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Nov 27

While China leading manufacturer with regard to solids control mud system, we committed to promote the caliber of equipment & quality regarding contract & quality associated with after sales service. Equally overseas clients & local clients witness the growth involving GN Solids Control; depend on GN high quality equipment as well as service, repeated order implemented continuously.

mud mixing tank-1
Recently, we conclude one set mud mixing system for South America Client. They use this mixing system to perfect liquid mud plant. The client is GN VIP client with through 3 year’s relationship; they have got used our shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, agitator, centrifugal pump before. Mainly tools of this order including:
1) Mud recycling tank system
2 sets decanter centrifuge, GNLW363CG Premium centrifuge. Designed with 3200rpm high speed belt pulley, the centrifuge can distinct fine solids above 2-5 microns.
2 set submersible slurry pump, GN50YZ20A-18 expensive slurry pump to give food to for decanter centrifuge.
just one set Shale shaker, GNZS594E-HB premium shaker with long decks 4 panel shale shaker screen. The shaker screen is actually composite material screen (carbon steel frame shaker screen for option) with extended lifetime and better performance.
a single set mud recycling tank with dimension 12192x2438x2590mm. Identical dimension as 40ft basic container. Electrical control panel system & tank gadgets also included.
2) Mud mixing tank system
3 units mud recycling tank together with dimension 12192x2438x2590mm. Same shape as 40ft general gift basket. Electrical control panel system & tank accessories included as well.

2 sets shear pump, GNJQB6x5A-550 shear pump mounted under water based mud / oil based mud operations platform to shear often the chemical big particles.
several sets centrifugal pump, GNSB6x5A-12J each centrifugal pump for every single mud tank.

centrifugal pumps
Other products including mud hopper, mud agitator, mud gun, levels monitor, lighting system and so forth
GN Solids Control devices are working in over 60 international locations & areas. Our PREMIUM client including but not restricted to Baker Hughes, CNPC, SINOPEC, OGNC, CPVEN, NIDC, COVER etc . If you are in need of solids control equipment & going waste management equipment, please contact us freely.
GN Solids Control head office: Beijing region, China; 40KM to Beijing International Airport
GN Solids America office: 6710 Windfern Highway, Houston, TX 77040, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
GN Solids Russia place of work: Г. Москва, Радонежского Сергия Ул. д. 2

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Nov 23

GN Solids Control Company., Ltd has provided many pieces of HDD mud recycling systems for worldwide customers who are working on HDD, CBM Drilling, TBM Drilling Dredging areas etc . Now there’re 4 sets mud recycling systems working in CPP worksite, which are delivered in this 04. The treating capacity of every system is up to 1000GPM.
GN advanced 1000GPM HDD magnetic systems are especially used for often the solid control, finer debris can be separated out using the shaker, hydro cyclones as well as decanter centrifuges. This HARD DISK DRIVE mud system has four steps for mud these recycling:
1 . GN desander independent the solids that bigger than 40 microns by using 12 inch cyclones. Fluids end up from the bottom of cyclones can be further separated by individuals underneath shaker screens.
2 . not GN desilter is regularly made some 4 inch cyclones which can separate the hues that larger than 20 microns.
3. GN decanter centrifuges are effectively used to distinct solids larger than 2-5 microns. In this 1000 GPM HARD DRIVE mud system, the first centrifuge separates the most of the big solids with a medium spinning speed, while the second decanter centrifuge running at a greater speed to separate those rather finer solids.
GN provided two commissioning engineers to aid CPP operators setup these types of systems. In order to work properly, GN prepared one register for our customers, so they can make certain everything is ready for fast method and operating.

2015.10.21 HDD mud system
GN manuacturers also arranged to train the actual operators how to running repairs and maintanance this system in the worksite. From threshold of set up into the end of workers can certainly operate this systems rather familiarly, GN engineers ensure everything is going well. In general, it only costs no more than 1 week for this HDD systems operating.
GN also provides a few other standard mud recycling devices for HDD. Customized off-road systems can also be manufactured, here you are at connect with GN sales planners for more details.

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Nov 06

GN Solids Control sell a series of solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment including vertical cuttings dryer , shale shaker , screw conveyor , shear pump , oilfield shale shaker , mud cleaner , desander and desilter , vacuum degasser , poor boy degasser , decanter centrifuge , mud tank , mud agitator , etc . GN Solids Americal normally keep stock for GN main product and shale shaker , mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge always keep stock there to service local client . GN keeps research and develop the best technology to manufacture top quality shaker screens for our clients.

GN Solids Control Houston

GN Solids Control has many experienced engineers who can provide excellent after sales service, installation and debugging.

