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Nov 23

GN Solids Control Company., Ltd has provided many pieces of HDD mud recycling systems for worldwide customers who are working on HDD, CBM Drilling, TBM Drilling Dredging areas etc . Now there’re 4 sets mud recycling systems working in CPP worksite, which are delivered in this 04. The treating capacity of every system is up to 1000GPM.
GN advanced 1000GPM HDD magnetic systems are especially used for often the solid control, finer debris can be separated out using the shaker, hydro cyclones as well as decanter centrifuges. This HARD DISK DRIVE mud system has four steps for mud these recycling:
1 . GN desander independent the solids that bigger than 40 microns by using 12 inch cyclones. Fluids end up from the bottom of cyclones can be further separated by individuals underneath shaker screens.
2 . not GN desilter is regularly made some 4 inch cyclones which can separate the hues that larger than 20 microns.
3. GN decanter centrifuges are effectively used to distinct solids larger than 2-5 microns. In this 1000 GPM HARD DRIVE mud system, the first centrifuge separates the most of the big solids with a medium spinning speed, while the second decanter centrifuge running at a greater speed to separate those rather finer solids.
GN provided two commissioning engineers to aid CPP operators setup these types of systems. In order to work properly, GN prepared one register for our customers, so they can make certain everything is ready for fast method and operating.

2015.10.21 HDD mud system
GN manuacturers also arranged to train the actual operators how to running repairs and maintanance this system in the worksite. From threshold of set up into the end of workers can certainly operate this systems rather familiarly, GN engineers ensure everything is going well. In general, it only costs no more than 1 week for this HDD systems operating.
GN also provides a few other standard mud recycling devices for HDD. Customized off-road systems can also be manufactured, here you are at connect with GN sales planners for more details.

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Nov 20

In the May possibly of this year, an Of india oil industry giant given a tender for decanter centrifuge. And also an India local essential oil field service company, who located GN telling that they ended up with great interest in addition to possibility to get this soft, hoped GN could assistance them to get this tender. Throughout the 3-month tender period, GN solids control has been competing with other manufacturers coming from both USA along with Chinese manufacturers. The olive oil field service company also found GN’s facility in Beijing for capability inspection. Together with the reliable quality and cost effective price tag, GN finally helped this particular oil field service company acquired the tender.

2015.11.05 Big Bowl Big Volume decanter centrifuge shipping to Australia
The decanter centrifuges involved in this sensitive are required to be variable rate model which could be used below different working condition. GN proposed the centrifuge having bowl diameter 14” design with speed rand involving 0~3200. When used for barite recovery, the operator may put it around 1800RPM; if used for cutting the magnetic weight, the user can input it around 2500RPM; When take out ultra fine solids, the consumer can put it around 3000RPM. The 3200 is the suggested max working speed. Even though the designed the max rate is up to 3900RPM.
The customer furthermore chose GN’s positive launch pump for feeding the actual centrifuge. Totally 4 sections pumps were purchased, two of them used for feeding pump motor while the other 2 products would be used for back sections in case the broke down. Acknowledging GN’s suggestion, the customer furthermore placed order for 1 year spare parts for all the decanter centrifuge and also screw pump units. This has been under the consideration of regular maintenance and to avoid number of years delivery from China to China.
The oil field agency showed great interests for you to GN’s drilling waste management equipment just like vertical cuttings dryer and also the cutting final disposal gear solidification unit. As a innovator of the industry, GN solids control is actually keeping her creativity by giving the new products and turnkey treatment for customer.

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Nov 09

Africa is growing very fast in past years in many aspects, especially in oil & gas drilling; GN Solids Control is first China & USA based company to focus on solids control equipment & mud system. GN is also the first API certified & DNV certified & CE certified & ISO certified private solids control equipment & drilling cuttings management equipment supplier. Only in the past 3 years, we export over 50 sets centrifuge to Africa, over 100 sets shale shaker to Africa, over 100 sets centrifugal pump to Africa.

2015.7.23 vertical cuttings dryer

GN decanter centrifuge is mainly used for solids control, to cut mud weight and recover barite. The high speed centrifuge can reach to 3800RPM to get much better performance. GN can also offer mini centrifuge for diamond drilling, big bowl big volume decanter centrifuge for fast drilling or other application.


GN shale shaker is the first stage of drilling mud system. GN can offer 2 panel shale shaker, 3 panel shale shaker & 4 panel shale shaker. For oil & gas drilling client, they mostly choose 3 panel or 4 panel shale shaker to get better performance. For other field small drilling rig, they may choose 2 panel shaker.

2015.7.23 decanter centrifuge

GN centrifugal pump is also very popular, which can be used for trasffering drilling mud. Eg.

Feeding for desander cones

Feeding for desilter cones

Feeding mud pump as discharge pump

Feeding drilling rig as trip pump


GN 32 sets decanter centrifuge for EMEC, Egyptian largest mud engineering & chemical service company. After some big project, EMEC and GN sign partnership cooperation agreement. As representative of GN, EMEC can provide all the solids control equipment & drilling waste management equipment in Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia etc.

We also have big clients in Nigeria, Gabon, Ghana, Tunis, Libya, South Africa, and Angola. Etc.


