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Scalper shaker | GN Desander Desilter
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Apr 07

As the first China and taiwan manufacturers specialized in drilling waste management equipment, and  solids control equipment including shale shaker ,shear pump ,mud agitator, Mud Gas Separator etc.GN Solids Control owns rich practical experience in this field. Decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer are the main equipment with regard to drilling waste management. Following many years’ running in various jobsites, GN Solids Control has good understanding within the drilling waste decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer.
Big bowl decanter centrifuge is widely used to treat typically the drilling mud and drilling cuttings. GNLW553C-VFD is a huge bowl decanter centrifuge together with 22’’ bowl diameter. Among the main equipment from GN Solids Control company, it truly is designed and made per the most recent technology. GN solids control company typically offer the big bowl decanter centrifuge with good price in addition to top quality.


Features of 22’’ decanter centrifuge, model GNLW553C-VFD
The actual GNLW553C-VFD high-performance centrifuge comes with a 18 inch height bowl. The centrifuge design is with a length through diameter ratio of 3. some: 1 .
The centrifuge is actually fitted with a 75hp primary drive motor and a immediate coupled 30hp back-drive electric motor. The main drive motor and also back drive motor are usually mounted at one conclusion of the centrifuge. This layout can minimize the centrifuge footprint.
The explosion evidence motors and control panel can be certified to use in ATEX Zone 1 / Region 2 hazardous locations, IECEx Zone 1 / region 2 hazardous locations, CNEx Zone 1 / Area 2 hazardous locations. Several EX certificate, price as well as leading time are much distinct. Clients can choose the suitable EX LOVER standard per the work site request.
The GNLW553C-VFD decanter centrifuge is fitted with primary bearing temperature and coup sensors which give the GNLW553C-VFD improved levels of safety and satisfaction monitoring features.

Usage of 22’’ decanter centrifuge, model GNLW553C-VFD
The big bowl centrifuge is made for removal of low gravity solids from the fluid system in reduced operating costs.
1) The big bowl centrifuge can often treat water base mud and drilling cuttings
2) The big bowl centrifuge enables you to treat oil base mud and drilling cuttings
3) The big bowl centrifuge can be utilized in dewatering unit
4) The big bowl centrifuge enable you to recovery barite from drilling fluids

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Dec 04

GN API replacing shaker screens are widespread in various shakers for raising the throughput capacity and increasing the lifespan. GN shale shaker screens are effectively accustomed to keep the drilling fluids inside a good quality, reduce the drilling cuttings volumes and cut the particular separation cost.
GN technicians are keeping upgrading these kind of shaker screens in order to provide top quality products. Now GN Solids Control manufactures over 7, 000 pieces shaker displays every month.
From API twenty to API 400, GN Solids Control is using SS304 or SS316 to make several layer. All of GN shaker screens are manufactured conform to the particular API standard.
1 . GN Metal Frame Shaker Screen
GN metal frame shaker screens are effectively utilized in many oil and gas worksites a result of the excellent separating performance and also sound quality.
GN metal structure screens are alternative with regard to Mi-Swaco Mongoose, Mi-Swaco D380, Derrick PWP (flat type)/ PMD (pyramid) screens, NOV/ Brant VSM300, NOV/ Brant King Cobra, FSI model etc .
2 . GN Blend Shaker Screen

GN upvc composite shaker screen is an replacement for GN steel frame shaker screen. GN uses cutting edge composite material screen technologies that combine many layers with various mesh measurements.
GN composite screen characteristics:
2 . 1 It’s all-around 40% lighter than material frame screen.
2 . only two Working area is bigger than steel screen.
2 . a few Higher treating capacity as well as separating performance.
2 . some Dramatically extended working lifetime to save cost.
2 . 5 various Higher resistance to corrosion in comparison with metal screen.
GN amalgamated screens are replaceable intended for Mi-Swaco Mongoose, NOV/ Brant VSM300, NOV/ Brant Ruler Cobra, Derrick brand displays.
3. GN Hook Deprive Shaker Screen
Hook deprive screens are including tough hook strip flat shaker screens and hook strip pyramid screens. GN shaker screens are can also be maintained through the use of special rubber plug.
GN hook strip shaker screens are mainly used to replace Derrick 500 FLC screens as well as Derrick 2000 FLC monitors and Mi-Swaco ALS displays.
GN also manufactures tailored shaker screens or REFILL screens for worldwide clientele, welcome to place a trial get for testing.

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Jan 11

The GND series is a high performance desander that consists of Shaker, Desander cyclone, slurry pump, mud tank. The machine is designed for piling ,Slurry shield tunnelling, etc. GND series Desander has three standard models which each has capacity 50m3/h, 120m3/h,240m3/h.

Working Process



The slurry pump sucked the mud from the Sediment Basins or mud compartment, then enter into bottom shaker through inlet pipe, the particle size which is larger than 0.5mm will be separated out and flow to mud storage tank, The slurry pump feed mud from mud storage tank to hydrocyclone.the underlfow of hydrocyclone discharged to upper shaker . after dewatering process of the upper shaker, The dry solids wwas separated out. The overflow from hydrocyclone entered
clean mud storage tank.


1.High mud handling capacity, sand can be removed efficiently.

2.The shaker screen has many advantages such as easy operation, low trouble rate, convenient installation and maintenance.

3.The adjustable vibrating force, angle and mesh size of the shaker enable the equipment possess a high screening efficiency in all kind of strata.

4.The high screening efficiency of the machine can excellently support drillers raise bore and advance in different strata.

5.Energy saving efficiency is significant since the power consumption of the oscillating motor is low.

GN Solids Control is the first API certified Solids Control Equipments manufacturer in China. We can offer mud recycling system for Oil/gas drilling, HDD,CBM drilling and Pilling. For more information of GND series desander , Please feel free to contact with GN Solids Control.

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Jan 03

Solids control system manufacture ,GN solids control Co;ltd ,China based,manufacture the linear and balanced eliptical motion dual deck scalper shaker or primary shaker .It serves as first step separation equipments to separate the coarse cuttings.

GN facility

GN facility

What kind shaker can be scalping shaker?

Actually any kind of  shaker can be scalping shaker depending the screen mesh  ,but most of the time ,the dual deck shaker is better welcomed.such as Derric DP 600 series,Swaco Mongoose,GNZS703D scalper shaker


Scalping shaker GNZS703D

Scalping shaker GNZS703D


What is the difference between scaling shaker screen and shaker screen?

Since scalper shaker or primary shaker is defined as the first stage treatment equipment in solids control system.the mud from the rig piplline contains large quantity of big solids and clays  .The function of scalping shaker is to remove them so that the mud with fine cuttings can be handled by the next stage desander ,desilter ,even decanter centrifuge.In thi principle ,we design the scalping shaker as dual deck ,with upper shaker load with shaker screens API 10/20  ,down API30/40.while other shakers may be single deck with bigger API

 GN scalper shaker configuration and advantages

1.GN joint hands with Southwest petroleum university ,design and developed linear motion and BEM scalper shaker

2.Bigger capacity 616GPM or 140m3/h

3.Hi-G to 7.5G  adjustable,driven by 1.94kw motor

4.AWD   -1°~+5°

 5. Fast screen changing device ,wedge type to save man power and time.

In short ,the scalping shaker is a Hi-G shaker ,configured with smaller API screens,placed in the right place .Hope this artical can be helpful to you and welcome to inquire other equipments ,decanter centrifuge,vertial cutting dryer.


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