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shale shaker screen | GN Desander Desilter
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Dec 22

GN Solids Control is famous for the best manufacturer on solids control and drilling waste management. As more and more countries are experiencing strict environment protect principles, GN solids control as well as drill cuttings management gadgets are more widely used in the world world. Now clients via more than sixty countries are utilizing GN equipments for different mud control or slurry separation.
For the water bottom part mud, GN has a couple of main equipments or techniques can be used:
1 . GN Cuttings Dryer
GN vertical cuttings dryer is especially designed for WBM, OBM or SBM healing. It’s especially useful with oil base cuttings separating. For the water base mud, GN has also provided quite a few sets cuttings dryer. Inside the first half year, GN provided one whole punch cuttings management systems for you to Cyprus for water foundation mud treating.
According to the responses from this client, they are quite satisfied with the working performance. For any slurry discharged from Cuttings Dryer, it can be also foodstuff into the decanter centrifuge for more separation.

GN decanter centrifuge 2 . GN Hi-G Drying Shaker and GN Decanter Centrifuge
GN Hi-G shaker has a large Grams force will can achieve 8. 0 G. With this particular large vibrating force, solids and water can be split up effectively. GN also produces various shaker screens, like replacement Mongoose screens, substitute Derrick screens. GN shaker screens are also widely used through many large drilling firms. Now GN Houston storage place has many shale  shaker screens with stock, welcome to visit us make a trial order.
GN decanter centrifuge are used to separate every one of the fluids come out from Hi-G shaker. Particles larger than 2~5 microns can be separated away by GN decanter centrifuge. This year, GN also offers some sets GN Hi-G Shaker and GN Decanter Centrifuge for world clientele, such as CNPC and Eu client. For details, booking the following links.

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Dec 04

GN API replacing shaker screens are widespread in various shakers for raising the throughput capacity and increasing the lifespan. GN shale shaker screens are effectively accustomed to keep the drilling fluids inside a good quality, reduce the drilling cuttings volumes and cut the particular separation cost.
GN technicians are keeping upgrading these kind of shaker screens in order to provide top quality products. Now GN Solids Control manufactures over 7, 000 pieces shaker displays every month.
From API twenty to API 400, GN Solids Control is using SS304 or SS316 to make several layer. All of GN shaker screens are manufactured conform to the particular API standard.
1 . GN Metal Frame Shaker Screen
GN metal frame shaker screens are effectively utilized in many oil and gas worksites a result of the excellent separating performance and also sound quality.
GN metal structure screens are alternative with regard to Mi-Swaco Mongoose, Mi-Swaco D380, Derrick PWP (flat type)/ PMD (pyramid) screens, NOV/ Brant VSM300, NOV/ Brant King Cobra, FSI model etc .
2 . GN Blend Shaker Screen

GN upvc composite shaker screen is an replacement for GN steel frame shaker screen. GN uses cutting edge composite material screen technologies that combine many layers with various mesh measurements.
GN composite screen characteristics:
2 . 1 It’s all-around 40% lighter than material frame screen.
2 . only two Working area is bigger than steel screen.
2 . a few Higher treating capacity as well as separating performance.
2 . some Dramatically extended working lifetime to save cost.
2 . 5 various Higher resistance to corrosion in comparison with metal screen.
GN amalgamated screens are replaceable intended for Mi-Swaco Mongoose, NOV/ Brant VSM300, NOV/ Brant Ruler Cobra, Derrick brand displays.
3. GN Hook Deprive Shaker Screen
Hook deprive screens are including tough hook strip flat shaker screens and hook strip pyramid screens. GN shaker screens are can also be maintained through the use of special rubber plug.
GN hook strip shaker screens are mainly used to replace Derrick 500 FLC screens as well as Derrick 2000 FLC monitors and Mi-Swaco ALS displays.
GN also manufactures tailored shaker screens or REFILL screens for worldwide clientele, welcome to place a trial get for testing.

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Nov 17

Generally speaking , the shaker screen on the shaker will separate solids the that larger than it’s screen opening size and retain the drilling mud and smaller solids .When 50 percent of solids size being found in the underflow of the shaker screen and 50 percent of the solids of that size found in the over flow , that size is call D50 or 50% cut point . The cut point is a graphical representation of the actual measured separation of drilling solids made by the shaker screen . For example , a D20 cut point will be the size where 80% of the solids particalsiin that size that returned to the drilling mud through shaker screen and 20% of the size solids separated by shaker screen .