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Oct 20

1. To make sure the operation of the shale shaker and normal usage life on screen, the operator need to make sure parts like wedges, screw cap bolt and springs on the shale shaker are installed correctly with no signs of wrongdoing. The operator installs the screens according the operation manual provide it from the seller.
2. To get full usage of the pre-tension shale shaker screen, operator need to ensure the rubber parts of the shale shaker is fully intact and show no sign of damage. Shale shaker screen is wear and tear parts and it will be needed for replacement after normal usage. If wear-down speed is faster than normal, then check all the moving parts of shale shaker is functioning properly and secure the screens correctly.
703 Shale Shaker 2
3. Lubrication and consist maintenance the shale shaker moving parts base on the operation manual is the must to ensure proper operation.
4. If the operator uses an OEM shale shaker screen that have not been pre-tension treatment, it is the must step that need to perform before usage.
5. If the drilling fluid flow out of the pore or damaged place, then cuttings can’t be removed. Any screen with holes or be damaged must be changed immediately, the hole and the damaged place can be sealed up by the panel. The screen must be changed as soon as possible, make a plan before the replacement to reduce the stopping drilling time, you should prepare the tools and screen before beginning to replace, if because the shale shaker is not operating, it will increase the cuttings content. It’s best to exchange the screen in a single period if possible. Need to stop the pump at the emergent time, stop drilling so as to replace the screen of shale shaker.
6. Any problem please fell free to contact us and learn to know our other products including mud agitator, decanter centrifuge, desander, mud tank ,drilling waste managent, drilling mud system etc.

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Sep 18

Drilling mud circulation during zero-discharge system is an endless cycle. However, while the drilling fluid filtering through the start from shale shaker to the end of decanter centrifuge,
The density of the mud changes during filtrations. The total amount of the drilling fluid will lose by continuing fluid filtering as well. Jet mud mixer use to make up the lst of the drilling mud by adding new fluid into existing fluid and mix them well. It is also mixes other additive into the drilling mud such as betonies and barite. A Chemical additive such as polymer are used to change drilling fluid density, viscosity and hydration. The additive is entered by jet mud mixer into the mud storage tank.
The mud mixing hopper is part of the jet mud mixer that powered by centrifugal pump that allow the drilling mud move at high velocity to funnel shaped hopper. Additive materials are added through the hopper to provide uniform mixing. Liquid base additive also added through a hopper to provide uniform mixing.

GN Jet mud mixer

GN Jet mud mixer

The capacity of the jet mud mixer, various mud tanks sizes and correspond shear pump is providing it as well to ensure pressure.
Mud mixer widely used in HDD (horizontal directional drilling) and oil gas drilling. Jet mud mixer device generally consists of a sand pump and a jet flow mixed hopper with manifold valve connection and are installed on a pedestal called the single jet mud mixer device, or by two pumps and two mix slurry hoppers called double jet mud mixer device.
The jet mud mixer paired up by shear pump various input rates and mud tank size, it makes mud contain rheological properties and decrease cost of the drilling mud as possible. GN Solids Control’s jet mud mixer treating capacity from 200 GPM to 1408 GPM.

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Aug 16

Recently, “nearly $1.8 billion will be spent on two new pipelines to carry northeastern U.S. shale gas to nearby states and to systems that go to Gulf Coast and Midwestern markets” It is widely acknowledged that Horizontal Directional Drilling(HDD) equipment with mud mixing, pumping and recycling systems equipment are significant for the installing pipes, ducts and cables. the most technologically-advanced drilling equipment and mud system are able to successfully complete small, medium and major pipeline projects. There are some project contractor, drilling equipment supplier and mud recycle supplier in the bellowed to introduce.

Project Contractor:

Established in 1984 Allen Watson is the UK’s leading trenchless solutions specialist offering horizontal directional drilling, guided auger boring or micro tunnelling, pipe jacking or auger boring, and various thrust boring techniques.
Owning the widest range of modern trenchless equipment, proudly operated by our highly skilled workforce, we have completed thousands of trenchless crossings with an outstanding track record for installations in all ground conditions.

Drilling Equipment Supplier:

Vermeer has been making an impact by providing agricultural and industrial drilling equipment for over 6 decades From a heritage of underground utility installation going back decades, Vermeer has been a market leader and innovator in the horizontal directional drill industry for more than 20 years. Vermeer is able to tackle with most difficult ground conditions, helping to maximize your productivity and improve your efficiency as you work to meet demanding deadlines. GN Solids control is working with Vermeer for some project.

Mud recycle equipment Manufactuer:


GN Solids Control Equipment

GN Solids Control is the 1st API certified solids control company in China, also certified by: Europe DNV CE, HSE, ISO9001, Russia TP&TC. GN has the US branch and working with different country distributer and partner. GN is mainly supplying the shale shaker, desadner, desilter, mud cleaner, centrifugal pump, mud gun, mud agitator and complete mud recycle system for the Pipeline project.


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Aug 01

GN Solids Control Co,ltd ,a Chinese solids control system manufacture ,can design and manufacture varies tanks related to drilling mud industry.

