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Sep 25

GN Solids Control has established an American branch company in Houston, TX., which name is GN Solids America. By the establishment GN Solids America, GN shows his willingness to develop the America Market and to serve customers in the America better. And with the fast development of drilling and drilling rigs in Canada, GN must have a bright solids control equipments market there.Now these years, petrol companies in Canada have developing the whole year drilling period. And they tend to use this whole year drilling to replace the traditional drilling plans in Canada. Although, the drilling crews are not growing largely, the usage of drilling rigs are all have a high using frequency. The quantity of drilling especially the natural gas drillings are reaching a new records number, and the permitted drillings are increasing day by day.

The drilling activity in the west regions of Canada are getting more and more active. However, drillings in the west sea are not approved. It seems that Canadian drilling crews don’t need to be confined to the drilling restrictions like America has them on the mid-land. As we all know, the American council forbidden to drill on the side of Great Lakes, on the other side, Canada allow the drilling companies drill and extract natural gas and they can also make directional drilling to collect oil near Lake Inari.
According to an survey, Ontario has drilled 69 wells in 1999, 112 wells in 2000, 115 wells in 2001, 82 wells in 2002, 88 wells in 2003, 72 wells in 2004, 22 wells in June, 2005.

GN Catalogue
According to the statistics of BakerHughes, Canada has 509 rigs are in using until August 26th, this number is decreased by 26 than last week, but it is increased by 230 than the beginning of this year. During these using rigs, EnCana has 55 rigs that are in using, Canada Natural Resource and Devon both have 30 rigs.
Although these numbers are not quite near, we could also tell the great development of Canada market. This is not the best time for GN Solids Control, but it will never be the worst days for GN.

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Sep 06

GN mud agitators are high efficiency mud-mixing units offered in a wide array of custom sizes and configurations to accommodate virtually any mud tank. They are mainly used for agitating drilling fluids, avoid particle in fluids deposit to tank bottom.
Today we would like to share our experience on how to design mud agitator. As we all known, the mud agitator stirs mud slurry to maintain suspension of solids. The agitator is mounted on top of the mud tank and has one or two impeller(s) immersed in the mud slurry.
The agitator’s impeller shaft is coupled to an electric drive motor with coupling. The horsepower of the drive motors rates from 7.5HP to 20HP, which is named 5.5kw to 15kw.

Mud Agitator
Single impeller is usually matched for motors below 11kw. And double impellers are more suitable for those above 11kw. Based on user’s request and onsite condition, the vertical location of the impeller on the shaft is determined as a height from the tank bottom corresponding to the impeller diameter times 0.75. Take a 20 inch impeller as an example; it should be mounted at the height of 15 inch higher than the bottom.
GN recommends straight impellers blades for tanks under 5 inch deep and canted blades for deeper tanks. If dual impellers are desired, straight blades are mounted on the bottom and the canted blade impeller is installed at the height of two-thirds above the tank bottom.
By using a multi-piece coupling, the main motor and driven impeller shafts are rigidly connected. The connected coupling is using a tapered bushing to secure the shafts together.
For different customers, the lengths of the shafts are customized to suit customers’ specifications. A special device named stabilizer are usually welded at the bottom of the tank to keep the balance of the entire shaft.


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Aug 29

By finish of next month, September of 2014, GN Solids Control’s new factory might be begun. This really is the 4th factory GN owns. And this factory will play an important part in GN production line.

Given that its establishment in year 2007, GN grows from a single factory corporation to today’s top rated manufacturer of solids control and waste management firm in China. It owns four factories: old factory in city of Tangshan, new factory close to Beijing, a separate factory for shaker screensas well as the above pointed out 1, a new factory with workplace developing and workshop.
GN’s core product mud agitatorwill probably be moved there and production capability is going to be doubled soon. In addition to decanter centrifuges, GN Solids America will establish a separate workshop for centrifugal pumps.
Lately, orders for centrifuges come from everywhere in the planet. Some old customers even complain that GN in no way has in-stock centrifuges. GN is sorry about that also. For each and every lot of beneath production centrifuges(http://www.gnsolidsamerica.com/decanter-centrifuge.html), prior to production finished, all are sold out. The new factory will resolve this problem for GN Solids Control; this can be absolutely good news for both GN employees and GN valuable buyers.
For the new factory, GN Solids America will continue its high typical for high quality control and sophisticated technology used for precise solutions. And GN is constantly prepared to complete far better in supplying the clients and finish customers with most appropriate options and extremely effective equipment such as desilter, desander etc..


