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Jan 11

Hebei GN Solids Control Corp., Ltd is a leading maker of mud recycling system in China. According to the website experience, GN has developed and manufactured standard style of 500GPM mud system to get HDD Drilling, Tunneling, along with kinds of drilling activities. GN high standard 500 gpm mud system includes 3 model GNMS-500B, GNMS-500G, GNMS-500GL. GNMS-500B is a 2phase cure mud system, while the different two are 3phase mud treating system. While these three mud systems have one particular tank with all equipment attached with the top or the skid.

mud_recycling_system GNMS-500B mud system includes a desilter mini cleaner with two times deck screens thus to attain a 2 phase mud treating effect. The bottom decks will be used as first period treatment with 40 nylon uppers screen to separate coarse solids from the spent mud, after which the liquids will be piped to the desilter cyclones for any second stage treatment simply by removing particles over something like 20 microns. There will be also a mud mixing device to prepare productive mud for reuse. Not the same as GNMS-500B mud recycling system, GNMS-500G and GNMS-500GL use a single shale shaker to change the bottom deck screen associated with GNMS-500B as the first level treatment machine, and you will have mud cleaner with the combined desander cyclones and desilter cyclones respectively as the next stage treatment machine and also 3rd stage treatment equipment. Also there will be mud mixing device to prepare active mud. The only difference between GNMS-500G and GNMS-500GL is the tank dimension. The mud tank for GNMS-500GL is extended than GNMS-500G for a significant mud storage volume. In accordance with our customers’ requirement, GN Solids Control will would suggest the most suitable system with the most cost-effecitve price, but the product high quality will still be the top so as to get a long service life.

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Jan 04

Right now, one piece of reports in the front pages of numerous countries main media is mostly about the meeting between the US ALL president and China director. China issued a large in an attempt to Boeing, the most famous air jet manufacturer in USA and in addition in the world.
Unless last moment China leader visited UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, when he brought with him or her mostly the national had giant companies from China, this time around President Xi is getting with him some non-public owned companies. Or, most those companies are private owned or operated.
This is also the trend of these days China’s economy, the personal owned companies are playing a growing number of important roles than before. Prior to President Xi’s visit to UNITED STATES, many good and encouraging Chinese private owned businesses have entered to ALL OF US market. As an open sector, US gives fair to be able to Chinese companies.

GN solids control America
GN Solids Control is one of those China’s companies. As a 100% exclusive owned company, it’s quite difficult for GN Solids Control to get a share of gas and oil drilling solids control in addition to driling waste management system industry. But with its high quality services reassured services, GN has to the second to non-e placement of the solids control business in China. And also, GN Solids America, the USA office company of GN Solids Control, China, became the primary USA based China solids control company.
Not only this, GN Solids Control is also the initial China solids control business which is certified by API, DNV CE and Italy TC& TP certificates. Furthermore those, GN also have HSE standards and certificates, with regard to caring about the human being’s welfare and environment.
GN Solids Control sell a series of solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment including vertical cuttings dryer , shale shaker , screw conveyor , screw pump , oilfield shale shaker , mud cleaner , desander and desilter , vacuum degasser , Mud Gas Separator , decanter centrifuge , mud tank , mud agitator , etc . GN Solids Americal normally keep stock for GN main product and shale shaker , mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge always keep stock there to service local client .

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Dec 22

GN Solids Control is famous for the best manufacturer on solids control and drilling waste management. As more and more countries are experiencing strict environment protect principles, GN solids control as well as drill cuttings management gadgets are more widely used in the world world. Now clients via more than sixty countries are utilizing GN equipments for different mud control or slurry separation.
For the water bottom part mud, GN has a couple of main equipments or techniques can be used:
1 . GN Cuttings Dryer
GN vertical cuttings dryer is especially designed for WBM, OBM or SBM healing. It’s especially useful with oil base cuttings separating. For the water base mud, GN has also provided quite a few sets cuttings dryer. Inside the first half year, GN provided one whole punch cuttings management systems for you to Cyprus for water foundation mud treating.
According to the responses from this client, they are quite satisfied with the working performance. For any slurry discharged from Cuttings Dryer, it can be also foodstuff into the decanter centrifuge for more separation.