Shale Shaker for UAE

There are several reasons that may cause a shaker screen performance failure . Most of the failure result from the improper shaker screen installation or damage on the shale shaker . The crack or warp shaker bed may result from to long time of continuous use or improper maintenance which will cause poor vibration patterns . To achieve max screen life , all the tension bolts must be operating properly . If early screen failure occurs , please check and make sure that one or more of the tension bolts are not missing and keep sure they are tightened correctly as per manufacturers recommendation .

Another possible cause of the improper solids conveyance , and then , screen wear is the linear motion vibrators running in the same directions , which will cause an improper vibration pattern , the result in massive amounts of solids accumulating on the first screen ,causing them to wear quickly . This can easily be remedied by reversing the electric wiring to the motors and vibrators of the shale shaker should be tested before spudding the well .


GN Solids Control sell a series of solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment including vertical cuttings dryer , shale shaker , screw conveyor , screw pump , oilfield shale shaker , mud cleaner , desander and desilter , vacuum degasser , poor boy degasser , decanter centrifuge.etc. Welcome you contact GN group freely.

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Nov 06

GN Solids Control sell a series of solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment including vertical cuttings dryer , shale shaker , screw conveyor , shear pump , oilfield shale shaker , mud cleaner , desander and desilter , vacuum degasser , poor boy degasser , decanter centrifuge , mud tank , mud agitator , etc . GN Solids Americal normally keep stock for GN main product and shale shaker , mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge always keep stock there to service local client . GN keeps research and develop the best technology to manufacture top quality shaker screens for our clients.

GN Solids Control Houston

GN Solids Control has many experienced engineers who can provide excellent after sales service, installation and debugging.

With the establishment of GN Solids America, GN is more and more popular by the North American companies and South America companies.

Usually, in order to provide a better after sales service, GN Solids Control sends a checklist for customer to fulfill. It’s mainly including the following items:

Prepare Checklist before Onsite Instruction for Installation & Debugging
Project Name & No. Worksite Add.
Company Name Service Period
Contact Person Contact Phone
Equipment Checklist Result
Category Description
1 Solids Control Systems & the other Equipments Water Water source and connections are qualified to use. Yes  □

No  □

2 Solids Control Systems & the other Equipments Worksite Environment Onsite environment are qualified to construction and running equipments. Yes  □

No  □

3 Solids Control Systems & the other Equipments Worksite Fire Safety etc Onsite pass permission, flame operation permission, necessary operation permission etc are ready to use, onsite training schedule confirm Yes  □

No  □

4 Solids Control Systems & the other Equipments Worksite Assistant Worksite assistants reach to the agreed quantity, qualified to operate and coordinate. GN engineers are mainly responsible for guidance of installation and debugging. Yes  □

No  □

5 Solids Control Systems & the other Equipments Power Supply and Control System Generator power, control system, power cables and branch cables (knife switches etc) are qualified to use. Yes  □

No  □

6 Solids Control Systems & the other Equipments Handling Equipment Crane, excavator, forklift etc and necessary instruments are qualified to use. Yes  □

No  □

7 Solids Control Systems System Layout The whole mud system working principle and flowing recycling is acknowledged. Yes  □

No  □

8 Solids Control Systems System Pipelines Connections 8.1 Pipelines from wellhead to shaker or submersible pumps power, capacity, control system and pipelines meet the specifications and quantity.

8.2 Pipelines between storage tank and mud pump as well as the auxiliary components (valves, reducing pipes) etc meet the specifications and quantity.

Yes  □

No  □

9 Solids Control Systems System Cleaning Pipelines Cleaning systems are equipped with all the necessary flushing pipelines, adding water lines etc, meet the operating demands. Yes  □

No  □

10 Solids Control Systems Poor Boy Degasser Supporting components of feeding pipelines, discharge pipelines, air out lines, cleaning pipelines such as reducing pipes, valves, joints or elbows etc meet the operating demands. Yes  □

No  □

11 Jet Mud Mixer Jet Mud Mixer Feeding pump, in and out lines as well as connections, valves or joints etc meet the operating demands. Yes  □

No  □

12 Desander, Desilter Desander, Desilter Feeding pump, in and out lines as well as connections, valves or joints etc meet the operating demands. Yes  □

No  □

13 Vacuum Degasser Vacuum Degasser Feeding line and discharge line are completely in vacuum state. Yes  □

No  □

14 Decanter Centrifuge Decanter Centrifuge 14.1. Feeding pump, in and out lines as well as connections, valves or joints etc meet the operating demands.

14.2. Backflow lines and clean water lines etc meet the operating demands.

Yes  □

No  □

15 Vertical Cuttings Dryer Vertical Cuttings Dryer 15.1 Feeding systems and equipments (model, power, control system) meet the operating demands.

