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Feb 21

As we all know normally it takes a few steps to separate the hydrovac slurry, first step, scalping the big stones from he vacuum truck, many people from different site have already developed various ways of doing this. Afterwards is fine shale shaker, and cyclones after that. The final step would be the decanter centrifuge. Though there are many different alternatives, most of the site choose decanter centrifuges, as it is more convenient, take less space, and it is continuously working. With chemical dosing you can get amazing clean water, well not for drink.

TypeVFD Drive Dewatering Centrifuge
Bowl Dia18 inch22 inch
Bowl Length61 inch 71 inch
Bowl Speed0-2800RPM0-2500RPM
Dif. Speed0-45RPM0-45RPM
Main Motor55KW 90KW
Back Motor22KW 45KW
MaterialDuplex Stainless Steel Bowl
Screw Tungsten Carbide Tiles Protection
ApplicationUltra Fine solids removal.

Decanter centrifuge module include a telescopic skid for mounting the decanter centrifuge, a catch tank for centrifuge discharge water collection and a  centrifugal pump for water transfer.

Automatic chemical dosing unit with 3 compartment of total volume of 2000L is capable for preparing 2000L/H polymer flocculants. The chemical dosing unit is equipped with 3 agitators and 2 dosing pumps for feeding polymer to enhance the separation of ultra fine solids by  the decanter centrifuge.

Based on our experiences, in most of the hydrovac site, the solids content is very high, so to choose the right model and make sure it is working properly is very important. Contact us for advise freely.

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Oct 30

Now more and more clients from China recognise GN as an international brand. More and more local big companies comes to GN for a solution, especially the people who heard GN international brand.HDD mud recycling system is one of GN main separation solution for no-dig drilling mud recycling and cleaning. This week, GN finished the fabrication of one set HDD mud recycling system for Sinopec. Now the system is in GN assembling workshop waiting for delivery.

To make it more proper for transportation, it have been designed as containerized system, container sized tanks, frames, and all the equipment built into. As most of the times, the 500gpm standarized equipment as below.

Shale shaker GNZS703F is the first stage separation equipment to remove the coarse solids. GNZJ703F-1S8N mud cleaner 2 units centrifugal pump are equipped in the system for feeding the drilling mud to the hydrocyclone units for smaller sand and silt separation. Decanter centrifuge GNLW363C-VFD is last stage sepa.ration equipment for fine solids separation
Well it is still not a must for all the equipment, depends on clients requirement, mixing section, desander desilter section can be optional, but normally when our clients want to do this, we need make sure there is enough reason to do this, or the whole system will not be capable to the job.
Free pre-sales consultancy from GN professional sales team, contact us when you are interested in.

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Oct 21
Solids Control or Separation? What is now GN offering
Few days ago, got a call from client, we need the desanding unit, as shown in your separate flyer, with understanding now you are doing oil sludge separation, this is a different application. Got very confused actually after that call, well yes, we did quite some projects on oil sludge treatment, and it is getting better and better business, yet if you still stay with GN, you will understand.
GN Solids Control still a solid liquid separation company, we are doing separation job. In oil gas, we are offering packages of solids control, waste management, and oil sludge treatement; for civil projects, we are offering desanding units, self contained compact mud systems; in coring diamond drilling, we are supplying small mud systems; for mining, we are offering system, solid bowl decanter centrifuges; for food industry, we are offering various decanter centrifuge for option.


And in other application, we still offering separation solution, once we did helping a ship to prepare a separation system to help them get rid of all the staff from ship deck and ship body after a long trip.

And below is GN Product Lines

Expecting your call…

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Aug 19
Partnering with EMEC, GN Solids Control have been very successful on the local market. Now more and more client now know and accept GN. This time, EMEC bouight a few sets FHD decanter centrifuge, and planning to upgrade some of the stock decanter centrifuges to FHD. Fully hydraulic drive have been accepted by more site people because of reasons.
Features of the FHD decanter centrifuge.