GN decanter centrifuge 2 . GN Hi-G Drying Shaker and GN Decanter Centrifuge
GN Hi-G shaker has a large Grams force will can achieve 8. 0 G. With this particular large vibrating force, solids and water can be split up effectively. GN also produces various shaker screens, like replacement Mongoose screens, substitute Derrick screens. GN shaker screens are also widely used through many large drilling firms. Now GN Houston storage place has many shale  shaker screens with stock, welcome to visit us make a trial order.
GN decanter centrifuge are used to separate every one of the fluids come out from Hi-G shaker. Particles larger than 2~5 microns can be separated away by GN decanter centrifuge. This year, GN also offers some sets GN Hi-G Shaker and GN Decanter Centrifuge for world clientele, such as CNPC and Eu client. For details, booking the following links.

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Dec 16

GN Solids Control centrifuge is high quality with reasonable price, centrifuge operation is also very important. And it require operator with many years experience or with training certificate from professional centrifuge supplier. In many cases, centrifuge problem is because of non-professional operation, not centrifuge itself.

For example, one centrifuge is used for treating the mud after vertical cuttings dryer. The mud discharged from vertical cuttings dryer is very heavy mud with high density, viscosity and not good flowability. In this case, if you feed the centrifuge directly, the feed pump will not work well and the centrifuge is easy to trip off. Our suggestion is the client can design one holding tank between the vertical cuttings dryer & the centrifuge, install one agitator in the mud tank to suspend the drilling mud and adding water if necessary to lower down the density of the mud. The centrifuge will surely working very fine under professional operations.

Another, vertical cuttings dryer block and trip off sometime, why?  This is self protection of the vertical cuttings dryer when faced with wrong operation. We recommend the engineers to select the proper material for dryer. For example, it is not good to use vertical dryer to treat the mud waste discharged from mud cleaners & centrifuge. Because the separation point of the vertical dryer is about 0.5mm; however, the particles discharged from mud cleaner & centrifuge is much smaller than 0.5mm, around some hundred microns or even smaller than 100microns. In this case, the vertical dryer screen basket is easy to block, not good performance. The vertical cuttings dryer is very picky, it can only treat the drilling cuttings discharged from shale shaker.

Except for centrifuge and dryer, other equipment like shale shaker, mud cleaner, agitator, centrifugal pump is much easier operation. The shaker have to use proper deck angle and replace the shaker screens when necessary, mud agitator need to add gear oil for the gearbox, the centrifugal pump also need lubrication oil. Pls follow the instructions on label or user manual to do correct oil lubrication.

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Nov 27

While China leading manufacturer with regard to solids control mud system, we committed to promote the caliber of equipment & quality regarding contract & quality associated with after sales service. Equally overseas clients & local clients witness the growth involving GN Solids Control; depend on GN high quality equipment as well as service, repeated order implemented continuously.

mud mixing tank-1
Recently, we conclude one set mud mixing system for South America Client. They use this mixing system to perfect liquid mud plant. The client is GN VIP client with through 3 year’s relationship; they have got used our shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, agitator, centrifugal pump before. Mainly tools of this order including:
1) Mud recycling tank system
2 sets decanter centrifuge, GNLW363CG Premium centrifuge. Designed with 3200rpm high speed belt pulley, the centrifuge can distinct fine solids above 2-5 microns.
2 set submersible slurry pump, GN50YZ20A-18 expensive slurry pump to give food to for decanter centrifuge.
just one set Shale shaker, GNZS594E-HB premium shaker with long decks 4 panel shale shaker screen. The shaker screen is actually composite material screen (carbon steel frame shaker screen for option) with extended lifetime and better performance.
a single set mud recycling tank with dimension 12192x2438x2590mm. Identical dimension as 40ft basic container. Electrical control panel system & tank gadgets also included.
2) Mud mixing tank system
3 units mud recycling tank together with dimension 12192x2438x2590mm. Same shape as 40ft general gift basket. Electrical control panel system & tank accessories included as well.

