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mud cleaning system | GN Desander Desilter
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Oct 27

GN Solids America just finished upgrading the interior part of its Houston warehouse and now all the racks are in position. Now its inventory capacity has increased from 2000 pcs to 6000 pcs. And GN now has many main world famous brand replacement screens, such as MONGOOSE, KING COBRA, FLUID SYSTEMS, DERRICK, and so on.

Screen for Mongoose Shaker 2
GN now can manufacture the full product line in the solid control business area, including the shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, mud cleaner, centrifugal pump, screw pump and various kinds of tanks. When you need anything in the solid control business, come to GN and this is your one stop shop. GN now also focused on the small consumable parts, such as the shaker screen. Now GN can manufacture all the screens as the composite frame, this screen has many greater features comparing to the old steel frame style. It has longer storage time up to 5 years without corrosion. It’s much lighter than the steel frame, one man can easily handle it on the oilfield and it’s much safer and easier to change it during work. The non blank area it 20% to 30% larger than the old steel frame, which means it will have much more processing capacity. And the wire mesh supplier is the same as the DERRICK, MI SWACO, this can guarantee GN’s screen’ quality will be similar to the OEM’s. But the longevity will be enhanced greatly, even much better than the OEM. And for GN’s screen,  if the API is above 60, there will be 3 layers, but other competitor’s screen will be 3 layers only when the API above 120.


All in all, GN’s screen could be your number one choice and help you saving much more money. But the work performance will not yield a inch. Please log on to our website and send your inquiries to .

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Oct 13

WEFTEC 2017 was held in Chicago from Oct. 2-4. As the largest water treatment show in North America, WEFTEC attracted many experts, technicians and business staff in the water treatment industry from all around the world to Chicago to share technical idea and the past experience and development for the water treatment industry.
GN solids control is a fast growing manufacturer for the separation equipment. Most of the equipment are used in the water treatment and separation area to improve the water quality and meet the environmental requirement. This year, GN Solids America exhibited its 223 decanter centrifuge and 752 shale shaker. These two mini equipment mostly used in the mining industry. Though it’s the first time for GN appearing in the show, it do attract may attention from the visitors.

Screen for Mongoose Shaker 2
After many year’s development, GN’s decanter centrifuge has become a very mature product and many customers from the industry like it very much. The material of the bowl is made of the 2205 stainless steel which is very high grade and tough. The material in the liquid and solid discharge port is tungsten carbide, this material also can make the equipment tough and endurable. It needs less maintenance and saves the operators operation cost. The bearing is provided by famous brand SKF. The decanter centrifuge can separate the solid size from 2 to 5 microns. And the variable speed equipment is controlled by VFD system which means the processing speed and capacity could be changed according to the operator’s needs when it’s in operation. One more advantage about this decanter centrifuge is that the footprint is very compact and can work in very narrow space, and very flexible to move in the remote area.

The other equipment GN showed is the mini shale shaker, usually the G force is about 7.5G. GN can also customize the configuration according to customer’s requirement. GN also manufactures the shale shaker screen. Now GN can manufacture both its own OEM screen, and also can manufacture all the famous replacement screens, from API 10 to 400. GN’s screens are upgraded to the advanced composite frame. Welcome to inquire from us for more details.
GN was very glad to meet you in Chicago. If you want to know more about GN’s product, please log on to or you can send your inquiries to

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May 26

GN solid control was established for more than 10 years, now it has developed from just manufacturing one or two kinds of solid control equipment to covering almost all the solid control equipment, including shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, mud gas separator, decanter centrifuge, agitator, centrifugal pump, cutting dryer, screw pump, shear pump, mud gun and so on. GN has successfully diversified its product line. After 10 years development, GN has promoted its products to over 60 countries and now it also established two overseas subsidiaries, US and Russia.