1. The complete unit is compact structure design with centrifuge, hydraulic driving system and the control system in one skid for easy rig up. The PLC system with smart control and safety protection is guarantee for clients’ easy operation.
2. In this unit, the full hydraulic drive system could be used in high temperature ambient for heavy mud with flexible bowl and differential speed. This greatly ensures the working safety and multipurpose application of the centrifuge unit like in barite recycling in mud system, fine solids separation waste mud management.
3. GN fully hydraulic drive decanter centrifuge is designed with adjustable bowl speed, differential speed and liquid pond depth for discharging different dryness of solids for different slurry conditions to meet operators’ requirements.
4. The rotation part of the centrifuge is processed by high precision CNC machine and balanced by high speed balancing machine for reliable performance. The centrifugal casting bowl is made of duplex stainless steel 2304, Tungsten carbide material for protection of screw propeller, mud inlet distribution port and solids discharge port, SKF bearings to give the centrifuge maximum operation life with less maintenance.
GN and Viscotherm has been jointly working together to develop the Full hydraulic drive centrifuge for international clients to meet the highest standard. GN Solids Control is a leading decanter centrifuge manufacturer. And Viscotherm and ROTODIFF® from Switzerland are leading brand for centrifuge hydraulic driving system.
The hydraulic bowl and scroll drive system drives both the hydraulic motor ROTODIFF and the bowl of a decanter centrifuge from hydraulic pump unit by two hydraulic oil circuits.
Get more details: https://doc.co/YFXwgh

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May 24

GN Solids Control is China leading make for solids control products & drilling waste management products. We’ve been working in this field over 9 years, and the prosperous experience and professional get to be the power to enlarge GN effect in the domestic market in addition to overseas market. Up to now, GN already has GN Solids America facility, GN Solids Russia facility in operation. Regarding other areas, we have GN spouse or dealer to help market place the local market and share solids control equipment to get urgent projects.

GN Solids Control also attaches importance in Africa market. The Cameras oil field requirement can also be very large. As the huge industry and sensitivity of selling price, GN Solids Control effectively enters Africa market with good quality equipment and sensible price. One client instructed us” so far, the decanter centrifuge is working really fine with the heavy mud, but the other people at the rigsite are curious how long moment the good performance will last “. The decanter centrifuge is readily worked in Algeria over one years. So far so great.

We also have one consumer from Argentina who individual over 30 sets decanter centrifuge from us. The highly effective partner work for Baker Barnes and have his own mud company. The professional service along with good relationship help the customer occupy a large percentage of the local sector at mud service location. The clients also acquire some sets of top to bottom cuttings dryer to expand the service scope.
Within Australia, we have partner TT Asia who is dealer to get VERMEER, the famous drilling device brand. They buy mud system from us as well as match with Vermeer rigs. Solely in 2012, the client ordered about 10 sets mud mixing system from GN Solids control.

Why we can include so many clients and continuous buy from us? Because of the high quality equipment reasonable price as time after sales services.

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May 03

Firstly, decanter centrifuge is widely used in oil field, ship, waste water treatment, it is kind of equipment to processing waste fluid, and it is becoming more and more widely used for protecting the environment. We know that wherever water is used, solids will be mixing with water, and for protect the environment, we need to find a way to process the slurry, so the decanter centrifuge is one of machinery for processing the waste fluid


Picture 1. GNLW363CG Decanter centrifuge

How does the decanter centrifuge work?

Popular explanation on working principle of decanter centrifuge, we can do a game, take out a sheet of paper, draw a circle and points out the location of the center of the circle and draw a radius. We assume that the radius and circular intersection point there is an object, so this is a very simple centrifuge longitudinal view. we know that there are small particles in the suspending liquid, particles in the decanter centrifuge bowl will sink because of gravity, the heavier the particle, the faster sinking. Sinking speed is related to the size, shape and density of particles. In addition, the material was accompanied by a diffusion phenomenon in the decanter centrifuge, the smaller the particle diffusion is more serious, the particle is colloid or half colloidal state, it is impossible to use gravity to separate the particles by decanter centrifuge force. The slower because the smaller the particle sedimentation, and diffusion phenomenon is more serious in the drilling waste. So a strong decanter centrifuge force is required to overcome the diffusion to produce subsidence movement. Decanter centrifuge is to use strong centrifuge force with a high-speed rotation, to speed up the settlement of particles in the liquid

So we can say the theory sample like this, the decanter centrifuge is using high G force to separate the particles in the liquid, because the particles and water is different density. While the decanter centrifuge can not separate too small particles because of particle is colloid already.