2 sets shear pump, GNJQB6x5A-550 shear pump mounted under water based mud / oil based mud operations platform to shear often the chemical big particles.
several sets centrifugal pump, GNSB6x5A-12J each centrifugal pump for every single mud tank.

centrifugal pumps
Other products including mud hopper, mud agitator, mud gun, levels monitor, lighting system and so forth
GN Solids Control devices are working in over 60 international locations & areas. Our PREMIUM client including but not restricted to Baker Hughes, CNPC, SINOPEC, OGNC, CPVEN, NIDC, COVER etc . If you are in need of solids control equipment & going waste management equipment, please contact us freely.
GN Solids Control head office: Beijing region, China; 40KM to Beijing International Airport
GN Solids America office: 6710 Windfern Highway, Houston, TX 77040, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
GN Solids Russia place of work: Г. Москва, Радонежского Сергия Ул. д. 2

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Nov 20

In the May possibly of this year, an Of india oil industry giant given a tender for decanter centrifuge. And also an India local essential oil field service company, who located GN telling that they ended up with great interest in addition to possibility to get this soft, hoped GN could assistance them to get this tender. Throughout the 3-month tender period, GN solids control has been competing with other manufacturers coming from both USA along with Chinese manufacturers. The olive oil field service company also found GN’s facility in Beijing for capability inspection. Together with the reliable quality and cost effective price tag, GN finally helped this particular oil field service company acquired the tender.

2015.11.05 Big Bowl Big Volume decanter centrifuge shipping to Australia
The decanter centrifuges involved in this sensitive are required to be variable rate model which could be used below different working condition. GN proposed the centrifuge having bowl diameter 14” design with speed rand involving 0~3200. When used for barite recovery, the operator may put it around 1800RPM; if used for cutting the magnetic weight, the user can input it around 2500RPM; When take out ultra fine solids, the consumer can put it around 3000RPM. The 3200 is the suggested max working speed. Even though the designed the max rate is up to 3900RPM.
The customer furthermore chose GN’s positive launch pump for feeding the actual centrifuge. Totally 4 sections pumps were purchased, two of them used for feeding pump motor while the other 2 products would be used for back sections in case the broke down. Acknowledging GN’s suggestion, the customer furthermore placed order for 1 year spare parts for all the decanter centrifuge and also screw pump units. This has been under the consideration of regular maintenance and to avoid number of years delivery from China to China.
The oil field agency showed great interests for you to GN’s drilling waste management equipment just like vertical cuttings dryer and also the cutting final disposal gear solidification unit. As a innovator of the industry, GN solids control is actually keeping her creativity by giving the new products and turnkey treatment for customer.

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Nov 16

As a professional solids control decanter centrifuge supplier, GN Solids Control have followed the fashion long time ago, to manufacture the big bowl centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer. The vertical cuttings dryer, have been proved to be a very successful investment, especially when China be more and more strict on the drilling waste environmental protection.

So here bring up the basic concept of big bowl centrifuges, it is to

High performance water based mud treatment; High performance oil based mud treatment; High performance waste water treatment; High performance barite recovery / mud weight cutting

Well most importantly, we do not want to handle too many centrifuges, want one equipment, handle all the troublesome.

2015.11.05 Big Bowl Big Volume decanter centrifuge shipping to Australia

While a lot of engineers also still prefer 2 normal centrifuges, with standard design, not that big bowl, keep main things same, just different operations. And:

It is flexible, can be also used for other application, for solids control.

If one of them get problems, another one still working. It is non-stop operation.


