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Jul 08
For a long time, in the market, if anyone need any centrifugal pumps, they only know Mission Magnum, which is the most popular one in the oilfield, especially for drilling projects. Lots of people only know mission pump for most of the function, for mixing, for transfer, for drilling mud trip back etc. Now another option comes, GN Centrifugal pump, fully repalceable with magnum pumps, with even better material to cast the main parts, casing, impeller, and even the frame, soon will be modularized by casting.
Recently, GN finished the fabrication of a batch solids control equipment ordered by an oilfield service company from Venezuela. More than 10 units drilling mud centrifugal pump are part of the order and already packed waiting for delivery.

GNSB Series Centrifugal pump is used for transferring slurry or mud or water. It can be used as feeding pump for desander, desilter, or used as mixing pump for Jet Mud Mixer. Also it can be used as trip pump, and supercharging pump for rig mud pump. All GN model centrifugal pump use tungsten carbide mechanical seal, with famous brand Bearing. And spare parts interchangeable with most of the international Brand pump which helps customer to source spare parts easily. Open impeller design that lowers axial thrust loads, and make it easier for installation, repair and maintenance.
Main features of GN pumps:
All spare parts interchangeable with most of the international Brand pump which helps customer to source spare parts easily
Thick, Strong Concentric casing provides extended life over conventional volute designs. The Concentric design minimizes turbulence and abrasive wear.
Pump casing made from hard ductile iron alloy, increased abrasion resistant capability compared to competitors pump.
Wide open-vane impeller creates lower axial thrust for improved bearing life.
Pump impeller made from hard ductile iron alloy, extended life over competitors design.
Anti-loosening impeller lock bolt to eliminate pump damage in case of improper motor hook-up.
High quality no-adjustment mechanical seal to provide zero leakage and longer operation life.
Replaceable shaft sleeve prevents shaft wear.
All bearings from top brand for reliable operation.
The skid for supporting pump and motor is made from casting instead of welding to provide reliable operation and less vibration in a result to extend the pump and motor life.
Contact with GN if any related inquiries.

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Feb 23

In this article, we will mainly introduce the Screw Pump that manufactured by GN Solids Control.
Screw Pump
As what showed in below picture, GN could manufacture and provide the Screw Pump from 4Kw to 22Kw, the pump flow is from 10m³/h to 90m³/h.

The GNG series Screw Pump is the ideal pump for feeding the decanter centrifuge.

As we know, the Decanter Centrifuge is usually used for separating the very fine solid particles in the drilling fluid, the drilling fluid will not be sheared and agitated by using the Screw Pump to feed the Decanter Centrifuge, so the separation effect could be better, which is related with the special structure and working principle.

Screw Pump

1.Working Principle of GNG series Screw Pump
The Screw Pump is mainly composed of 2 parts: the screw shaft (rotor) and shaft bushing (stator).
The motor drives the “rotor” to rotate, the drilling fluid flows along with the “rotor”. The rotation speed is low and the capacity of each helical cavity is same, which ensure the low flow speed and the fluid pressure is constant and there is no vortex and agitation with the drilling fluid. That is also why the Screw Pump is the ideal pump for feeding the Decanter Centrifuge.

2. Features & Advantages of GNG series Screw Pump
1). The Shaft Bushing (stator) is made of elastomeric material, so it has the particular advantage than other pumps to transfer the drilling fluids with high viscosity or hard suspended particles included.
2). As the wearing parts, the Screw Shaft (rotor) and “Shaft Bushing” is convenient for replacement;
3). Less accessories, compact structure, small volume, easy maintenance;
4). The Screw Pump could be driven by using the coupler, variable speed motor, V-belt, gearbox, etc.
5). There are different Explosion Standards with the motors & electrical control panel, such as EXdⅡBt4, IECEX, ATEX that could meet different customer options;

Finally, if you want to learn more about GN’s Centrifugal Pump, welcome to visit GN’s website and contact us. http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/
GN keeps research and develop the best technology to manufacture top quality equipment such as Shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, chemical mixing unit, jet shearing unit, mud agitator, bottom mud gun, transfer pump, decanter centrifuge, vertical G cuttings dryer for our clients, Welcome to contact us to know more info from our sales team.


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Sep 25

GN Solids Control has established an American branch company in Houston, TX., which name is GN Solids America. By the establishment GN Solids America, GN shows his willingness to develop the America Market and to serve customers in the America better. And with the fast development of drilling and drilling rigs in Canada, GN must have a bright solids control equipments market there.Now these years, petrol companies in Canada have developing the whole year drilling period. And they tend to use this whole year drilling to replace the traditional drilling plans in Canada. Although, the drilling crews are not growing largely, the usage of drilling rigs are all have a high using frequency. The quantity of drilling especially the natural gas drillings are reaching a new records number, and the permitted drillings are increasing day by day.

The drilling activity in the west regions of Canada are getting more and more active. However, drillings in the west sea are not approved. It seems that Canadian drilling crews don’t need to be confined to the drilling restrictions like America has them on the mid-land. As we all know, the American council forbidden to drill on the side of Great Lakes, on the other side, Canada allow the drilling companies drill and extract natural gas and they can also make directional drilling to collect oil near Lake Inari.
According to an survey, Ontario has drilled 69 wells in 1999, 112 wells in 2000, 115 wells in 2001, 82 wells in 2002, 88 wells in 2003, 72 wells in 2004, 22 wells in June, 2005.

GN Catalogue
According to the statistics of BakerHughes, Canada has 509 rigs are in using until August 26th, this number is decreased by 26 than last week, but it is increased by 230 than the beginning of this year. During these using rigs, EnCana has 55 rigs that are in using, Canada Natural Resource and Devon both have 30 rigs.
Although these numbers are not quite near, we could also tell the great development of Canada market. This is not the best time for GN Solids Control, but it will never be the worst days for GN.

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Apr 28

Positive displacement pump is also called screw pump. What is the difference between positive displacement pump and other pump? As the stator is made of elastomeric material, the main advantage than other pump is transferring the fluids with high viscosity and hard suspended particles. Also, the screw pump is a perfect pump for delivering the drilling fluid to decanter centrifuge without shearing or agitating the drilling mud. Most of project contractor will choose the screw pump matching with decanter centrifuge.

 GN Positive Displacement Pump Features & Benefits

Screw Pump

1. The shaft of screw pump is made from stainless steel, and the completely stainless steel body is also available.

2. The screw pump exert generate pressurize capacity separately because of the special geometry shape of the two parts.

3. The fluids flow along with the shaft, inner flow speed is slow, capacity remains, pressure is stable and it will not form vortex and agitating.

4. GN series screw pump is with less accessories, compact structure, small volume, easy maintenance, rotor and stator are wear parts of this pump, it is convenient to replace.

GN screw pumps have been exported over 60 countries with good reputation. Also, shale shaker, shaker screen, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge are popular in the world.

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