With the establishment of GN Solids America, GN is more and more popular by the North American companies and South America companies.

Usually, in order to provide a better after sales service, GN Solids Control sends a checklist for customer to fulfill. It’s mainly including the following items:

Prepare Checklist before Onsite Instruction for Installation & Debugging
Project Name & No. Worksite Add.
Company Name Service Period
Contact Person Contact Phone
Equipment Checklist Result
Category Description
1 Solids Control Systems & the other Equipments Water Water source and connections are qualified to use. Yes  □

No  □

2 Solids Control Systems & the other Equipments Worksite Environment Onsite environment are qualified to construction and running equipments. Yes  □

No  □

3 Solids Control Systems & the other Equipments Worksite Fire Safety etc Onsite pass permission, flame operation permission, necessary operation permission etc are ready to use, onsite training schedule confirm Yes  □

No  □

4 Solids Control Systems & the other Equipments Worksite Assistant Worksite assistants reach to the agreed quantity, qualified to operate and coordinate. GN engineers are mainly responsible for guidance of installation and debugging. Yes  □

No  □

5 Solids Control Systems & the other Equipments Power Supply and Control System Generator power, control system, power cables and branch cables (knife switches etc) are qualified to use. Yes  □

No  □

6 Solids Control Systems & the other Equipments Handling Equipment Crane, excavator, forklift etc and necessary instruments are qualified to use. Yes  □

No  □

7 Solids Control Systems System Layout The whole mud system working principle and flowing recycling is acknowledged. Yes  □

No  □

8 Solids Control Systems System Pipelines Connections 8.1 Pipelines from wellhead to shaker or submersible pumps power, capacity, control system and pipelines meet the specifications and quantity.

8.2 Pipelines between storage tank and mud pump as well as the auxiliary components (valves, reducing pipes) etc meet the specifications and quantity.

Yes  □

No  □

9 Solids Control Systems System Cleaning Pipelines Cleaning systems are equipped with all the necessary flushing pipelines, adding water lines etc, meet the operating demands. Yes  □

No  □

10 Solids Control Systems Poor Boy Degasser Supporting components of feeding pipelines, discharge pipelines, air out lines, cleaning pipelines such as reducing pipes, valves, joints or elbows etc meet the operating demands. Yes  □

No  □

11 Jet Mud Mixer Jet Mud Mixer Feeding pump, in and out lines as well as connections, valves or joints etc meet the operating demands. Yes  □

No  □

12 Desander, Desilter Desander, Desilter Feeding pump, in and out lines as well as connections, valves or joints etc meet the operating demands. Yes  □

No  □

13 Vacuum Degasser Vacuum Degasser Feeding line and discharge line are completely in vacuum state. Yes  □

No  □

14 Decanter Centrifuge Decanter Centrifuge 14.1. Feeding pump, in and out lines as well as connections, valves or joints etc meet the operating demands.

14.2. Backflow lines and clean water lines etc meet the operating demands.

Yes  □

No  □

15 Vertical Cuttings Dryer Vertical Cuttings Dryer 15.1 Feeding systems and equipments (model, power, control system) meet the operating demands.

15.2 Discharge systems and equipments (model, power, control system) meet the operating demands.

15.3 Cleaning pumps’ power, pipe lines connections such as changing diameters, valves or some other joints meet the specification and quantity demands.

Yes  □

No  □

16 Cuttings Dryer, Decanter Centrifuge, Solids Control System Control cabinet and air compressor VFD control cabinet or air compressor meet the specification and quantity demands such as power, gas storage capacity, connections, valves or various joints etc. Yes  □

No  □



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Nov 06

Although the major share of GN products are used for oil and gas industry, GN Solids Control also occupies the first place in market share in HDD, CBM ,TBM and Loop Zero Discharge System. And among all GN HDD mud recycling systems, the 500 GPM capacity is the most popular among the users.
Picture below is one set of GNMS 500GL HDD System for a jobsite inside China, this is the 3rd project this system is used to serve and GN Solids Control sent engineer to jobsite help to re-set up of the system.