Different concept, but same purpose, we all want to save trouble on site, but we see it in different way.


Good news is GN Solids Control keep big bowl centrifuge and normal centrifuge IN STOCK in China and Houston, middle east in near future.

By the way, the big bowl centrifuge model: GNLW553, 22inch bowl; normal size means 14inch, GNLW363C

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Nov 09

Africa is growing very fast in past years in many aspects, especially in oil & gas drilling; GN Solids Control is first China & USA based company to focus on solids control equipment & mud system. GN is also the first API certified & DNV certified & CE certified & ISO certified private solids control equipment & drilling cuttings management equipment supplier. Only in the past 3 years, we export over 50 sets centrifuge to Africa, over 100 sets shale shaker to Africa, over 100 sets centrifugal pump to Africa.

2015.7.23 vertical cuttings dryer

GN decanter centrifuge is mainly used for solids control, to cut mud weight and recover barite. The high speed centrifuge can reach to 3800RPM to get much better performance. GN can also offer mini centrifuge for diamond drilling, big bowl big volume decanter centrifuge for fast drilling or other application.


GN shale shaker is the first stage of drilling mud system. GN can offer 2 panel shale shaker, 3 panel shale shaker & 4 panel shale shaker. For oil & gas drilling client, they mostly choose 3 panel or 4 panel shale shaker to get better performance. For other field small drilling rig, they may choose 2 panel shaker.

2015.7.23 decanter centrifuge

GN centrifugal pump is also very popular, which can be used for trasffering drilling mud. Eg.

Feeding for desander cones

Feeding for desilter cones

Feeding mud pump as discharge pump

Feeding drilling rig as trip pump


GN 32 sets decanter centrifuge for EMEC, Egyptian largest mud engineering & chemical service company. After some big project, EMEC and GN sign partnership cooperation agreement. As representative of GN, EMEC can provide all the solids control equipment & drilling waste management equipment in Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia etc.

We also have big clients in Nigeria, Gabon, Ghana, Tunis, Libya, South Africa, and Angola. Etc.


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Nov 06

GN Solids Control sell a series of solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment including vertical cuttings dryer , shale shaker , screw conveyor , shear pump , oilfield shale shaker , mud cleaner , desander and desilter , vacuum degasser , poor boy degasser , decanter centrifuge , mud tank , mud agitator , etc . GN Solids Americal normally keep stock for GN main product and shale shaker , mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge always keep stock there to service local client . GN keeps research and develop the best technology to manufacture top quality shaker screens for our clients.

GN Solids Control Houston

GN Solids Control has many experienced engineers who can provide excellent after sales service, installation and debugging.

With the establishment of GN Solids America, GN is more and more popular by the North American companies and South America companies.

Usually, in order to provide a better after sales service, GN Solids Control sends a checklist for customer to fulfill. It’s mainly including the following items:

Prepare Checklist before Onsite Instruction for Installation & Debugging
Project Name & No. Worksite Add.
Company Name Service Period
Contact Person Contact Phone
Equipment Checklist Result
Category Description
1 Solids Control Systems & the other Equipments Water Water source and connections are qualified to use. Yes  □

No  □

2 Solids Control Systems & the other Equipments Worksite Environment Onsite environment are qualified to construction and running equipments. Yes  □

No  □

3 Solids Control Systems & the other Equipments Worksite Fire Safety etc Onsite pass permission, flame operation permission, necessary operation permission etc are ready to use, onsite training schedule confirm Yes  □

No  □

4 Solids Control Systems & the other Equipments Worksite Assistant Worksite assistants reach to the agreed quantity, qualified to operate and coordinate. GN engineers are mainly responsible for guidance of installation and debugging. Yes  □

No  □

5 Solids Control Systems & the other Equipments Power Supply and Control System Generator power, control system, power cables and branch cables (knife switches etc) are qualified to use. Yes  □

No  □

6 Solids Control Systems & the other Equipments Handling Equipment Crane, excavator, forklift etc and necessary instruments are qualified to use. Yes  □

No  □

7 Solids Control Systems System Layout The whole mud system working principle and flowing recycling is acknowledged. Yes  □

No  □

8 Solids Control Systems System Pipelines Connections 8.1 Pipelines from wellhead to shaker or submersible pumps power, capacity, control system and pipelines meet the specifications and quantity.