Picture 2. GNLW363CG Decanter centrifuge

For more information about decanter centrifuge specification pls visit www.gnsolidscontrol.com to learn more.

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Mar 23

GN solids control is professional to design and produce mud tank system for HDD machine, HDD mud recycling where possible system is one of our main business, especially when oil business gets slowly recently.
Mud agitator, mud gun, centrifugal pump, mixing hopper, mud tank, shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner would be the main equipments for mud recycling system. We do not generate HDD machine, but we are able to help the client to choose the greatest suitable model or suggest goods suppliers. We could offer complete service for the mud recycling solution, even for your pitless solution. Our drilling waste management system may be used not only for oil and gas drilling, but also for HDD and all other core drilling tasks.

Sometimes low speed centrifuge will be applied when the drilling has been a long while and more fine solids gathered in the drilling fluids, the actual recycled drilling mud cannot be re-used for drilling, you have to separate the fine solids firstly by decanter centrifuge, GNLW452 centrifuge is the ideal option with economic price as well as separation point 5~7 microns.
We have economic desanding device with compact footprint as well as self-contained mud recycling system, self-contained mud cleaning system is ususally used for HDD, water well drilling, geothermal drilling, CBM drilling, desanding unit is usually used for adding, tunneling, etc construction tasks.
We have 7 models of mud agitators for option, with assorted power electric motor 3kw, 5. 5kw, 7. 5kw, 11kw, 15kw, 18. 5kw, 22kw, and each model along with single impeller or dual impeller for option, the actual agiator shaft is personalized according to the mud tank internal depth. For offshore drilling mud tanks, the liquids touch parts( agiator base and impellers) could be made from stainless steel. Our mud agitator is horizontal installed, a few agitators are with coupling, some agiattors are linked the gearbox and electrical motor directly.


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Jan 28

In this article, we will continue to introduce the key features with GN’s decanter centrifuge.


  • Easily adjustable fluid outlet on the drum;


Fluid Outles on the drum

Fluid Outles on the drum

Sometimes in order to change the drying degree of solids or clarity of liquid, the size of fluid outlet on the drum needs to be changed by customer.

With GN’s centrifuge, there are 6 fluid outlets at the big end of the drum and there is a cover plate mounted on each outlet by bolts. It just needs to loosen the bolts and angle the cover plate and the outlet size could be changed easily.


  • Feeding fluid from the big end of centrifuge;

With all GN’s centrifuges, the drilling fluid goes into the centrifuge from its big end. Compared with feeding fluid from the small end of centrifuge, on some extent it will improve the working efficiency by feeding fluid from the big end of centrifuge.

  • Parts from world-famous suppliers;

1.The bearing is 1 of the most important parts for the centrifuge. With GN’s centrifuge, all the bearings are world-famous brands like SKF (Switzerland brand), NSK (Japan Brand), FAG (Germany Brand).


Centrifuge Bearings

Centrifuge Bearings

2. All the electrical components used in the electric cabinet are also from famous brands like SCHNEIDER (France Brand), SIEMENS (Germany Brand), CHINT (China Brand), ABB(Switzerland Brand).

For example, for the inverter of GN’s variable speed centrifuge, it is from ABB Group.


By adopting these high-quality parts, GN guarantees to provide the best centrifuge with perfect work performance and longer life to all the customers from the world.


  • Explosion-proof property;

1. Exd Standard;

2. Positive Pressure Type;

Both the motors and electric cabinet with GN’s centrifuge get through the IEC and ATEX certification and could meet the explosion-proof requirement in developed countries.