GNMS series mud recycling system is high standard configuration of GN mud recycling systems, they are perfect solution for HDD projects because:
1. GNZS703E-DZ shale shaker is a mature design of GN Solids Control, it use 3 pcs of shaker screens and the screen area is 2.63 cbm. Same as all the GN Shale Shakers, GNZS703E-DZ shale shaker uses the patented technology for the deck sealing in order to prevent leaking of liquid. Shaker deck frame is Stainless steel to have stronger structure for a longer service life. Unless its peer model GNZS703E-HB which is designed for oil and gas solids control system, this model of shale shaker is suitable for get fed via a submersible slurry pump from a mud pit. It is designed especially for the HDD projects.
2. GNZS-703E 1S8N mud cleaner is a combination of the 2nd and 3rd separation steps with desander cone and desilter cones, and the shaker below is used as a under shaker for both desander and desilter cones. GN choose polyurethane cyclones as the desander and desilter cones, more wear proof and longer service life than the metal material ones.
3. As high configuration of GN mud recycling systems, GNMS 500 GL has mixing hopper and mixing pumps for adding new chemicals into the well cleaned drilling mud after recycled. And this 500 GPM system has a larger storage capacity comparing with the standard GNMS 500G system.

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Oct 20

1. To make sure the operation of the shale shaker and normal usage life on screen, the operator need to make sure parts like wedges, screw cap bolt and springs on the shale shaker are installed correctly with no signs of wrongdoing. The operator installs the screens according the operation manual provide it from the seller.
2. To get full usage of the pre-tension shale shaker screen, operator need to ensure the rubber parts of the shale shaker is fully intact and show no sign of damage. Shale shaker screen is wear and tear parts and it will be needed for replacement after normal usage. If wear-down speed is faster than normal, then check all the moving parts of shale shaker is functioning properly and secure the screens correctly.
703 Shale Shaker 2
3. Lubrication and consist maintenance the shale shaker moving parts base on the operation manual is the must to ensure proper operation.
4. If the operator uses an OEM shale shaker screen that have not been pre-tension treatment, it is the must step that need to perform before usage.
5. If the drilling fluid flow out of the pore or damaged place, then cuttings can’t be removed. Any screen with holes or be damaged must be changed immediately, the hole and the damaged place can be sealed up by the panel. The screen must be changed as soon as possible, make a plan before the replacement to reduce the stopping drilling time, you should prepare the tools and screen before beginning to replace, if because the shale shaker is not operating, it will increase the cuttings content. It’s best to exchange the screen in a single period if possible. Need to stop the pump at the emergent time, stop drilling so as to replace the screen of shale shaker.
6. Any problem please fell free to contact us and learn to know our other products including mud agitator, decanter centrifuge, desander, mud tank ,drilling waste managent, drilling mud system etc.

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Aug 09

It is widely acknowledged that solids smaller than 75 to 100 are removed by desanders, desilters and mud cleaner, all of which use a device called a hydrocyclone to separate out solids. GN polyurethane material hydrocyclone is able to handle with abrasive and coarse solids for long time service

Working procedures:

Mud Cleaner

Two desander and twelve desilter cones mud cleaner

Firstly, the mud is propelled at high speed into the top of an inverted cone along a tangent. The large and heavier solids is pressed to the side of cone under the centrifugal force then subsequently slowly drift down and are finally discard to the mud pit or on the shaker screen. Secondly, the remaining fluid and smaller particles are forced to the center of the cone and ejected out of the top. The same working principle is for the desander and desilter. Technically, there are 4 inch or 5 inch cone for the desilter and 10 inch or 12 inch for the desander. In theory, a 4-inch hydrocyclone discards particles as small as 15 microns, but de silter is down to the about 20 microns in the field statistics.

Hydrocyclone has several ways to install:

1. Desander comprises one(528GPM), two(1056GPM) or three large (1584GPM) diameter hydrocyclone on the tandem.
2. Desilter comprises several of 4 inch diameter cone 8(528GPM), 12(1056GPM) and 16(1584GPM). For HDD project or small bored pile system, GN can only install 4 or 6 desilter cone for processing.
3. GN provides the relative shale shaker matching with desander and desilter from two panels linear motion shale shaker to four panels shale shaker.
4. In order to save clients operating space, GN even put forward to double deck shale shaker, Bottom deck retain the big solids as the shale shaker, top deck with hydrocyclone working as desander or desilter. Double deck desander or desilter are widely used for the HDD or small drilling system.

GN Provide a variety of desander, desilter and mud cleaner solutions for the specific mud recycle project. GN you best partner

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Aug 02

Obviously, drilling conditions and cuttings volumes change constantly during the course of constructing a wellbore. Dual-function and small space equipment is recognized by the most project contractor. GN 705E Double deck with multi function dynamically manages fluid quality throughout the drilling process. The double deck shaker with de sander or de silter is widely applied for the HDD and well drilling field

 1.Double deck shaker with one de sander hydrocyclone cone

Fluids will firstly be pumped onto the bottom shaker, the shaker screen is small API number to separate the lar123ge particle from the fluid. Secondly, GN high effective centrifuge pump will transfer the fluid to de sander cone for second step process. The top deck will handle the fluids from apex of de sander cone.