Recently GN released its four solid control systems and today we will introduce one of them, it is Solids Removal Unit for mining industry. The Solids Removal Unit (SRU) is mainly used in the drilling fluids and solids control for the small size mining rigs for the diamond drilling. The solids removal units can provide the cost effective solution for the solids removal, reduced the environmental impact to the minimum level and greatly improved the efficiency for the diamond drilling. So it’s highly appraised by the drilling experts as the future of the diamond drilling industry. The Solids removal unit is a closed loop for drilling fluid and solid process system. It contains mini shale shaker, mini decanter centrifuge (This is GN’s 223 centrifuge which is the world’s smallest.), pumps, mixing tanks and generators(optional). The working theory is simple, the drilling fluid will be circulated from the wellbore and went onto the shale shaker for coarse screening, the fluids will flow down to the tank and be pumped up by another feeding pump into the decanter centrifuge for finer screening. And the cleaner fluid will be recirculated into the well for drilling. There are also mixing hopper, chamber and pumps making the adding of chemical easy.

That’s the brief introduction of the SRU system. Hopefully it will be useful  and helpful to you. GN has many more solid control systems, they can be used in different operational situations and help you achieve your target easily and cost effectively.
All the customers can log on to our US website and we will wait to see your inquiries in .

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Apr 07

GN Solids Control is an international company with its solid control and waste management business spanning all around the world. Established in 2007 in China, it’s always striving to provide the good quality product to the customer and help them saving cost. In 2014, GN Solids Control subsequently established its overseas office in US and Russia, to better serve the local customer and provide them the quick delivery and excellent after sales service. Now GN not only manufacture every single solid control equipment, but also can provide the customers with solutions and solid control system.

The liquid mud system is one of its systems which mainly used in onshore or offshore to keep the mud properties as good as possible during the mud is circulating in the wellbore. The liquid mud system is mainly composed of the following equipment, shale shaker, mud agitator, mud gun, centrifugal pump, mud mixing hopper, decanter centrifuge and various kinds of mud tanks. The type of mud tanks includes oil based mud tank, water based mud tank, base oil tank, barite tank, water tank, mud mixing tank and bulk tank. Each tank has its own special functions and will be deployed in different operation situations. GN’s shale shaker is mostly in linear motion and is used for the coarse separation. It mainly separate the solids by its size by the screen. For the screens, GN now can manufacture its OEM screen with GN brand, also it can manufacture some famous replacement screens, such as DERRICK, MI-SWACO and BRANDT. Now GN can manufacture and supply all the components with high quality and low cost.

That’s the basic introduction of the mud system. Hopefully you will be interested in it. GN has many more solid control systems, they can be used in different operational situations and help you achieve your target easily and cost effectively. Welcome to visit and please send your inquiries to

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Mar 17

Recently just before OTC, GN Solids Control made another big step-sending a full 40’ container of screens and a 20’ containers of screens and parts heading to its US warehouse in Houston. The screens in the container are the replacement screens for MONGOOSE and KING COBRA/ VENOM. These screens have been inquired by many customers and GN believe once they landed in Houston warehouse, they will be gone very soon.

Screen for Mongoose Shaker 2
Now GN is manufacturing its screens in its newly built No. 2 factory, which mainly focused on manufacturing the composite frame screens. GN has fully upgraded its screen product line from metal frame to composite frame. As the new composite frame screens have the following new features: the framework of the screen is steel which is made by automatic robot welding, this will make the screen better quality and consistency. Outside the steel framework is the high quality fiber glass which will improve the plastic quality and can resist the temperature up to 140 C degree. During the heating process, GN used the four side tension to the mesh. This will make the reduce the gas between mesh layers and extend the screen life. If the screen API is above 60, it will be all three layers while other manufacturers only do that when the API is above 120. GN has the same supplier of its wire mesh as DERRICK and MI SWACO which will guarantee the quality of replacement screens close to the OEM’s.  GN’s high performance wire mesh configuration is compliant to the standard of API RP 13C and the screen life could be up to 300-700 hours under different working conditions. The composite screens could be repaired by plugs which could help you save more money. Comparing to old metal frame screens, the non-blank area of composite frame screens could be 10%-20% larger. The composite screen is anti-corrosive and could be stored for over 5 years. Now GN can manufacture the main OEN’s replacement composite screens, if you like and have enough and have large volume, GN can also customize the composite screens as per your dimension.

