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Feb 14

10 sets GN Mini Decanter Centrifuges for Canada Market
GN Solids Control is a company who is working on designing and manufacturing solids control equipments and waste management systems. In order to meet the demands of recycling drilling fluids in mining industry, GN Solids Control has developed one type of mini decanter centrifuge.
GNLW223 decanter centrifuge is especially used for core drilling area, it can be used for solids control in the mine drilling process. Recently, we just shipped 10 sets of mini decanter centrifuges to one client in Canada.
This Canadian client tested GN mini decanter centrifuge in the mine drilling worksite for some time, and they purchased another 3 sets after when they were satisfied with the excellent performance. Last November, they bought another 10 sets to expand their business. Now they are pretty confident about the working performance and after sales service.

Mini Decanter Centrifuge
For GN mini decanter centrifuge, the bowl diameter is only 9 inch and bowl length is 26 inch. With compact design structure, the effective capacity is 26 GPM. Due to there’s not many drilling fluids in the core drilling or mining drilling area, the 26 GPM can meet most of the fluids recycling usage demands. The typical G force is 1800 when the rotating speed is 3800 rpm.
Just as the other decanter centrifuges, GN mini decanter centrifuge has two types, one is fix speed and the other is variable speed. Usually, the fix speed type can be used for the most working conditions. And the variable speed decanter centrifuge are recommended for clients are not knowing the solids size they are going to separate.
The dimension of GN mini decanter centrifuge is only length 1727mm, width 1048mm, and height 900 mm. With the weight of 780 kg, it is quite convenient to move. In the future, GN Solids Control will provide decanter centrifuge in hydraulic driven type, for companies who are interested to work together with us, welcome to contact us freely.

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Aug 20

In order to learn well about Trenchless Drilling Mud System, we have to know what is trenchless drilling technology. Trenchless technology is a type of subsurface construction work that requires few trenches or no continuous trenches.  Because of the minimal disruption to surface traffic, business, and other activities, trenchless drilling technology is widely used in installation of new or replacement or rehabilitation of existing underground infrastructure.

trenchless drilling mud system


Why Need A Mud System in Trenchless Drilling

HDD is a well known type of trenchless drilling, in the drilling project, we will need the horizontal directional drilling rig. In order to protect the rig bit and make it easy for drilling, a good number of drilling mud will be used. Therefore, the need for mud system is emerged. During a large treating capacity trenchless drilling project, mud system is only partial unit of it. We can also find drill rig, mud pump and other equipments. Continue reading »

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Aug 06

Core Drilling is a main mode of exploration in mining industial like the seeking for copper, gold and silver. The main equipment of a core drilling is a diamond-tipped core drills. It is always designed as the opened end to remove a cylinder of material, The material left inside the drill bit is referred to as the core.

Core Drilling Cuttings

The cuttings created in the core drilling is very fine. These ultra fine cuttings can cause many issues down the hole such as broken cores, lost cores, and premature bit wear. In order to keep the core intact and the bit cooled, a bentonite including drilling mud is required. Besides the above mentioed two functions, the drilling mud could also take the cuttings out of the drilling hole.

Core Drilling Solids Control Unit

The flow rate of drilling mud in a core drilling is aften not large, maybe hundred GPM. So, not all the whole line solids control equipments needed. Sometimes, a desander with tank is enough to remove the ultra fine cuttings from the drilling mud. Different end user may choose different equipment to complete the mud clean mission, therefore, a high efficience centrifuge is also a ideal solution.

For core drilling solids contorl equipments or solution, you definitely could contact with GN solids control for more infomation. For GN is really a mud cleaning specialist.

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Oct 25

Diamond cone drilling also called exploration diamond drilling, just as its name implies, it is used in the mining industry to probe the contents of known ore deposits and potential sites.

It uses a diamond encrusted drill bit to drill through the rock. The drill produces a “core” which is photographed and split longitudinally. Holes within the bit allow water to be delivered to the cutting face. This provides three essential functions — lubrication, cooling, and removal of drill cuttings from the hole.

diamond drilling rig

diamond drilling rig

Features of Diamond core drilling

 1 Much slower than reverse circulation (RC) drilling

Due to the hardness of the ground being drilled. Drilling of 1200 to 1800 metres is common and at these depths, ground is mainly hard rock. Diamond rigs need to drill slowly to lengthen the life of drill bits and rods, which are very expensive.

2 Diamond core drilling equipments

 Multi-combination rigs are a dual setup rig capable of operating in either a reverse circulation (RC) and diamond drilling role. One of the most important part is drill bit.

A Diamond cone drilling rig should be small and portable, such as those used in mineral exploration drilling, water wells and environmental investigations. Huge, capable of drilling through thousands of meters of the crust. Continue reading »

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