A mud tank is a large storage container used to hold reserves of drilling fluid, also known as drilling mud, for a drill rig. Drilling fluid is used to reduce friction on drill components to allow them to work harder and faster with less risk of breaking down. Numerous companies manufacture and refurbish mud tanks of various shapes and sizes for industrial use, and contractors who specialize in cleaning tanks and other drilling equipment are also available. The cost for tanks and associated services varies widely, especially when custom designs are involved.

Diesel tank

Diesel tank


Why choose GN Drilling mud tank?

GN Solids control manufacture mud tank for our own fluids processing system but also we  supply mud tank with customized desgin.We are located in China iron production City-Tangshan.The price of raw material here is very low and with high quality.There are also many experienced workforce in iron machine production.They work very efficiently. Moreover,we control mud tank production cost well by outsourcing some processing work.So buy Mud tank from us you will enjoy high quality but Good price.We are professional in manufacturing solids control system,so our mud tanks design are very compatible for mud circulation system using.

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Feb 23

 GN solids control one of the leading solids control and drilling waste management equipment maufactrue signed two units solids control system with Chinese rig manufacture .GN VIP customers including solids control service company,mud service company ,rig manufacture ,drilling contractors.

Drilling solids control system

Drilling solids control system

The drilling rig company owns two drilling companies itself,each drilling company owns over 20 big oil drilling rigs.As a manufacturer and end user for drilling rigs.This company is one of the big client for GN Solids Control.

This complete set for solids control equipments including following products:

1) 3 Linear Motion Shale Shakers.

GN shaker tank

GN shaker tank

2) 1 Vacuum Degasser
3) 1 Desander & 1 Desilter with Mini underflow shaker.
4) 20 Mud Agitators
5) 8 Centrifugal Pumps.


GN mud system

GN mud system


Above is the  photo show GN Solids Control equipments installed in the rig company yard,we helped for the tank design and instruction for the installation of the solids control.

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Jul 14

All the equipments equiped in GN Mud System are driven by electricity, generally, there would be a Electric Control Panel equiped on the tank skid or the one of the short flank side or beside the equipment to turn on or turn off the electrical equipments.

Electric Control Panel on Mud Tank Flank Side

Electric Control Panel Function

In one set complete GN mud system, always below main equipments will be involved. Shale shaker, Centrifugal pump, Desander, Desilter, Mud agitator, sometimes the Centrifuge also needed. Each equipments has one electric control panel, by screwing the knob to “on” or “off”, we could start the equipments and stop it.

Electric Control Panel Type

In GN mud system, there are 2 kinds of electric control panel claasified by the dimension and the quantity of the equipments would be controled. Generally, several pumps would be needed in the mud system, therefore, a large electric control panel would be made to contral all the pumps. The operator could stand in front of the control panel to control all the pump, even there would be a submersible pump installed far away from the Mud tank. One general electric control panel could control all the electric device in the mud system.
Besides that, there would be some small control panel, the operator also could control the equipments on top of the mud tank, no need get down the tank to operate at the gneral control panel.

Electric Control Panel on Mud Tank Skid

GN Electric Control Panel Feature

Mud system always is used in oilfied where request the explosion proof equipments. GN electric control panel all designed explosion proof standard to suitable for the application in the oil and gas industry. The main electric compartments all come from famous brands of  Siemens and Schneider, safe and long life.

Electric Control Panel on Low Tank

GN could offer the Electric control panel of IEC EX standard to meet the customer’s high level request. The high quality of the electric control panel make sure the GN mud system performs well.

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Mar 10

In 1 set complete drilling mud cleaning system, we could find six pipeline system. They are Overflow launder pipeline, clean water pipeline, mud gun pipeline, active mud suction pipeline, mud mixing pipeline and drilling hole mud replenishment pipeline.

Overflow launder pipeline is the most important pipeline in the mud system. From the Shale shaker compartment fo the tank, there will be a launder uphill through the desander tank, desilter tank in order to prevent the drilling mud overflow out of the tank.

The clean water pipeline is used to clean the tank, it is connected with the clean water tank or a water faucet and installed opening controled by valve in each tank.

Mud gun is always powered by mud pump in a mud system for oil drilling rig. The high pressure could transfer the active mud to each tank from the begainning of the desilter tank to make the replenishment or prevent the mud sediment. While in small mud systme, the mud gun often powered by mixing pump. Some mud system will have a trip tank, also we will install mud gun there.

In large mud system, mud pump could suction the active mud from every tank behind the desander tank. All the tanks storaging active mud is connected by the mud suction pipeline.

Mud mixing pump is used to mix the drilling mud in the tanks. Where there is the active mud in the tank, the mixing pump could suction it, after treatment by adding some drilling chemical then transfer them back by mud mixing pipeline.

the drilling hole mud replenishment pipeline is connected to wellhead, when the drilling bit raise out of the hoel, the drilling mud will be pump into the drilling hole to keep the well pressure and protect the well wall. When the drilling pit again down, the drilling mud will backflow to the trip tank.

The above mentioned six pipeline system could be find in 1 set complete large mud system and all of them functioned irreplaceable. Welcome for your comments and let’s learn it together

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