  • PLC intelligent control


User Surface

User Surface

For the electric cabinet of GN’s variable speed centrifuge, it has a graphic user interface and is PLC intelligent control, which could achieve centrifuge’s self-protection and guarantee its most effective work.

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Jan 28

In this article, we will mainly introduce the key features about the centrifuge manufactured by GN.


  • Full Range of Centrifuge

1. From minimum 40GPM to maximum 484 GPM, GN’s Centrifuge could meet the treatment capacity requirements in different industries. Like oil & gas drilling industry, HDD & CBM industry, water well & geothermal well drilling, industrial waste water treatment, etc.

2. Besides, fixed speed & variable speed, standard configuration & high configuration are also available and provide different options for the customer.

  • High-class raw material and manufacturing process

1. Drum

Drum of Centrifuge

Drum of Centrifuge

1).As 1 of the core parts of centrifuge, some company adopts the manufacturing process of sand casting or solid-solution treatment. But the drum of GN’s centrifuge is made from S304 or duplex 2205 stainless steel by centrifugal casting, which could guarantee the drum rotates steadily at a higher speed and gets a longer life. 2).The solids discharge ports on the drum and the fluid ports on the helical pusher are protected by special ceramic insert.


2. Helical Pusher

Pusher of Centrifuge

Pusher of Centrifuge

1).The helical pusher of GN’s centrifuge is S304 or S316 stainless steel. By special solid-solution treatment

over 1000℃, the helical pusher get a higher strength and longer life.

2).Besides, as the helical pusher is used for pushing the solids continuously when working, the wear of the pusher will be serious if no protection. There are special Tungsten Carbide tiles or Ceramic Tiles fixed around the edge of pusher for protection. The tiles have long life and are easily for replacement.


  • Compact Structure

Compact Structure

Compact Structure

1). Usually, there are 2 motors (primary motor and secondary motor) equipped with each centrifuge. Compared with the centrifuge made by some company, GN’s centrifuge has a much more compact structure, as the 2 motors are installed at the same end of centrifuge, which also gets a bigger space and facility the maintenance.

2). Besides, the secondary motor connects directly with the gear differential so that the belts are also left out.

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Jan 28

The company who provides the environmental protection service may have this company for dredging in canals or lakes. Many years’ soil sedimentation down to water bottom, leaves falling in the water and then rot, as well as the trash threw into the normal water will make the river mattress higher and higher which leading often the pollution of the water and also the cutoff of the water flow. Therefore , we need take action to take out the sand, silt and trash at the bottom connected with water to make the water clear.
To take the solid things out from the water, we need a good and liquid separation system to do this job. As a foremost manufacturer of solids control equipment, GN solids control luckily jointed a project to really make the lake water clean really residence district. There is a dredging boat that can take the strong mixed with water from bottom level of the lake, the grubby slurry was sucked away and delivered on to the property with smelly smell.

Hull cleaning system

Hull cleaning system

The actual slurry is fed using a steel wire box just where large size solid stuff will likely be blocked and collected. Then your liquid will be pumped to be able to GN’s solids control system. In this system, GN created 3 stages for solids control including shale shaker, de-sander and de-silter. The de-sander and de-silter have underflow shaker that could stumble through discharges from cyclone considerably dryer. After treated with the de-silter cyclones, the sturdy stuff with size bigger than 15-20 microns will be eliminated. And the rest solid from the slurry is difficult to eliminate by using mechanical machinery.
Flocculation is a good method to gather often the ultra fine solids within the slurry. Add the flocculation agent into the slurry depending on certain ratio and then entirely mix with agitators. The flocculated slurry will need several times with regard to sedimentation and then will be streamed to belt filter click for final dewatering method. The solids will be dismissed with a thin cake design, and the water could be wiped away directly back to later or maybe river.
The advantage of the filtration system press is to make the solids much dryer, and negative aspect is high cost and modest treating capacity. Some other service provider will use decanter centrifuge to try and do the final dewatering job with consideration of its much larger treating capacity.

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