8.2 Pipelines between storage tank and mud pump as well as the auxiliary components (valves, reducing pipes) etc meet the specifications and quantity.

Yes  □

No  □

9 Solids Control Systems System Cleaning Pipelines Cleaning systems are equipped with all the necessary flushing pipelines, adding water lines etc, meet the operating demands. Yes  □

No  □

10 Solids Control Systems Poor Boy Degasser Supporting components of feeding pipelines, discharge pipelines, air out lines, cleaning pipelines such as reducing pipes, valves, joints or elbows etc meet the operating demands. Yes  □

No  □

11 Jet Mud Mixer Jet Mud Mixer Feeding pump, in and out lines as well as connections, valves or joints etc meet the operating demands. Yes  □

No  □

12 Desander, Desilter Desander, Desilter Feeding pump, in and out lines as well as connections, valves or joints etc meet the operating demands. Yes  □

No  □

13 Vacuum Degasser Vacuum Degasser Feeding line and discharge line are completely in vacuum state. Yes  □

No  □

14 Decanter Centrifuge Decanter Centrifuge 14.1. Feeding pump, in and out lines as well as connections, valves or joints etc meet the operating demands.

14.2. Backflow lines and clean water lines etc meet the operating demands.

Yes  □

No  □

15 Vertical Cuttings Dryer Vertical Cuttings Dryer 15.1 Feeding systems and equipments (model, power, control system) meet the operating demands.

15.2 Discharge systems and equipments (model, power, control system) meet the operating demands.

15.3 Cleaning pumps’ power, pipe lines connections such as changing diameters, valves or some other joints meet the specification and quantity demands.

Yes  □

No  □

16 Cuttings Dryer, Decanter Centrifuge, Solids Control System Control cabinet and air compressor VFD control cabinet or air compressor meet the specification and quantity demands such as power, gas storage capacity, connections, valves or various joints etc. Yes  □

No  □



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Oct 20

1. To make sure the operation of the shale shaker and normal usage life on screen, the operator need to make sure parts like wedges, screw cap bolt and springs on the shale shaker are installed correctly with no signs of wrongdoing. The operator installs the screens according the operation manual provide it from the seller.
2. To get full usage of the pre-tension shale shaker screen, operator need to ensure the rubber parts of the shale shaker is fully intact and show no sign of damage. Shale shaker screen is wear and tear parts and it will be needed for replacement after normal usage. If wear-down speed is faster than normal, then check all the moving parts of shale shaker is functioning properly and secure the screens correctly.
703 Shale Shaker 2
3. Lubrication and consist maintenance the shale shaker moving parts base on the operation manual is the must to ensure proper operation.
4. If the operator uses an OEM shale shaker screen that have not been pre-tension treatment, it is the must step that need to perform before usage.
5. If the drilling fluid flow out of the pore or damaged place, then cuttings can’t be removed. Any screen with holes or be damaged must be changed immediately, the hole and the damaged place can be sealed up by the panel. The screen must be changed as soon as possible, make a plan before the replacement to reduce the stopping drilling time, you should prepare the tools and screen before beginning to replace, if because the shale shaker is not operating, it will increase the cuttings content. It’s best to exchange the screen in a single period if possible. Need to stop the pump at the emergent time, stop drilling so as to replace the screen of shale shaker.
6. Any problem please fell free to contact us and learn to know our other products including mud agitator, decanter centrifuge, desander, mud tank ,drilling waste managent, drilling mud system etc.

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