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Jun 29

This week, GN will send 1 unit GNPS703 Shale shaker to India Customer from Mining Industry. Just like GN advertised, GN’s equipments could be used in Oil & gas drilling, Horizontal directional drilling and some other industry. No doubt, mining industry also need solids control equipments.

Mining Industry Shale Shaker


GN Shale shaker advantages:

* Metal & rubber composite material for dumping spring with longer life
* Vibrating motor choose Italy Oli brand, IEC Ex and ATEX option available
* Heat treatment on complete shaker deck
* Electrical components: Siemens, Schneider, ABB
* Surface painting & coating with heavy anticorrosive Japan Kansai paint
* Wedged type shaker screen for fast screens changing

Why GN Shale shaker

Customer knew GN for a long time but never given GN order before, cause they have’t seen GN equipments before. But we never given up informing customer about GN’s news such as GN attending CIPPE in Beijing & OTC in Huston.
What the customer request is the direction of GN’s endeavor. Our customer has a urgent project and will need one unit shale shaker. After inquiring some other manufacturer for shale shaker without getting a better solution. They come to GN, with discounted price, gn transfer one unit shale shaker from other project to our customer. What GN thought then is how to help our customer solve their problem. If you are sincere to Customer, customer will trust in you.

Besides GN Shale shaker, this Customer fron India mining industry together placed order to GN for Jet mud mixer and Agitator, now the equipments are under producing. If you need help from GN, please don’t hesitate to tell us.

Customer first will be always the faith of GN.

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Mar 03

In mud systerm, we often see the mud gun installed inner the mud tank. Though it is structural simple, it plays an irreplaceable role in mud system.

GN mud gun

First, it always applied together with mud agitator to prevent the mud precipitating so that the homogeneous mud could be transfered or treated. Mud gun could spray the mud to the tank corner which the agitator can’t reach.
Secondly, the active mud could be added in the selected tank through the mud gun pipeline.

In different mud system, the power source of mud gun is different either. In general condition, for the mud system for oil drilling rig and workover rig, the mud gun often powered by mud pump, the pressure is higher. While in small mud system for HDD and CBM, no need for the mud pump. Therefore, the mixing pump will be used as the mud gun source.  correspondingly, the pressure is lower.
We should choose the mud gun according to the pressure.

Sometime, if the space in the tank is not large, we only choose one of the mud gun and agitator, it all depends on our purpose. For example, in the small pill tank, we only install one unit mud agitator.

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Jan 16

2 sets mud agitator are waiting to be delivered to Muscat, Oman. Different from our standard agitator, the prime future of these 2 sets agitators is that they have a very long rotationg shaft which is of 3.3 meters.

mud tank agitator

mud tank agitator

Our customer will apply the agitators on the cylindrical tanks with depth near 4 meters. The agitator is consist of 15KW electrical motor, gear box and shaft with double impellers. The 3.3 meters long shaft is devided into 2 sections, in order to easy transportation and different purpose in operating. The double layer 950mm diameter impeller is designed as movable as per the customer’s requirements, the joint point of the shaft is between the 2 layers impeller, after removeing the down half section, the agitator still could work.

During the communication with our customer, we suggest to install the stabilizer for the agitator to prevent the shaking when the shaft rotating. Considering there is pipeling opening at the bottom of the tank, our customer design the stabilizer impending with the supports connecting with the tank wall, and they will produce by theirself.

Now the agitator is waiting for delivery, if you have requests for our mud agitator and other solids control equipments, just feel free to contact with us.

