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Sep 09
HDD mud system is one of the main business GN have been working, still good business. Except a few loyal big clients like CPP, purchase a lot each year, introduce their friends etc., more and more repeated orders from the client who used GN equipment, some times same person, new company, or vice verse. India has always been a big market for a long time, and assume it will be in future. We have been dealing with India people from companies all over the world, also lots of local Indian companies.
Below is some repeated order from them.

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Nov 23

GN Solids Control Company., Ltd has provided many pieces of HDD mud recycling systems for worldwide customers who are working on HDD, CBM Drilling, TBM Drilling Dredging areas etc . Now there’re 4 sets mud recycling systems working in CPP worksite, which are delivered in this 04. The treating capacity of every system is up to 1000GPM.
GN advanced 1000GPM HDD magnetic systems are especially used for often the solid control, finer debris can be separated out using the shaker, hydro cyclones as well as decanter centrifuges. This HARD DISK DRIVE mud system has four steps for mud these recycling:
1 . GN desander independent the solids that bigger than 40 microns by using 12 inch cyclones. Fluids end up from the bottom of cyclones can be further separated by individuals underneath shaker screens.
2 . not GN desilter is regularly made some 4 inch cyclones which can separate the hues that larger than 20 microns.
3. GN decanter centrifuges are effectively used to distinct solids larger than 2-5 microns. In this 1000 GPM HARD DRIVE mud system, the first centrifuge separates the most of the big solids with a medium spinning speed, while the second decanter centrifuge running at a greater speed to separate those rather finer solids.
GN provided two commissioning engineers to aid CPP operators setup these types of systems. In order to work properly, GN prepared one register for our customers, so they can make certain everything is ready for fast method and operating.

2015.10.21 HDD mud system
GN manuacturers also arranged to train the actual operators how to running repairs and maintanance this system in the worksite. From threshold of set up into the end of workers can certainly operate this systems rather familiarly, GN engineers ensure everything is going well. In general, it only costs no more than 1 week for this HDD systems operating.
GN also provides a few other standard mud recycling devices for HDD. Customized off-road systems can also be manufactured, here you are at connect with GN sales planners for more details.

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Nov 06

Although the major share of GN products are used for oil and gas industry, GN Solids Control also occupies the first place in market share in HDD, CBM ,TBM and Loop Zero Discharge System. And among all GN HDD mud recycling systems, the 500 GPM capacity is the most popular among the users.
Picture below is one set of GNMS 500GL HDD System for a jobsite inside China, this is the 3rd project this system is used to serve and GN Solids Control sent engineer to jobsite help to re-set up of the system.

GNMS series mud recycling system is high standard configuration of GN mud recycling systems, they are perfect solution for HDD projects because:
1. GNZS703E-DZ shale shaker is a mature design of GN Solids Control, it use 3 pcs of shaker screens and the screen area is 2.63 cbm. Same as all the GN Shale Shakers, GNZS703E-DZ shale shaker uses the patented technology for the deck sealing in order to prevent leaking of liquid. Shaker deck frame is Stainless steel to have stronger structure for a longer service life. Unless its peer model GNZS703E-HB which is designed for oil and gas solids control system, this model of shale shaker is suitable for get fed via a submersible slurry pump from a mud pit. It is designed especially for the HDD projects.
2. GNZS-703E 1S8N mud cleaner is a combination of the 2nd and 3rd separation steps with desander cone and desilter cones, and the shaker below is used as a under shaker for both desander and desilter cones. GN choose polyurethane cyclones as the desander and desilter cones, more wear proof and longer service life than the metal material ones.
3. As high configuration of GN mud recycling systems, GNMS 500 GL has mixing hopper and mixing pumps for adding new chemicals into the well cleaned drilling mud after recycled. And this 500 GPM system has a larger storage capacity comparing with the standard GNMS 500G system.

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Sep 18

Drilling mud circulation during zero-discharge system is an endless cycle. However, while the drilling fluid filtering through the start from shale shaker to the end of decanter centrifuge,
The density of the mud changes during filtrations. The total amount of the drilling fluid will lose by continuing fluid filtering as well. Jet mud mixer use to make up the lst of the drilling mud by adding new fluid into existing fluid and mix them well. It is also mixes other additive into the drilling mud such as betonies and barite. A Chemical additive such as polymer are used to change drilling fluid density, viscosity and hydration. The additive is entered by jet mud mixer into the mud storage tank.
The mud mixing hopper is part of the jet mud mixer that powered by centrifugal pump that allow the drilling mud move at high velocity to funnel shaped hopper. Additive materials are added through the hopper to provide uniform mixing. Liquid base additive also added through a hopper to provide uniform mixing.

