gel.  The low shear rate viscosity holds up solids better.  The dependable seal of shaft adds more convenient in operation and maintenance.

The operation principle adopts mechanical seal sets for no leakage at the stuffing box.  The stainless steel turbine contain nozzles and shear plate and fluid is sheared through the pump.

Base on the demand of the drilling project and goal to achieve, the pump application and installation can be very.  The design of pump, if follow properly, will further improve the performance of the shear pump that shearing polymers and clays.

Please consult GN Solids America LLC’s sale staff on your shear pump inquiry.


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May 24

GN Solids Control is China leading make for solids control products & drilling waste management products. We’ve been working in this field over 9 years, and the prosperous experience and professional get to be the power to enlarge GN effect in the domestic market in addition to overseas market. Up to now, GN already has GN Solids America facility, GN Solids Russia facility in operation. Regarding other areas, we have GN spouse or dealer to help market place the local market and share solids control equipment to get urgent projects.

GN Solids Control also attaches importance in Africa market. The Cameras oil field requirement can also be very large. As the huge industry and sensitivity of selling price, GN Solids Control effectively enters Africa market with good quality equipment and sensible price. One client instructed us” so far, the decanter centrifuge is working really fine with the heavy mud, but the other people at the rigsite are curious how long moment the good performance will last “. The decanter centrifuge is readily worked in Algeria over one years. So far so great.

We also have one consumer from Argentina who individual over 30 sets decanter centrifuge from us. The highly effective partner work for Baker Barnes and have his own mud company. The professional service along with good relationship help the customer occupy a large percentage of the local sector at mud service location. The clients also acquire some sets of top to bottom cuttings dryer to expand the service scope.
Within Australia, we have partner TT Asia who is dealer to get VERMEER, the famous drilling device brand. They buy mud system from us as well as match with Vermeer rigs. Solely in 2012, the client ordered about 10 sets mud mixing system from GN Solids control.

Why we can include so many clients and continuous buy from us? Because of the high quality equipment reasonable price as time after sales services.

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Apr 06

Water properly drilling rigs are popular for oil and gas drilling industry, for normal lifetime as well as industries.
Take the oil and gas drillingfor example , water is the needed material for drilling actions. Water is request for you to for drilling fluids mixing, for tank cleaning, intended for flush, for equalizing nicely pressure, etc… There will be different ladies involved for drilling routines; Water is also the essential substance for the rig peoples. Often the rig sites are normally a long way away from human area. Effectively well drilling is the most rapidly and most convenient way for water supply.
GN Solids Control engineer just came back from the middle east job web-site. He finished the first time ordering and training of 1 fixed GNMS-500G water well drilling mud system. The 500GPM mud system is design and style and made for their oil rigs.

The system is composed of just one deck linear motion shale shaker, a hydro cyclone desilter separator, a drillingfluids mud mixing system, giving pump, mixing pump, the particular explosion proof electric control system, trailer skid mud tank and electrical lights systems.
For a compact design and style, GN put the feeding pump for hydro cyclone desilter, and the mud mixing pump on the skid.
In order to get an even bigger usable capacity, GN developed the mud tank together with 3 m width. With China, but also in many various other countries, 3 m may be the normal width limitation regarding inland shipment. GN produce all the sand gates build-in type. In this case, it will not on the tank width scope.
Customers request a mobile model for fast movement. Just to save the cost of clients, GN Solids Control recommend client in order to source trailer skid hereabouts and buy complete mud system from GN. GN Solids Control customize the system suitable for trailer skid. You will find container corner blocks each and every tank corner. The tank can be out and straightened on the trailer skid such as a container.

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Feb 19

In this article, we will mainly introduce the wide application of Shear Pump manufactured by GN Solids Control.


As we know, Shear Pump is specially used for shearing the high-molecular polymer and bentonite, which need to be fully sheared by the Shear pump before entering the drilling fluids system, then their functions could be fully played and improve the property of drilling fluids. If the high-molecular polymer and bentonite are not fully sheared, the polymer will block the screen in the first time circulation and massive polymer will be lost and increase the drilling cost.


As what showed in below picture, GNJQB series Shear Pump is specially designed for meeting to quickly configure and get high-performance drilling fluids. After been fully sheared by the Shear Pump, the high-molecular polymer could be more easily mixed and hydrated in the fluids and shorten the configuration time, thus improving the quality and efficiency of configuration drilling fluids.


GN Shear Pump

The Advantages of GN Shear Pump

1). Belt-driven and has a compact structure;

2). Special design with the impeller, a wider flow passage and smooth vanes design make the pump has a larger flow area and fluids could pass smoothly. Compared with similar products, the work efficiency is effectively improved and energy is saved more than 10%.

3). Thicker pump shell than normal one, with rational flow rate and occurring less turbulence;

4). The pump shell and impeller are made of high wear resistant cast irons with longer service life;

5). The shear pump has higher strength that can reduce shaft deflection and extend the service life of seals;

6). The Shaft is lubricated by lubricants or grease. The oil seal is made of special structure and material, which is suitable for high and low temperatures and complicated environment;

7). Front opening structure design, convenient for installation, repair and maintenance.