Welcome to visit and please send your inquiries to

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Mar 05

A full container of replacement shaker screens for MONGOOSE, KING COBRA and Fluid Systems arrived in GN’s American warehouse. Just when the screens coming into the warehouse, a west Texas customer placed an order of 300 pieces of King Cobra screens. This is really good beginning for this year’s shaker screens inventory strategy.
The full container of shaker screens are all composite frames. Theses screens are all manufactured from GN’s new facility, also called the No. 2 facility. This facility was just opened this summer and mainly focused on manufacturing the composite frame screens. Now the manufacturing capability will be like 5000 pieces per month which can meet the customer’s requirement for quick delivery but lower prices. Now the production of the shaker screens in China has realized the large scale, which means the quality, productivity and efficiency have all been improved dramatically. All the screens will be packed in a paper carton, then they will be placed into crates which are easily moved by forklift.

Screen for Mongoose Shaker 2
Now GN’s shaker screens cover from its own OEM screens, the replacement screens for DERRICK 500 series, 2000 series, Dual pool, Hyper pool, Mongoose/Meercat, King Cobra/ Venom, Fluid Systems, Elgin and so on. If a customer need something that is not on GN’s regular screen list, GN can also customize the screens for the customer, just tell GN the dimension and better take a picture, GN will customize the screen for the customer with 100 percent satisfaction. And GN’s new composite screens have some new great features, the screen will be much lighter than the old metal frame, there will be more non-blank area, it will be more endurable, there are 3 layers of mesh. They are all four side tensioned and all the layers of mesh will be combined together very well without having too much gap between each layer.



Above is the brief introduction about the shaker screens. If you are interested in it, welcome to visit our website and get more information, please send your inquiries to .

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Feb 17

GN Solids America, as the subsidiary of GN Solids Control, now will continuously enlarge its inventory for the shale shaker screen in Houston warehouse.
In 2017, the shale shaker screen will become the strategic product for GN. Due to its good quality, great performance and competitive price, GN’s replacement shaker screens are largely purchased by many customers from the oil and gas industry, HDD and trenchless industry customers. The inventory and delivery time is very important for the shale shaker screens business. The customers on the field are busy and sometimes they may forget to check their inventory level, so they may suddenly found that they are short of screen supply and will need the same day or next day. So keeping the inventory for shaker screens will make GN different from other OEM screens manufacturers. And finally the customers will continue to come back and buy from GN cause they know they can get what they want from GN on a timely manner. And GN will never let them down. To guarantee the fast delivery time, GN also opened up its second manufacturing facility in China last year which is specially used for manufacturing the shale shaker screens. Now GN can manufacture over 5000 pieces of screens monthly and its products have been sold to more than 60 countries.

GN not only can manufacture its own OEM screens for its own shale shaker, such as the 752, 703 and 594, but also can manufacture the replacement screens for many world famous brand, such as the DERRICK 500 series, 2000 series, MONGOOSE, KING COBRA, VENOM, Fluid Systems and so on. Most of them are composite frame screens, which has more advantage and greater performance than the old metal frame screens.SCREEN KC
Now except the shaker screens, there are also some other solid control equipment in stock in Houston warehouse, such as the shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, centrifugal pump, screw pump and so on.
Welcome to visit and please send your inquiries to We will try our best to help your business achieving great success.

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Feb 10

One of the largest oil show CIPPE ( China International petroleum and petrochemical technology and equipment Exhibition) will be held in Beijing from March 20 to 22, 2017. This year, CIPPE will provides over 100,000 square meter area for exhibition. And there will be over 80,000 visitors coming to attend the show, and over 2,000 exhibitors from over 65 countries and regions will show their latest technology and products. GN Solids Control as the leading separation solution provider will exhibit its latest technology and equipment at the show. The information about the show and GN’s booth is as below:
Show address: New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing (No.88,Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu, Shunyi District, Beijing)
Booth No.: E2218 (Hall E2)

20170204 Beijing Oil Show
If you have any interest in GN’s product and want to make an appointment with our staff, please send email to , there will be professional employees replying to and making arrangement for you to make it easier and more convenient. If you like, we also welcome you to come to visit our facility, which is just about 40 minutes drive from the exhibition hall to our facility. GN will offer free shuttle bus to pick the customers.