GN Jet mud mixer

GN Jet mud mixer

The capacity of the jet mud mixer, various mud tanks sizes and correspond shear pump is providing it as well to ensure pressure.
Mud mixer widely used in HDD (horizontal directional drilling) and oil gas drilling. Jet mud mixer device generally consists of a sand pump and a jet flow mixed hopper with manifold valve connection and are installed on a pedestal called the single jet mud mixer device, or by two pumps and two mix slurry hoppers called double jet mud mixer device.
The jet mud mixer paired up by shear pump various input rates and mud tank size, it makes mud contain rheological properties and decrease cost of the drilling mud as possible. GN Solids Control’s jet mud mixer treating capacity from 200 GPM to 1408 GPM.

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Aug 16

Recently, “nearly $1.8 billion will be spent on two new pipelines to carry northeastern U.S. shale gas to nearby states and to systems that go to Gulf Coast and Midwestern markets” It is widely acknowledged that Horizontal Directional Drilling(HDD) equipment with mud mixing, pumping and recycling systems equipment are significant for the installing pipes, ducts and cables. the most technologically-advanced drilling equipment and mud system are able to successfully complete small, medium and major pipeline projects. There are some project contractor, drilling equipment supplier and mud recycle supplier in the bellowed to introduce.

Project Contractor:

Established in 1984 Allen Watson is the UK’s leading trenchless solutions specialist offering horizontal directional drilling, guided auger boring or micro tunnelling, pipe jacking or auger boring, and various thrust boring techniques.
Owning the widest range of modern trenchless equipment, proudly operated by our highly skilled workforce, we have completed thousands of trenchless crossings with an outstanding track record for installations in all ground conditions.

Drilling Equipment Supplier:

Vermeer has been making an impact by providing agricultural and industrial drilling equipment for over 6 decades From a heritage of underground utility installation going back decades, Vermeer has been a market leader and innovator in the horizontal directional drill industry for more than 20 years. Vermeer is able to tackle with most difficult ground conditions, helping to maximize your productivity and improve your efficiency as you work to meet demanding deadlines. GN Solids control is working with Vermeer for some project.

Mud recycle equipment Manufactuer:


GN Solids Control Equipment

GN Solids Control is the 1st API certified solids control company in China, also certified by: Europe DNV CE, HSE, ISO9001, Russia TP&TC. GN has the US branch and working with different country distributer and partner. GN is mainly supplying the shale shaker, desadner, desilter, mud cleaner, centrifugal pump, mud gun, mud agitator and complete mud recycle system for the Pipeline project.


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Jul 26

There is no doubt that HDD is widely applied for the civil infrastructure, pipeline settle and construction. GN Solids control as drilling waste management company is dedicated to supply different kinds of drilling fluids recycle units such as shale shaker, de sander, de silter, centrifugal pump and hopper. Also, we provide the complete system matching with different size of rig from 150GMP mini system to 2000GPM large system.

Our unit is able to work with US -Vermeer, Ditch wich, American Auger and Germany-TRACTO TECHNIK(TT Group). Recently, there is a 500GPM system for the HDD industry field.

 Configuration of 500GPM mud recycle systemHDD SYSTEM

1. Top feed 528 GMP liner motion GNZJ703 shale shaker.

2. 8 of 4 inch de silter cones with the GNZJ703 ( One unit of 10 inch de sander with GNZJ703E is also able to process the 500GPM drilling fluids)

3.One 40Ft container size mud tank is standard size for the transportation.