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Sep 19

Paddle Mixer is a widely seen device in solid control system, which is mainly used to agitate and blend drilling mud so as to control the depositions of solid particles in the tank cycling system and keep the mud property.

paddle mixer

paddle mixer


Paddle Mixer Structure and Operation Principle

Paddle Mixer Include: explosion–proof motor, reducer, seating and impeller. The motor and reducer are installed horizontally on the top surface of the mud tank.
Connection: Rigid shaft adapters are used to connect the motor to reducer, and reducer to impeller.
Operation Principle: The impeller agitates the drilling mud and makes it revolving to enhance the stirring effect. The plate mounted to the impeller shaft by flange with bolts could prevent solid particles in mud from depositing around the impeller so as to reduce the friction force when the shaft rotating.

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Sep 19

Mud Tank is widely used in the oilfield mud recycling system not only as the vessel of drilling mud, but also as the base of the drilling mud treatment equipments. In a complete mud recycling system for the oil well drilling rig, there would be many tanks involved. Sometimes, all these tanks looked same from out shape, and connected by pipeline; while other times, these tanks are various in demension and independent for different function. These tanks maybe given different names by different supplier, now, we will talk about the tank with name from GN Solids Control.

mud tank system

mud tank system


Mud Tank as Shaker Tank

From the shaker tank, we are getting into the mud cleaning system, in general condition, we will install shale shaker on the tank surface, and the quantity of shale shaker depends on the treating capacity of the system. In order to remove the gas from the drilling mud and enhance the efficiency of the following centrifugal pump which feed the mud to cyclone seperator, we could, as per the client requirment, install a vacuum degasser behind the shale shaker. If there is still enough space on the tank surface, we could install the desander, desilter or mud cleaner on it. However, we always install the mud cleaner in the next tank to prevent the crowded layout on tank surface, then we get into the next tank.

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Apr 28

To know how does mud agitator work during drilling fluid process we need to understand the basic information on its principle and main functions, etc.


Mud agitator types

In oil well drilling mud solids control system, presently we use mechanical agitators, but majority will use hydraulic agitators also. The mechanical agitator is combined with transfer device, shaft and impeller.

Different type mud agitators will have different function, such as moving agitators, tube type agitators, swing agitator. Moving agitator contains two rotation type. Including self-rote according to itself bearing center, and the revolution subject to tank center. Both rotation including vertical type and horizontal type. This results strong convection will keep solid not deposite

Mud agitator for sale

Mud agitator for sale


Agitator function in drilling mud process

In order to keep the drilling fluids even and make particles suspending, we need to fix the agitators on recycling tank. Agitating will promote the coordination of drilling mud material, such as bentonite and barite. The agitation is very important to dissolve the bentonite, it increases the area between each part and increase the speed of reaction.


What will keep drilling mud density and other features steady? We should keep agitator working continuously to avoid solid precipitating and keep solid suspending is helpful to separate them by Desander, Desilter, and dcanter centrifuge, etc. But the useful solid such as weighting materials including red iron, barite powder and some bentonite need even suspension.

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Jul 23

GN produce mud agitators for mud tank which is used in oil.gas drilling and HDD mud system.

 Mud agitator is including the following components:

A “C” Face Explosion Proof Motor, Helical-Bevel Gearbox, Mounting Plate, Impeller, Shaft and Necessary Couplings.

 Connection method:

The mud agitator have two types connection method, Motor directly coupled to the Gear box,called “direct coupled”. Motor coupled to the Gear box by a shaft, called ” Axis-coupled”.

axis-coupled mud agitator

axis-coupled mud agitator

 The difference of direct coupled and Axis-coupled is as belows.

1 Axis coupled agitator with large volume, large weight, and take up a large space.

2 Axis coupled agitator with cheaper gear box, so the total cost is cheaper than direct coupled agitator.

3 Direct coupled agitator is easy to use and maintain.

4 Axis coupled is old design, and direct coupled is new design.

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