 2   Double deck shaker with 4,6 or 8 sets of de silter cone

The working principle is the same as the de sander. But the feeding type is very simple way in which can save the working space. Higher mesh shaker screen is applied on the shaker than de sander shaker. It is effective for the 250GMP and 350GPM capacity

GN double deck shaker delivers the flexibility required to optimize fluids capacity and fluids recovery. Also, it fits well within tightly constrained workspaces. For your jot site, GN double deck shaker is very smart plan.

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May 31

To clean the mud from the slurry used complex mechanical devices such as shale shaker, mud cleaner,centrifuge and cutting dryer

Mud Cleaner with Desander and Desilter

Mud Cleaner with Desander and Desilter

GN Mud Cleaning is Including Hydrocyclones and Shale Shaker

There are parallel hydrocyclone ( Desander and desilters ) in the mud cleaner.  Hydrocyclone installation is used as second and third mud cleaning equipment. Their operating principle is based on the separation of the suspended particulate under the action of inertia forces arising in a vortex flow of the hydrocyclone. For separating sludge from drilling fluid, the second stage is called desander cyclone separator for oil & gas drilling un-weighted drilling mud, and the cyclone is 10”.  Desander cyclone is focused on cleaning the mud from cuttings particle size between 70 microns and 40 microns in drilling oil and gas project.

Desilters are devices for circulating and cleaning the drilling mud processing as the same as the desander. Desilter with hydrocyclone 4 “is the third stage in the circulation system for cleaning mud at oil and gas drilling, is used to separate the solid particles with an average particle between 40 microns and 20 microns.

GN mud cleaner offer the 528GPM, 1056GPM and 1584GPM treating capacity for customer. Please contact with us if you are interested in our equipment

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May 15

Typical application of solid-liquid separation is in the process of oil drilling mud solid-liquid separation. Used for separating solid particles in drilling fluid, according to the diameter size of hydrocyclone can be divided into desander. Desilter and micro cyclone three categories. 1 the desander In 150 ~ 300 mm diameter cyclone called desander. When pressure is 0.2 MPa, the capacity of a single hydrocyclone is 20 ~ 120 m3 / h separation size in 40 ~ 74 microns. In the design selection using, 125% of the rated capacity shall be the largest drilling fluid displacement. (2) the USA desander  A diameter of 100 mm and 125 mm called desilter of hydrocyclone When pressure is 0.2 MPa, the capacity of a single hydrocyclone for 10 ~ 15 m3 / h normal work, desilter can remove 95% larger than 40 microns of drilling cuttings and 50% greater than 15 microns of drilling cuttings, and at the same time to remove 12 ~ 13 mu m barite, therefore cannot be used to deal with increase in the use of design model selection of drilling fluid, the frontal go capacity shall be the biggest displacement of drilling fluid 125% ~ 150% (3) the micro cyclone Known as a diameter of 50 mm hydrocyclone

The significance associated with drilling liquids

The  USA desander  is  a  important  mud  weapons  is  mostly used in  oil  drilling  mud  management  The  machine  a fundamental element of gas and oil drilling: with regard to maintaining down-hole demands, lubricating the actual exercise chain, air conditioning the actual little bit, cleaning up the underside pit, moving the actual cuttings towards the area, stopping nicely blowouts as well as supplying geologists having a way of sample the actual development thats becoming drilled via. Within directional drilling, its dirt which becomes the actual exercise little bit. Drilling dirt wouldn’t end up being removed therefore optimizing as well as managing each one of these features demands steady tools.

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Mar 09


Generally, desander is the second step for removing small solids. desander ,desilter and shale shaker are made up of mud cleaner. Desander is the first stage in the mud cleaner prior desilter to further purify the mud.

Mechanical Capacity

GN the treating capacity of desander is from 500GPM to 1500GPM with 10 inch polyurethane material, the entry of cone is 6 inch and outlet size is 8 inch . The Desander cones can be installed from one to three 10″ desander cones. Each cone can process 500 GPM and makes a separation between 45 and 75 micron in diameter. Tangentially blended of the cone entry as a narrow rectangle to minimize turbulence in the upper section of the cone, allowing the solids to move quickly to the cone wall. Compact design and flexible fast connection are available for the user quickly assemble 

Desander is GN classic solids control equipment. GN is also capable of providing clients with such four series as oil & gas drilling solids control equipment, drilling waste treatment equipment and drilling security equipment, including mud tank, shale shake, vacuum degasser, drilling mud desilter, mixers, sand pumps, mud gun, jet mud mixing, shear pump, and all other solid control equipment  right now.

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