Finally, if you want to learn more about GN’s Centrifugal Pump, welcome to visit GN’s website and contact us. http://www.gnsolids.com/

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Oct 23

While perform the drilling project on the earth, the rig produce the byproduct of cutting, crushing and grinding of solids that will be broken in loose pieces in different size. The size in industry standard is measure by micron. Solids control equipments in different filter stage will achieve the result by its design yet for muti-stage filter process, the line up of correct order of the machines are the must.
Mongoose Composite material screen 1
To make sure the drill hole cutting surface to the ground , the drilling fluid need to have enough speed in return. It depends on the well diameter and rig ability to decide the pump output volume to achieve the fluid speed. To achieve that speed, solids control machineries need to perform in specific purification level base on particle size and treating capacity are fact that need to be consider.
The choice of drilling fluid shaker screen

Shale shaker is filter the solids in drilling fluid and it is one of the primary equipment. The shale shaker filter the solids in various size by use the mesh that have different opening and layers to achieve the task. The mesh number of the screen is bigger, the smaller capacity to remove the solid size is smaller. The mesh number of is smaller, the bigger capacity to remove the solid size is larger.

In the drilling process, the mud pump produce large volume of mud that contain large cutting. The screen should use smaller mesh number to filter the cutting. Later in the drilling process while increase the depth and the well diameter is getting small, the pump produce the mud that contain smaller cutting, then it is time to use larger mesh number to filter smaller cutting. Other consideration such as mix ratio of water and solid will affect the result of filtering by the screen.

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Sep 18

Drilling mud circulation during zero-discharge system is an endless cycle. However, while the drilling fluid filtering through the start from shale shaker to the end of decanter centrifuge,
The density of the mud changes during filtrations. The total amount of the drilling fluid will lose by continuing fluid filtering as well. Jet mud mixer use to make up the lst of the drilling mud by adding new fluid into existing fluid and mix them well. It is also mixes other additive into the drilling mud such as betonies and barite. A Chemical additive such as polymer are used to change drilling fluid density, viscosity and hydration. The additive is entered by jet mud mixer into the mud storage tank.
The mud mixing hopper is part of the jet mud mixer that powered by centrifugal pump that allow the drilling mud move at high velocity to funnel shaped hopper. Additive materials are added through the hopper to provide uniform mixing. Liquid base additive also added through a hopper to provide uniform mixing.

GN Jet mud mixer

GN Jet mud mixer

The capacity of the jet mud mixer, various mud tanks sizes and correspond shear pump is providing it as well to ensure pressure.
Mud mixer widely used in HDD (horizontal directional drilling) and oil gas drilling. Jet mud mixer device generally consists of a sand pump and a jet flow mixed hopper with manifold valve connection and are installed on a pedestal called the single jet mud mixer device, or by two pumps and two mix slurry hoppers called double jet mud mixer device.
The jet mud mixer paired up by shear pump various input rates and mud tank size, it makes mud contain rheological properties and decrease cost of the drilling mud as possible. GN Solids Control’s jet mud mixer treating capacity from 200 GPM to 1408 GPM.

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May 15

Summery of GN sand pump

GN sand  pump designed for pumping drilling fluid or industrial suspension (slurry), the use of advanced design theory can be pumping abrasive, liquid viscosity (resistance) and corrosion. Compared with an ordinary pump, excellent flow, high temperature, long life, easy maintenance, high reliability, significant energy saving effect and so on, now widely used around the world on land and offshore drilling.

Sand pump connections

Sand pump connections

Application of Mission sand pump

1Drilling applications:

Mud mixing and shearing operations, demanding and delisting, degassing, supercharging, centrifugal feed, mud cooling towers, and wash down.


Chemical, petroleum (refining), industrial, construction and agricultural applications.

Mission sand pump replacement

Mission sand pump replacement

 Installation instruction

1 Best installed near the pumps and pumping source, and to shorten the length of the inhalation segment, reducing the loss of the pump self-priming pump must be installed below the level of the pumping source.

2 Firstly pour the concrete foundation, place″T″type channel iron when pouring, and install skid base after the concrete freezing. All the bases are required to be level in order to avoid the machine shaking.



3 Coupling installation

3.1 Coupling must be concentric with Shaft, the two axes must be aligned and its error limits: The value of parallel deviation cannot be over 0.25; the value of intersection angle error of the two axes cannot be over 0.12.

3.2 Check: Checking the two errors by percentage meter with pedestal (As fig. shown). Its two touches must keep close to the outside circle surface or face of the coupling and rotate slowly when checking. Take the max reading shown on the meter as error value.

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Jun 02

Person who works on drilling site know that there are several additives in the drilling mud, like bentonite,clay and Polymer. When add the polymer into the drilling mud, we may use the shearing pump.


In a drilling mud recycling system, for the bentonite and other additives, we could use the centrifugal pump to shear and mixing them. But for long strings polymer, only the shearing pump could be used for its wider flow pass and smooth vanes.

Always the shearing pump is package together with hopper, mud gun and transfer line which could transfer the mixed mud into each tank compartment. The impeller of GN shearing pump is made of high wear resistant cast iron for longer service life. Any need for shearing pump and other solids control equipments, just feel contact with GN Solids Control.

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