20170204 CIPPE Beijing
GN has been the regular exhibitors in the past few years, every year, GN will show some of its new innovations and technologies. This year GN will mainly show the following products to every one:
1, Cutting transfer pump, which is good for transferring slurry of high solid content and viscosity. It’s the perfect equipment to be used in the waste management service as the feed pump for the vertical cutting dryer or high G force shale shaker.
2, Decanter centrifuge with 30 inch bowl which is the largest one in GN’s product line and is specially used in the tunnel boring industry for processing large capacity of slurry.
3, Centrifugal degasser, which is the latest product just released by GN. It’s with many great features of compact design, energy saving and high efficiency, we believe it will attract a lot of attention during the show.

20170204 CIPPE Oil Show
We will look forward to meeting you in Beijing in March.

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Feb 03

GN Solid Control is a world famous company specializing in manufacturing solid control equipment and waste management systems. GN now could be the customers’ one stop shop in the solid control area, its product line covers shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser and so on. Among all the products, there is one products getting more and more attentions by customers all around the world, that is the shale shaker screens.

Now GN can manufacture both its OEC screens for its own shakers, such as 752, 594, 703, and the replacement screens for many world famous brand, such as DERRICK, MI SWACO, NOV BRANDT and so on. The newly developed composite frame screens have even more great features than its old metal framed screens. The steel rod inside the composite frame is made by automatic robot welding which will make the screens great tensile strength and make the consistency of quality better. The high quality fiber glass material make the composite frame even tougher and can stands the temperature up to 140 degree celcius. All the wire mesh are four side tensioned during the heating process, which will make the screen surface even more flat and make the different mesh layers combined better, this will enhance the life time of the screen greatly. The screens will be 3 layers when the API is above 60 while the other manufacturer only do 3 layers when the API is above 120. The raw material of the wire meshes is the same as DERRICK and MI SWACO, this can also guarantee the performance of the screen close to the OEM. The regulare screen opening area makes the repair for the screens easier and it could be done by a plug, which will help save cost. The composite screens can be stored for even longer time usually over 5 years as the frame is anti-corrosion. The non-blank area could be 20% more than the regular ones and all the wire mesh configuration is compliant to API RP 13 C.

Welcome to visit our website and get more information, send your inquiries to . We believe GN could be your first choice for the shaker screens.

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Dec 02

Recently in GN’s manufacturing facility in China, many technicians and engineers are busy working on one set of drilling waste management system which will be sent out to Africa for a customer there. GN Solids Control as a leading solid control equipment and mud recycling system manufacturer has a full range of products in the solid control area, such as the shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, various kinds of pumps, vacuum degasser, etc.

This system will be used for treating various kind of drilling slurries from the mud plant. The system mainly consists of the following components: 1) shale shaker, the shale shaker will be used for the first stage coarse separation for some big solids and cuttings. Now all GN’s shale shakers will be equipped with its latest shaker screens, which is made of composite frames. The composite shaker screen is lighter, more endurable and has more usable screen area. It is becoming more and more popular and will become the trend of the industry. 2) decanter centrifuge, now GN has many different sizes of centrifuge for your option: 14inch, 18 inch and 22 inch of bowl sizes could process different volume of slurries. All the bowls are made of stainless steels by duplex casting, the discharge port and screw conveyor surface are protected by tungsten carbide tiles. All these materials can make the centrifuge be used for longer time without much maintenance. 3) polymer dosing system, chemicals could be added to the system automatically by this, and PH value could be adjusted in order to have different drilling fluid features. With this function, the decanter centrifuge can separate even finer solids with the diameter smaller than 2 microns.201611-22-high-g-drying-shaker
That’s the brief introduction about GN’s drilling waste management system. GN has many options for your requirement. Welcome to visit and please send your inquiries to , GN could help you find the best solution for your project.

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