4. One 37KW (50HP)centrifugal pump GNSB6x5-12 transfer the fluids to de sander or de sitler

5. One 50HP Mud mixing pump GNSB6x5-12 with verturi hopper mounting over the 40FT container.

6. Mud gun and mud agitators is able to mix the drilling fluid.

Learn more:

Trailer Mounted Mud Recycling Unit

Hydraulic Jack Up mud Recycling Unit

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May 18

Under the requirement of environmental regulation, vertical cutting dryer (vertical centrifuge ) is gained much attention from public. Cutting dryer is one kind of solution to deal with the oil based mud and synthetic base mud. Recently, GN Cutting dryer is also tested with water based mud which is widely recognized as  harder mud to separate solids without clogging. It is widely acknowledged that only high functional cutting dyer is able to deal with water based mud so GN cutting dryer is able to absolutely separator all kinds of mud

Compare to CSI Cutting Dryer, GN cutting dryer advantages

GN cutting dryer process water based mud

GN cutting dryer process water based mud

1.  GN vertical cutting dryer is install air knife and flushing system to prevent screen basket from plugging

2. Discharge screw conveyor is a good solution to transport the solids from the dryer to discharge site

3. Carefully select the material of flights and design the screen opening distance assure historically and consistently produced as low as 5% oil retention on cuttings by weight. GN  also provides parts and service for cuttings dryers.

GN also supports a plenty of solids control equipment to work with cutting dyer. GN not only provide the single device, but focus on offering a completely solution to your working site such as bored pile mud solution, diamond drilling mud recycling , dredging slurry separation, HDD(Horizontal Directional Drilling) and CBM

(Coal Bed Methane).  GN Solids Control will be your best partner in the solids control field.

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Jan 19

GN Solids Control Co.,Ltd. manufactures a complete line of mud recycling and mixing systems for the oil & gas, trenchless waterwell and mining industries. With cleaning capacities of 100 GPM to 2000GPM

Our small 150GPM mud system is one of our popular system which used for HDD, waterwell drilling ,etc. It has small foot print and easy for maintain. The main cleaning equipment for the system is a double deck shaker which worked as scalping shaker and drying shaker. Mud tank volume is 5.5m3, Jet mud mixer was completed with the system which can offer a high effiency mud mixing ability.

Equipment list:

Mud Recycling System

Mud Recycling System

1 ea Mud tank: net capacity 5000 Liters
2 ea Centrifugal pump: one for feeding shale shaker, the other for the mixing unit
1 ea Double deck shale shaker with 4 ea 4” desiler cones
1 ea Mixing Hopper

GN Solids Control is the first API certified Solids Control Equipments manufacturer in China.We understands the needs of the customer and puts their needs at the forefront of their design – making some of the most unique, user-friendly systems on the market.


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Dec 15

HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) rigs are nowadays part of pipeline construction projects. This increasing trenchless technology contributes a technical and economic edge as well as providing environmental and productivity advantages. For under-river crossings, traffic way crossings, flood protection dams,crossings below foundations of buildings or objects, nature reserves, parks or even whole city areas or mountain zone, different size and type HDD rigs are used for pipeline laying projects of different lengths, depths, geology as well as technical and environment conditions.

HDD Drilling Rig

How HDD Rigs Drill the Pipeline Guiding Hole

Before drilling, the operator will dig a small well on the ground and predetermine the drilling route. In the drilling bit, there is a signal bar which is used to make the drilling bit drill as per the desired direction.
As the drilling pipe get into the ground is gradient and also out of the ground upwards gradient, the drilling route looks like a inverted parabola.
After the drill bit out of ground from the desired point, always other side of river, road or mountains, we would get drilling guide hole. Then, larger drill bit, also called reamer, would be installed on the drill pipe to drill again along the hole so that to make the hole diameter larger. Several larger reamer would be used to make the hole diameter is larger than the diameter of the pipeline which would be laid later.

HDD Mud System Application During Drilling

GN HDD Mud Recycling System

GN HDD Mud Recycling System

In order to prevent the collapse of the hole wall and lubricate the drilling bit, the drilling mud would be used during the whole drilling operation.
Herewith, we would give a brife introduction for HDD mud system. Generally, one unit complete HDD mud system would consist mud tank, shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud mixing unit and pumps to transfer the recycled mud back to the rig. Nowadays, almost all the HDD contractor would equip the rig with one unit mud system for drilling mud cost saving and environment protection.

How HDD Rigs Lay the Pipe Underground

The pipeline is welded at the drilling bit out point and connected to the drilling pipe. Then the HDD rig would pull back the drilling pipe, the pipe also would be pulled into the drilling hole. Thus the pipe is laid without digging a ditch on the ground.

Top HDD Rigs Manufacture and Mud System Supplier

By offering HDD mud system, GN Solids Control get communication with the main HDD rig manufacturer in China and always introduce to the clients. If you have any request for a HDD rig or mud system, please leave a message and we will offer the best service.

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