15.2 Discharge systems and equipments (model, power, control system) meet the operating demands.

15.3 Cleaning pumps’ power, pipe lines connections such as changing diameters, valves or some other joints meet the specification and quantity demands.

Yes  □

No  □

16 Cuttings Dryer, Decanter Centrifuge, Solids Control System Control cabinet and air compressor VFD control cabinet or air compressor meet the specification and quantity demands such as power, gas storage capacity, connections, valves or various joints etc. Yes  □

No  □



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Oct 23

While perform the drilling project on the earth, the rig produce the byproduct of cutting, crushing and grinding of solids that will be broken in loose pieces in different size. The size in industry standard is measure by micron. Solids control equipments in different filter stage will achieve the result by its design yet for muti-stage filter process, the line up of correct order of the machines are the must.
Mongoose Composite material screen 1
To make sure the drill hole cutting surface to the ground , the drilling fluid need to have enough speed in return. It depends on the well diameter and rig ability to decide the pump output volume to achieve the fluid speed. To achieve that speed, solids control machineries need to perform in specific purification level base on particle size and treating capacity are fact that need to be consider.
The choice of drilling fluid shaker screen

Shale shaker is filter the solids in drilling fluid and it is one of the primary equipment. The shale shaker filter the solids in various size by use the mesh that have different opening and layers to achieve the task. The mesh number of the screen is bigger, the smaller capacity to remove the solid size is smaller. The mesh number of is smaller, the bigger capacity to remove the solid size is larger.

In the drilling process, the mud pump produce large volume of mud that contain large cutting. The screen should use smaller mesh number to filter the cutting. Later in the drilling process while increase the depth and the well diameter is getting small, the pump produce the mud that contain smaller cutting, then it is time to use larger mesh number to filter smaller cutting. Other consideration such as mix ratio of water and solid will affect the result of filtering by the screen.

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Oct 20

1. To make sure the operation of the shale shaker and normal usage life on screen, the operator need to make sure parts like wedges, screw cap bolt and springs on the shale shaker are installed correctly with no signs of wrongdoing. The operator installs the screens according the operation manual provide it from the seller.
2. To get full usage of the pre-tension shale shaker screen, operator need to ensure the rubber parts of the shale shaker is fully intact and show no sign of damage. Shale shaker screen is wear and tear parts and it will be needed for replacement after normal usage. If wear-down speed is faster than normal, then check all the moving parts of shale shaker is functioning properly and secure the screens correctly.
703 Shale Shaker 2
3. Lubrication and consist maintenance the shale shaker moving parts base on the operation manual is the must to ensure proper operation.
4. If the operator uses an OEM shale shaker screen that have not been pre-tension treatment, it is the must step that need to perform before usage.
5. If the drilling fluid flow out of the pore or damaged place, then cuttings can’t be removed. Any screen with holes or be damaged must be changed immediately, the hole and the damaged place can be sealed up by the panel. The screen must be changed as soon as possible, make a plan before the replacement to reduce the stopping drilling time, you should prepare the tools and screen before beginning to replace, if because the shale shaker is not operating, it will increase the cuttings content. It’s best to exchange the screen in a single period if possible. Need to stop the pump at the emergent time, stop drilling so as to replace the screen of shale shaker.
6. Any problem please fell free to contact us and learn to know our other products including mud agitator, decanter centrifuge, desander, mud tank ,drilling waste managent, drilling mud system etc.

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Sep 25

GN Solids Control has established an American branch company in Houston, TX., which name is GN Solids America. By the establishment GN Solids America, GN shows his willingness to develop the America Market and to serve customers in the America better. And with the fast development of drilling and drilling rigs in Canada, GN must have a bright solids control equipments market there.Now these years, petrol companies in Canada have developing the whole year drilling period. And they tend to use this whole year drilling to replace the traditional drilling plans in Canada. Although, the drilling crews are not growing largely, the usage of drilling rigs are all have a high using frequency. The quantity of drilling especially the natural gas drillings are reaching a new records number, and the permitted drillings are increasing day by day.

The drilling activity in the west regions of Canada are getting more and more active. However, drillings in the west sea are not approved. It seems that Canadian drilling crews don’t need to be confined to the drilling restrictions like America has them on the mid-land. As we all know, the American council forbidden to drill on the side of Great Lakes, on the other side, Canada allow the drilling companies drill and extract natural gas and they can also make directional drilling to collect oil near Lake Inari.
According to an survey, Ontario has drilled 69 wells in 1999, 112 wells in 2000, 115 wells in 2001, 82 wells in 2002, 88 wells in 2003, 72 wells in 2004, 22 wells in June, 2005.

GN Catalogue
According to the statistics of BakerHughes, Canada has 509 rigs are in using until August 26th, this number is decreased by 26 than last week, but it is increased by 230 than the beginning of this year. During these using rigs, EnCana has 55 rigs that are in using, Canada Natural Resource and Devon both have 30 rigs.
Although these numbers are not quite near, we could also tell the great development of Canada market. This is not the best time for GN Solids Control, but it will never be the worst days for GN.

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Jun 21

GN Solids Control design and produce a series shale shaker GNZS. Also, GN produces our own shaker screen matching with shale shaker. Besides our own brand, we also produce other replacement shaker screen for Swaco Mongoose (as in a steel frame material and composite material) and Derrick FLC500 vibrating, FLC2000 shakers.

Screens type we can produce such as Hookstrip Vibrating mesh, steel frame shale shaker screen, composite shal0FVU0REKW{1I0I7SNYVYZJJe shaker screen

According to API standard, we are able to produce from API 20 by API 400 screens. For special mesh API, please confirm the GN shaker screen center

There are some vibrating replacement screen models that we are able to fabricate.

Replacement screen for FLC500 Derrick, FLC2000, Brandt Cobra, MI – SWACO Mongoose PT, BEM600, GN Solids Control, Kemtron, fluid systems, etc.

For shaker screen mesh layer, we normally manufacturer vibrating sieves with 2 layers or 3 layers.

Every year we exported more than 5000pcs shaker screens for the whole world, and the mount keeps growing every year. Among these models screens, vibrating replacement screen for  Derrick and our own shaker screen are the most popular model with good feedback from customers. As a result of field trials of different hard drive capacity, oil drilling and other drilling type. Most behalf of the client to repeat after a trial order, but we still keep improving the quality in the production of some details design.

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Jan 03

Solids control system manufacture ,GN solids control Co;ltd ,China based,manufacture the linear and balanced eliptical motion dual deck scalper shaker or primary shaker .It serves as first step separation equipments to separate the coarse cuttings.

GN facility

GN facility

What kind shaker can be scalping shaker?

Actually any kind of  shaker can be scalping shaker depending the screen mesh  ,but most of the time ,the dual deck shaker is better welcomed.such as Derric DP 600 series,Swaco Mongoose,GNZS703D scalper shaker


Scalping shaker GNZS703D

Scalping shaker GNZS703D


What is the difference between scaling shaker screen and shaker screen?

Since scalper shaker or primary shaker is defined as the first stage treatment equipment in solids control system.the mud from the rig piplline contains large quantity of big solids and clays  .The function of scalping shaker is to remove them so that the mud with fine cuttings can be handled by the next stage desander ,desilter ,even decanter centrifuge.In thi principle ,we design the scalping shaker as dual deck ,with upper shaker load with shaker screens API 10/20  ,down API30/40.while other shakers may be single deck with bigger API

 GN scalper shaker configuration and advantages

1.GN joint hands with Southwest petroleum university ,design and developed linear motion and BEM scalper shaker

2.Bigger capacity 616GPM or 140m3/h

3.Hi-G to 7.5G  adjustable,driven by 1.94kw motor

4.AWD   -1°~+5°

 5. Fast screen changing device ,wedge type to save man power and time.

In short ,the scalping shaker is a Hi-G shaker ,configured with smaller API screens,placed in the right place .Hope this artical can be helpful to you and welcome to inquire other equipments ,decanter centrifuge,vertial cutting dryer.


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Jun 15

GN shale shaker is one of the main equipments in GN’s products line. It is widely used in all GN mud recycling systems for oil drilling and HDD. As a spare part of shale shaker, the shaker screen determines the shale shaker performance to some extend.

Wedge block to fasten the shaker screen

GN shale shaker screen is installed and removed by fastening and loosen the polyurethane wedge block. Fixing one pc screen need 2 pcs wedge blocks on either side of the shaker deck. The wedge block is wedged into the slot produced by a piece welded angle stell.
When replace the shaker screen, just need loosen the wedge blocks. It is bery easy and time saving which greatly increase the working efficience.

GN Shaker Rubber Gaskets for Screen Protection


Rubber gaskets to protect the shaker screen

When operating the shale shaker, the high G vibration force produced by the vibration motor also make the screen shake up and down. In order to reduce the shakeing force functioned on the screen, we stick rubber strip on the screen frame. Besides this, GN Shale shaker also has the screen supporting steel beam according the screen frame as well as the rubber gaskets on the shaker deck. All above has greatly increase the impact resistance of the shaker screen and extended the screen life.

The above mentioned shale shaker screen installation design features all source from our customer’s feedback, that is why GN could keep growing and win more and more trust from customer. If you want to learn more about GN Solids Control equipments, welcome contact with us.

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